Sichuan to build tourism Golden Triangle focus on tourism and rural tourism

tourism has been vigorously developed in this era, which is of great significance to promote the local economic development. Sichuan is preparing to build tourism through Golden Triangle, focusing on rural poverty alleviation, driven economic development in poor areas.

in recent years, the rapid development of the tourism industry in Luzhou, 2014 tourists 25 million 390 thousand passengers, tourism revenue of $18 billion 300 million, in 2015 the number of visitors reached 2 million 570 thousand, tourism revenue reached $25 billion 300 million.

this year is the first year of 13th Five-Year, 13th Five-Year, the Luzhou tourism and what "good" brand can play? To this end, the Luzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Secretary Li Po said overseas Chinese Tourism Bureau, the Luzhou into the "Yangtze River Tourism Economic Zone and South Sichuan Tourism Economic Zone, focus on tourism and rural tourism, tourism and industrial integration development, to create" Golden Triangle tourism of Sichuan and chongqing".

To create more tourism projects "in 13th Five-Year the first year of

in charge of scenic construction, to grasp the scenic spots and facilities construction." Pu Li said, in the project construction, promote the Fobao, fairy cave has contracted floor construction project, fairy cave to create a provincial-level eco tourism demonstration area.

Yunxi hot springs, Phoenix Lake, Yao Ba Town, Longqiao cultural and ecological park to create a national 4A level scenic spots, start Jiale Century City, Gen 4A, Chinese town winery wine a provincial tourism resort, provincial tourism district created Naxi district and national comprehensive tourism demonstration area. 50 tourism projects to accelerate the construction of Naxi wine winery tourism area, Luxian County town China moon international hot spring resort two period, Gulin tourism development, ecological tourism zone, Chishui town of Taiping River in Xuyong Gulin Qinglong cave, Hejiang Dragon Lake Tourism resort.

rural tourism, strengthen the rural tourism promotion project construction, promote to build rural tourism scenic spots, in 2016, to promote the city’s characteristics to create 2 townships, 3 Village boutique, boutique business 15, 20 business characteristics. Increase training, focus on training a number of rural tourism leaders.

improve tourism channels and facilities to promote scenic tourist routes into transport planning and priority. Improve the highway, trunk road and urban road travel signs system.

implementation of the tourism toilet revolution, this year, 33 new tourist toilet. Strengthen the wisdom tourism construction, the completion of the Luzhou tourism data center, emergency command system, integrated management system, video conferencing systems, intelligent APP, government websites, information websites, outdoor big screen, intelligent terminals and other comprehensive application management and intelligent service system construction, and access the wisdom tourism platform.

implementation of the four major projects to promote accurate and effective

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