Wulong tourism the two venture and another big

identify investment opportunities in order to quickly win their own wealth. At present, tourism has entered the off-season, but the fairy hill in Wulong, a four star hotel, there are still a lot of tourists in Guangzhou Nanhu group, they also continue to Guangzhou tourists to the fairy mountain.

2009 at the beginning of the first meeting of the Standing Committee of Wulong county Party committee, county Party Secretary Liu Qi and governor Guo Zhongliang pointed out: in 2009, the county only engage in a theme of economic development activities the implementation of "two business travel". The basic goal of the

and the implementation of tourism "ten major projects": food service, hotel engineering file upgrade project, Chuangxing traffic engineering construction, entertainment and leisure tourism scenic quality cultivation project, build engineering, engineering, development of special commodities publicity marketing project, the overall atmosphere building engineering, environment protection project, tourism safety and security engineering.

2009 in August, the county Party Secretary Liu Qi with tourism marketing staff, marketing to South Korea and South Korea, Fu’an, friendship county. After 20 days, more than 100 South Korean tourists came to Wulong group. Subsequently, the second batch, the third batch to Wulong tourism. County magistrate Guo Zhongliang with marketing personnel, to Japan and other regions, publicity and marketing, organization of overseas tourists. Bringing these areas to thousands of visitors. Big marketing, Wulong tourism, the two venture in the big pen.

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