Trust customers can get higher recognition of customers

"trust" and "doubt" exist in every corner of our lives, even if the same thing, everyone’s attitude will be different. For consumers, if the boss for their own more trust, no doubt the heart is full of warmth, for this shop naturally more trust, business will be more popular.


district south gate has a gongs cold meat food shop, the owner is a young couple. The young couple is enthusiastic, attentive to customers. Once, I was in the cold fresh meat shop next to the mobile hall business, my wife called me to buy some ribs to see a relative. Usually buy ribs are in a residential area on the south side of the shop to buy, received a phone lover when business have to wait a long time to do. So, I think the cold fresh food shop beside the gongs, then the first time go to the shop to buy some pork.

and other shopkeepers said the ribs, ready to pay when the money is not enough, but also poor 15 yuan. So, I am embarrassed to say to the owner: I’m sorry, I did not bring enough money, you put aside the ribs on the side, and so I moved home in the hall to go home to get business." The female shopkeeper smiled and said to me: "no matter, you take it, how much money to pay much money, when you pass here and then sent not later."

listened to the young woman’s words, my heart a touch. The shopkeeper and I did not in be strangers to each other, the store to buy things, but I can really trust the owner. From then on, I became a frequent visitor to the meat shop. After the familiar, I asked the shopkeeper: "customers have no money with you also let them put the meat away, afraid of people do not pay bills?" The shopkeeper said: "there have been brought back Haizhang meat customers, but this is a minority, this is still a conscience, the world and with more people. To those who do not pay back the money, I would rather believe that they are forgotten."

revelation: it’s not easy to get the trust of people at a time when it’s so complicated. What is trust? "Modern Chinese Dictionary" interpretation, trust is "trust and dare to entrust". Trust is a feeling of life, but also a noble emotion, but also a link between people. Trust, as a kind of attitude, has the characteristics of infection or spread. Trust makes a person warm, moving, to narrow the distance between retail customers and customers, trust is a weapon to win customers.

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