Fuzhou entrepreneurship training to promote entrepreneurship


business has become a slogan of the society, and people everywhere are actively promoting entrepreneurial activities, but also often in the whole society to launch a number of entrepreneurship training activities.

"thank entrepreneurial mentor, let me have a new understanding of the development of their own projects. Ready to apply for small secured loans, expand my store, in order to earn more than 20 thousand dollars this year." This is the department store to open in Jiangxi County of Chongren province in Chongren County students Cao Ximin tenth entrepreneurship training class graduation ceremony said.

the county Employment Bureau to fully play the main role in the coordination of fiscal and financial departments, strict implementation of the policy, simplifying procedures, open up Easy Access for entrepreneurs, give full play to the capital advantage, promote the development of entrepreneurial projects, bring more employment, workers at home to achieve a decent employment, promote the development of county economy the.


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