Business requires an open mind to the customer’s advice

customers are proposed, is often because they have uncomfortable feelings at the time of consumption, even if you are not able to represent all consumers, at least on behalf of his / her own, therefore, as the owner, should pay attention to the natural customers advice, if you can accept the best customer suggestions.

a few days ago to bring her daughter to buy an electric toy car, the day is very hot, her daughter shouted to the water to drink, just next to a convenience store, has not waited for me to speak, my daughter took me into the store.

into the shop, the daughter saw the store in the middle of a row of shelves hung a lot of toys, and then ran over the past.

in order to cater to children’s consumption, the store has a lot of small toys, accounting for two rows of shelves. In order to increase the shelf space, also the owner of the bottom layer played some pegs for hanging, small toys, such as small customers can view parallel to attract the attention of customers more convenient for small, small customers getting goods. However, when the daughter was not excited to choose what kind of toys, a turn around after a long nail hanging a long hair. Fortunately, her daughter dodge in time, otherwise it will scratch the face.

this moment, I found the shop to use the hidden dangers of hanging nails. Because the bottom layer is exactly the height of four or five year old children, if the children choose the toys here alone, it is easy to scrape. So, I told the shop owner to say his advice: "your home hanging nails too low, it is easy to scratch the child."

"you don’t know, now as long as the child can like toys, will cry for parents to buy. Hang up, the child can not reach, will not be."

"I understand that, but your nails are too long, it is really dangerous, just my daughter was scraped."

"why don’t you get a scratch, you don’t look at the kids."!" But as he spoke, the face is not happy, like complaining about me.

at this time, the store came to a child’s customers. The children can’t wait to see the toys to take, the parents to let children do intend to put the child up, the children’s clothes hanging hook nail, the customer immediately frighten children: "you see, his home things will bite, we don’t ha!" After listening to the child immediately not noisy not noisy, followed by his mother left. Look at the lost business, the owner seems to be a little awakening.

is now the owner of a lot of business how to do, is entirely their own ideas, even if the customer made a proposal, no matter whether it will not be accepted. I want to say to my colleagues: as a shopkeeper, be sure to accept the customer’s advice, don’t put the customer’s words >

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