How to do a good job in the home textile store goods control

warehouse goods in the end how, if not as a shopkeeper, which will be very detrimental to the operation of the store. Want to get a return on profits, it is even harder. So, if you want to open a good home textile shop, naturally also need to do a good job in the warehouse goods control. So, if the goods do control it? And let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, make sales statistics work, the textile shop customer spending habits to make an analysis, understand most of the guests to patronize the different styles, sizes, color preferences, when the purchase has been targeted.

2, strengthen sales sales skills training, do the salesperson in the premise of respect for the guests, the textile shop according to the characteristics of goods to find the appropriate customer consumption, rather than allow customers to choose goods according to personal preference.

3, the textile shop owner needs to make full use of manufacturers, agents of the replacement policy: the operator should make full use of the manufacturers, agents give the replacement policy, in exchange for delivery in the bad goods back to the manufacturer, agents, to avoid the backlog of goods; to establish an effective mechanism of goods backlog digest while operators have made great efforts, but because of changing market conditions so, the inevitable emergence of inventory goods, then, to establish a set of effective goods backlog digest mechanism, has become the last guarantee of the backlog of goods into cash.

4, home textile stores need to use major festivals low price promotions: New Year’s day, 38, may day, the traditional festival of the top ten, the use of the four major festivals will be able to deal with the backlog of goods in most of the backlog of goods in the backlog of the 4 major festivals.

5, the backlog of goods sale will be: regular or temporary. With low prices to attract popularity, but also to promote the sale of other goods in the home textile shop, killing two birds with one stone.

although each store will have a backlog of goods, however, once the backlog of excess, which will be very detrimental to the long-term operation of the store. So, if you want to open a good home textile shop, warehouse goods control work also requires a high degree of attention, so as to ensure that in place oh.

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