What laundry skills do you need to open a laundry

shop operation, not only need to know how to store management, personnel training, market development, but also need to understand the relevant professional knowledge. Now open a very profitable laundry, join the laundry has become the first choice for many investors. However, if you think of joining the laundry can not lose, that’s wrong. Any investment will have a certain risk, the laundry industry is no exception. For the laundry industry, if you do not understand the laundry skills, then it will be very difficult to operate. What skills do you need to open a laundry?

for laundry skills, generally divided into the common sense of life and professional dry cleaning technology. The following small series on these two aspects to give you some share, I hope to help you.

[common laundry common sense]

for some bright colors of clothing, we finished cleaning, the last rinse, add 2-3 teaspoon milk inside, then scrub, dry after washing clothes will be very bright. The greasy heavy clothing, washing powder in the appropriate amount of detergent, which can also effectively remove greasy. With the printing of clothing in the cleaning, try to avoid the use of pure alkaline detergent, not to soak the clothes in soapy water for too long. Add a little salt in the water, not only can provide decontamination ability, but also help us to prevent the occurrence of clothing fade phenomenon.

of course, life, we will not clean because of clothing, resulting in some soap stains on clothing. Therefore, we must pay attention to the laundry detergent concentration of the control, the same, in the laundry process to add appropriate amount of acetic acid and residual soap lye. If the soap stains in the clothes, you can use a warm towel to wipe repeatedly, you can also use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol on the site with soap stains wipe.

[professional dry cleaning tips]

sometimes dry cleaning clothes, because the liquid is not thoroughly dry, clothing will appear dry cleaning round marks, do not worry about this situation, only the steam iron can be ironed out. However, the most serious for the laundry is the emergence of color, string color and color, such as color on the lock, once it is also very troublesome. The most basic solution to this phenomenon is to adjust the color, so that the original color of clothing to restore the situation. Commonly used in two ways, one is to catch up or string color parts of the color removal, also called stripping method. The two is to fade the color of the part of the dye to the hanging method.

said that although the laundry, now used in all kinds of machines, however, as the operator, nature also need to grasp more knowledge to the laundry, so shops operating more smoothly, more importantly, how to master the skill of washing, can be directly decided to washing results. >

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