Henan 2016 entrepreneurial services into campus activities

college students venture capital policy is very favorable, but such preferential policies to the real landing of entrepreneurs in the hands of it? Recently, Zhengzhou’s entrepreneurial services have entered the campus, secured loans can get hand, to ensure the quality of college students entrepreneurship.

26 day, sponsored by the Provincial Department of human resources and social affairs, the Department of education, the municipal social and Human Resources Bureau, the Education Bureau, Huanghe Science and Technology College hosted the Henan 2016 entrepreneurial services into the campus activities in Huanghe Science and Technology College. Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Sun Jinxian attended the launching ceremony and 10 college students on behalf of the issuance of venture capital loans.


to start the ceremony, provincial society of our province public entrepreneurship expert mentor group of the first experts issued letters of appointment, award of Huanghe Science and Technology College and other provincial incubation demonstration park, and for some outstanding students and entrepreneurial team on-site payment loans business. City People Club Bureau and other units also organized an outstanding entrepreneurial projects and business consulting activities.



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