WeChat venture to sell fruit can be profitable

is that we often need to eat fruit, especially in summer, heating in a dry state, fruits to supplement the human body needs vitamins and water, if the fruit in the summer, business must be quite hot, in fact, WeChat also can sell fruit today, take a look at how to sell the.

1, the average consumption of their ability is not high, not suitable for high priced products; 2 girls, almost every day to eat fruit, fruit and easy operation easy to start. Of course, not just fruit, you can also operate other products, such as snacks.

1, source of fruit; fruit in the land of the upload pictures, to tell customers the fruit of natural green pollution-free, trustworthy 2, fruit is beautiful; the fruit shoot water is tender, fresh, very attractive, delivery 3 figure (key); a few pictures to the student customers send fruit scene graph, purpose is to guide customers to play, conformity effect note: when you send the map, must use the joy, the younger network language to describe, such as "today delivery, the customer is a white Formica

1, WeChat, unfamiliar street propaganda 2, we started printing leaflets, sent to the school classroom, canteen, dormitory, 3 noon, afternoon the students of class, in the crowded office issued 4, sponsored school radio station, to help publicize 5 sponsorship the class party, expand publicity 6, sponsored campus activities, expand publicity.

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