With 1 billion yuan can not buy business experience

[1], the customer sales level is not cheap, the feeling of an advantage; 2, do not argue with the customer price, to discuss with the customer value; 3, no wrong customers, not only good service; 4, sell what is not important, important is how to sell; 5. There is no best product, only the most suitable products; 6, do not sell goods not only sell do not ship; 7, success is not as fast, but because of the way.

[sales King Joe Gilad experience] 1, for every appointment with the guests ready; 2, often with people who help you eat, do not eat with colleagues; 3, wearing the right clothing; 4, do not smoke, do not Spray Cologne, don’t say vulgar jokes; 5, listen; 6, show the smile; 7, optimistic; 8, remember to call you as soon as " " 9, support;; you have to sell the products; 10, learning from each transaction.

[six] excellent sales characteristics of 1, 80% of the performance from the 1-3 core customers; 2, very deep relationships with clients, always with the customer together; 3, will focus on a particular industry, for a certain class of customers understand very deep; 4, will spend more time focusing on a few months to a customer; 5, in the circle is very active, always get first-hand information; 6, in non working time and customers with more because more effective.

[road] sales 1, sell 2 stranger courtesy;     VIP, sell the enthusiasm; 3, anxious passengers selling time;   4,   ungracious sell patience; 5,   6 distinguished rich selling; and no money to sell affordable;   7, sell fashionable fashion;   8, professional selling professional;   9,   10 hawker selling; and mean selling interest.

[sales tracking   ultimately futile] Association of American professional marketing staff report: 80% of sales were completed in fourth to 11 times after tracking!   how to do a good job tracking and interaction?   1, the special way of tracking a deeper impression;   2, to find a beautiful interactive excuse;   3, note that the two tracking interval, suggest 2-3 weeks;   4, each track not showing urgent desire;   5, to sell their own, sell the concept of.

[sales personnel must be answered] sales psychology, to the customer’s point of view, customers have the following questions: 1. Who are you? 2, what do you want to tell me? 3, what products and services do you recommend to me? 4, how to prove that you are real? 5, why do I want to buy with you? 6, why do I want to buy with you now?

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