Show what to do to prepare to live longer

even after a shop set up any want to live longer, however, under the current fierce competition in the society, if we do not do the preparatory work, also talk about what live longer? So, what to do to prepare tea to live longer? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

, an analysis of their own customer types, see need a separate portal

Large and small town around

if not timely transition, city road will be more walk more difficult, but how long can live according to the comprehensive situation of each city, its core is the city’s customers. For example, in the wholesale and distribution of tea, tea customers away from the final consumer, at the same time, if there is no obvious location, brand advantages, such tea will collapse faster.

if the city close to the final consumer, can open online and offline, attract end consumers come to buy tea, and tea and businesses have systematic brand marketing consciousness, can change the concept, upgrade to the transformation for the consumer to create a high price to buy tea, tea can gather more and more consumers will be better to live.

Two, the number of

inventory of their customers, look at the need to separate portal


customers are the core of the operation, with enough customers, only the possibility of survival, which is a priority must be given priority. For example, if your tea shop has certain market foundation, the customer is relatively stable, the removal of city rent and considerable profit, it can be considered good customer relations, the stability of existing customers to business in the city.

at the same time, in order to prevent the trend of tea, tea can prejudge the future situation, considered to be a separate portal, which select the appropriate address, to open a tea shop, in response to the arrival of a possible future city crisis. If you need to open a new store, it is necessary to reserve talent, rather than wait until the shop to find someone.

also need to do business should be as early as possible intervention, rather than wait until everything is ready to intervene again. For example, the current popularity of mobile providers, community marketing fast, which bears a lot of opportunities, only to have a deep understanding, in order to gradually improve, in order to seize the mobile historic opportunity in the process of practice. But please note that mobile providers here refers to is not in the circle of friends profiteering shuabing. Only do the merchants, business is good even if it is difficult to continue.

three, examine the tea city position, combined with the status of their own, look at the need to separate portal

this is not just the same as the main inventory customers. If the city location is too bad. "

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