Rural guy started online income of sixty million

grassroots entrepreneurial story is particularly exciting, those who are often completely zero start, there is no dependence, thanks to their success. Liang Ronghua, is a successful entrepreneurial village after 80 guy, his company is now an annual income of sixty million.

80 rural guy online business, a year income 60 million! Online selling product inventory close to zero

"the first six months time, I a person will bring about 8000000 yuan through online sales performance." Liang Ronghua told reporters, when the company is only 300 square meters of workshop type factory, but the company was founded on the establishment of a corporate Web site, and in Baidu do PPC promotion.

"when do network promotion is little, put a few thousand dollars will have very good results." Liang Ronghua said that six months later, the company moved into a two thousand square meters factory. In 2011, Liang Ronghua realized that the online sale of products is the trend, and decided to let the center of network marketing to sell products directly from the Internet to attract business online, thus forming a close to the "zero inventory" model.

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"network marketing development too fast, our learning will fall behind others." Under reflection, Liang Ronghua realized that Internet marketing, only to make great efforts to do a professional to survive, so go to a training institution to learn. In early 2013, the company has registered a new Taobao store, and in June on-line Tmall flagship store.

"net sales have explosive products, and at least to enter the list of the top four." When it comes to selling secrets, Liang Jian

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