Join entrepreneurial choice old brand attention

recently joined the rapid development of the industry, attracting many investors want to successfully achieve their entrepreneurial dreams through the way of franchising. We say, join the choice of business brand, must choose the strength of time-honored brands, but the face of the market, a huge number of different "time-honored" groups, franchisees also need to use their "eye", see the confused market.

identify true and false old brand

Due to the lack of legal awareness of the "old name", and the lack of attention to the enterprise’s goods and trademarks,

appeared a large number of similar brands".

then, "Wang" in chongwai street, cutlery shop Xuan street, Caishikou, have each said he is really the offspring of Wang mazi. Once each go to Caishikou, you will see the "Wang", "Wang Mazi", "Wang mazi"…… Even as "old Wang Mazi" plaque, hanging on the top of a store room, people laughing. Of course, imitate other people’s "old" illegal, to create their own "old" can. Some of the so-called "time-honored" is not based on facts and concoctive, often with the Ming and Qing Dynasties as the background, the emperor’s well-known figures, existing products as the object, to experience about the development of enterprises, enterprises to build their own way through these so-called "hundred years old".

for those who join the "old" is not only a sign, but also the wealth of enterprises. If the franchisee is not careful, joined a "Li Gui" open "old", or "old"? Franchisee is not only difficult to obtain operating profit, more likely to be a lawsuit, trouble.

depends on its processing technology can be popular

old brand to join the development, the first thing is to solve the problem. Many of the early "time-honored" at birth, has many accidental and unexpected, in the product processing process is often only through some of the words and deeds of the sense of the standard, not by the data standardization process an accurate representation of the goods. The production of these ambiguous products led to the franchisee can not produce processing out of the old name of the refined products.

"time-honored" although has experienced hundreds of years of wind and rain, has deep processing technology, but "time-honored" if the chain, how can the first to popularize the first problem to be solved is the processing technology, how to produce the same goods, can be used with standard digital state otherwise, may just Huaquanxiutui franchisees learned, useless.

to see whether it adapts to market changes

"old brand" brand

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