Husky Energy gets help from Q2 tax relief but profit down from

first_imgCALGARY — Husky Energy Inc. says its second-quarter financial results were dragged by a heavy maintenance schedule, non-routine write offs and expenses, but those negatives were partly offset by a one-time tax benefit.The integrated oil and gas company had $370 million of net earnings in the quarter, including a negative impact from $77 million in after-tax adjustments that were offset by a $233 million benefit from Alberta corporate tax reductions.The profit amounted to 36 cents per share, down from 44 cents per share, or $448 million overall, in last year’s second quarter. However, net income was above the consensus estimate of 32 cents per share from financial markets data firm Refinitiv. It didn’t provide a revenue estimate for Husky’s second quarter.Husky says its revenue net of royalties was $5.30 billion, down from $5.88 billion in last year’s second quarter. Funds from operations dropped to $802 million or 80 cents per share from $1.21 billion or $1.20 per share.The Calgary-based company says it’s on track with a plan outlined at its recent investor day.Companies in this story: (TSX:HSE)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

General Assembly begins debate on UN rights probe into Gaza conflict

4 November 2009The General Assembly today began its debate on the report of the United Nations probe which found that both Israeli forces and Palestinian militants were guilty of serious human rights violations during the Gaza conflict earlier this year. The report is the result of a three-month investigation, led by Justice Richard Goldstone, a former prosecutor at the UN war crimes tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, and mandated by the UN Human Rights Council.The four-member team found evidence that both Israeli forces and Palestinian militants committed serious war crimes and breaches of humanitarian law, which may amount to crimes against humanity, during the conflict in December 2008 and January 2009. The report calls for a number of measures, including its referral to the Security Council, since neither the Government of Israel nor the responsible Palestinian authorities have so far carried out any credible investigations into alleged violations.In addition to the debate, the Assembly is considering a draft resolution, tabled by the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Group of Arab States, by which it would endorse the report, and request the Secretary-General to transmit it to the Security Council. The Assembly would also call for independent investigations by both the Israelis and the Palestinians within three months. “What the Goldstone report essentially constitutes is another damning record of the Israeli crimes committed against our people under occupation,” the Palestinian representative, Riyad Mansour, told the Assembly, adding that its recommendations represent a significant contribution to the pursuit of accountability and justice.He called on Member States to support the draft resolution, which was an important step to end impunity and the absence of justice that obstructed peace efforts and prolonged the suffering of civilians.Ambassador Gabriela Shalev of Israel said that the fact-finding mission, with a “one-sided mandate,” was a politicized body set up to reach pre-determined conclusions. “It is the product of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, a body whose obsession with Israel had led it to pass more resolutions against Israel than on all other UN Member States put together.“It makes explosive charges against Israel – yet the evidence provided to support such accusations is at best uncorroborated, and at worst false,” she stated. Opening the meeting, which was slated to hear from more than 40 speakers, Assembly President Ali Treki said that despite the political sensitivities associated with the report, the question before the Assembly was simple.“We have to answer whether the respect of human rights is universal or not? Whether we should be divided on human rights issues or should we remain united behind advocating their respect all over the world?“Let us be clear on what is at stake here: the human rights of nearly 2 million civilians,” said Mr. Treki, adding that “without justice there can be no progress towards peace.” read more

Head of UN probe into Hariri murder has first meeting with Syrian

The head of the United Nations panel looking into last year’s assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri today held his first meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Serge Brammertz, chief of the International Independent Investigation Commission (IIIC) which has already reported finding evidence pointing to both Lebanese and Syrian involvement in the bomb attack that killed the ex-premier and 22 others in Beirut, also met with Vice-President Farouk al-Shar’a in Damascus, the Syrian capital. In a report to the Security Council in March, Mr. Brammertz said he had been promised a meeting with Mr. Assad during the upcoming month. In contrast to earlier problems with Syrian cooperation, he reported progress in this “critical area,” with a common understanding reached regarding access to individuals, sites and information. The Security Council set up UNIIIC after an earlier UN mission found Lebanon’s own investigation seriously flawed and Syria primarily responsible for the political tension preceding Mr. Hariri’s murder. In the latest report, Mr. Brammertz wrote that UNIIIC intended to request “full, unhindered and direct access” to documents, facilities and sites, as well as interviews with Syrian citizens. Despite the cited progress, “it is important to note that the Commission will ultimately judge cooperation of the Syrian authorities on the merits of the information provided and promptness with which its requests are being accommodated,” he added. read more

Mali UN European Union team up to restore Timbuktus cultural heritage

With 500,000 euros provided by the European Union, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will coordinate the reconstruction of destroyed mausoleums, the rehabilitation of mosques and private libraries, as well as ancient manuscript conservation projects. Local personnel will also be trained to ensure lasting preservation.Timbuktu was an economic, intellectual and spiritual capital and a centre for the propagation of Islam throughout Africa during the city’s golden age in the 15th and 16th centuries. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova welcomed the support extended to Mali and the heritage reconstruction project by the European Union and other donors.“The agreement signed today shows that we are on track,” she stated in a news release. “Two mausoleums have now been rebuilt and this new agreement comes at an opportune moment to speed up work underway and ensure that the people of Mali can reclaim heritage that is essential to their identity and that can contribute to reconciliation. “This is vital for Mali and is important for the rest of the world because World Heritage is common to us all,” she said.Fourteen of the 16 mausoleums of Timbuktu inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List were destroyed by armed groups during the conflict. The manuscripts of Mali constitute a unique documentary collection that bears testimony to the history of Africa and of humanity as a whole. During the conflict, more than 4,000 of the 40,000 manuscripts kept at the Ahmed Baba Institute were lost. Some were burned or stolen, while more than 10,000 remain in a critical condition. Local communities secretly transferred more than 300,000 manuscripts to the capital, Bamako. They are now conserved in conditions that are not optimal for their safeguarding, according to UNESCO.The heritage project will be led in cooperation with the Malian Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Scientific Research, with logistical support from the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). read more

Aalborg sign exmember Mikkel Ibsen

Mikkel Ibsen The fourth team of the Danish handball in season behind us, Aalborg, announced signing of one ex-member, left back Mikkel Ibsen (28). Ibsen was a member of AaB until 2008, when he left Aalborg to gain experience in other Danish teams, but also Swedish LeagueStoholm IF, SønderjyskE and Ystads IF)– We are pleased to welcome Mikkel Ibsen welcome back to the club. He is a technically very skilled, quick and crafty player, and he has in recent years gained extensive experience in both the Danish and Swedish league, says Aalborg Handball director Jan Larsen in a press release from the club.source: ← Previous Story Sporting Lisboa sign Slovenian goalie Aljoša Čudić Next Story → Alexandros Alvanos remains in PAOK! read more

Dell users complain that some laptops smell of cat wee

first_imgAt first, Dell representatives advised users to clean their keyboards and use compressed air. But it soon emerged that this didn’t help.A senior technician named Steve began responding to queries, saying that the company was investigating and adding: “I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the smell is not related to cat urine or any other type of biological contaminate nor is it a health hazard.”Luckily, some people brought a sense of humour to the discussion.One also suggested:I think the fine Dell engineers have struck on a fantastic idea that could revolutionize the industry … scented computers. The current model would be the “Catitude,” which doubles as a computer and kitty scratching post.(Steve, who evidently has the patience of a saint, said he would forward this suggestion to the engineering team.)The problem was eventually located in the palm rest assembly, Dell said. Its statement read:When the Latitude 6430u was launched we received feedback from some customers commenting on an odour around the laptop. Dell immediately addressed the customer comments in order to resolve the situation […] The manufacturing process has subsequently been amended and newly purchased Latitude 6430us are not affected by the issue.Hurray for non-cat-wee-smelling computers!Which foods can you eat straight from the jar?>Gaming granny goes on a rant about British Gas while playing GTA V> A NUMBER OF people who bought Dell Latitude 6430u laptops over the past year noticed a problem with their new toys: they smelled strongly of cat wee.It caused bafflement among users. “This is beyond weird,” one wrote online. Another said their laptop smelt “like a pack of well hydrated feral cats have used it for target practice”.The mystery aroma was caused by a “specific manufacturing process” and was not a hazard or any kind of biological contamination, the company said in a statement.The manufacturing process responsible has now been changed, the statement added, meaning new Latitude 6430u units no longer smell of cat wee.The issue first arose when a user posted on the Dell laptop support forums: So a few weeks ago I got a new Lattitude 6430u for work. The machine is great, but it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcats litter box.  It is truly awful! It  seems to be coming from the keyboard.Several others chimed in:I thought for sure one of my cats sprayed it […] It’s embarrassing taking it to clients because it smells so bad.andI almost started the week with my cat at the vet…getting the needle…but after checking my bag […] I can’t blame the cat.  Now I read this…good gosh it stinks. […] it’s almost burning my eyes.last_img read more

Torays touchscreen film promises to cut down on fingerprints

first_imgOne of the problems with using touchscreen devices is the amount of fingerprint oil that builds up on the display. While it doesn’t inhibit the actual use of the touchscreen, it very quickly starts to look messy and regularly needs cleaning. The same is true regardless of whether you use a screen film on top of your display or not.Japanese company Toray have been trying to solve the fingerprint problem in their labs. Although they haven’t managed to fix it completely, they are showing off a new film at the Nano tech 2012 conference in Tokyo that certainly seems to minimize the amount of oil settling on your smartphone or tablet devices.Toray’s film works due to the use of a wrinkled nanometer surface, known as a wet coating, that makes it difficult for fingerprints to stick to. That is further enhanced by coating the surface with an oil-repelling material. The end result is a film that picks up far fewer fingerprint marks, or at the very least presents them as less visible as the image below demonstrates:The film has yet to leave Toray’s research labs, but it already looks very promising. As it’s a film rather than part of a display, it shouldn’t take long when it does appear to be available for most devices. However, if it works this well I’m sure a few smartphone and tablet manufacturers will be interested in finding out if they can include it directly on their touchscreen displays.Read more at DigInfolast_img read more

Garda ombudsman notified after man dies following incident at Midlands Regional Hospital

first_img Image: 26,834 Views Short URL Garda ombudsman notified after man dies following incident at Midlands Regional Hospital Gardaí are understood to have had an interaction with the man before he died. Share24 Tweet Email Mar 25th 2019, 7:56 AM THE GARDA SÍOCHÁNA Ombudsman Commission (Gsoc) is examining the circumstances surrounding the death of a man in Mullingar, Co Westmeath on Saturday.It’s understood that gardaí were called to Midlands Regional Hospital on Saturday evening, where they had an interaction with the 40 year-old man.The man returned home, but later returned to the hospital by ambulance and was pronounced dead on Saturday night.Gardaí in Mullingar subsequently referred the death of the man to Gsoc under section 102 of the Garda Síochána Act 2005.A spokeswoman for Gsoc said that the ombudsman’s investigators have travelled to Mullingar, and that the matter remains under examination.A post-mortem on the man’s body is due to be carried out later this morning.A garda spokesman said that as the matter had been referred to Gsoc, the force would not comment on the investigation. Image: Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 3 Comments By Stephen McDermott Monday 25 Mar 2019, 7:56 AMlast_img read more

Danse des scientifiques découvrent les pas qui plaisent le plus aux femmes

first_imgDanse : des scientifiques découvrent les pas qui plaisent le plus aux femmesRoyaume-Uni – Une équipe de chercheurs britanniques affirme avoir longuement étudié la danse et ses effets sur les femmes, pour découvrir les pas qui rendent les hommes attirants aux yeux de la gent féminine.Afin de décoder les pas de danse des hommes et leur impact de séduction sur les femmes, des psychologues de l’université de Northumbria ont filmé avec une caméra 3D dix-neuf jeunes hommes volontaires âgés de 18 à 35 ans, en train de se déhancher sur la piste.Les chercheurs ont ensuite projeté cette vidéo à 37 femmes hétérosexuelles, afin d’observer leurs réactions. Pour que l’attention du gynécée soit concentrée sur les mouvements des danseurs, et non perturbée par leur apparence physique, les pas et gestes de danse ont été transférés sur un avatar virtuel.Les résultats de cette étude ont mené à huit variables permettant de différencier, aux yeux de la gent féminine, un bon d’un mauvais danseur. Des mouvements amples et variés du cou et du tronc figurent en tête de cette liste. Pour le Dr Nick Neave, qui a dirigé ces travaux publiés par le Royal Society Journal, ces mouvements sont appréciés par les femmes parce qu’ils “sont des signes de force, de souplesse et devitalité”.À lire aussiInfarctus : définition, signes et symptômes, causes, comment réagir face à un infarctus ?Les psychologues ont par ailleurs noté que l’amplitude des mouvements de l’épaule et du poignet gauches, comme la vitesse de déplacement du genou droit, auraient un rôle prédominant dans le pouvoir de séduction de la danse. Pourquoi ? Les chercheurs n’ont pas encore trouvé de réponse claire. Mais ils affirment : “Il doit y avoir une multitude de façons de danser selon les cultures, mais l’importance des mouvements fondamentaux sera identique”.Si d’autres études, menées auprès de cultures différentes aux canons de danse variés doivent être réalisées pour confirmer ces résultats, le Dr Neave et son équipe affirment que “l’étude est la première à montrer de manière objective ce qui différencie un bon danseur d’un mauvais”. Et d’ajouter que “les hommes du monde entier seront intéressés de savoir quels pas de danse ils doivent esquisser pour attirer les femmes”.Les chercheurs ont désormais l’intention de lancer une nouvelle recherche. Cette fois, ils étudieront les pas de danse des femmes qui plaisent le plus aux hommes.Le 8 septembre 2010 à 16:26 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Les tigres pourraient disparaître dici 12 ans

first_imgLes tigres pourraient disparaître d’ici 12 ansEn l’absence de mesures pour contrer leur extinction, les tigres pourraient disparaître d’ici douze ans, prévient le Fonds mondial pour la nature (WWF).”Selon le pire scenario, les tigres pourraient disparaître à la prochaine année du Tigre (au vu du calendrier chinois), dans douze ans”, a déclaré à l’AFP Ola Jennersten, chef du programme international de la préservation de la nature de la branche suédoise du WWF. Le Fonds mondial pour la nature espère que le sommet international sur le tigre, qui a lieu jusqu’à mercredi à St-Pétersbourg, en Russie, pourra renverser cette tendance. L’organisation mène une campagne mondiale visant à doubler le nombre de tigres d’ici 2022. Les treize pays qui possèdent encore ces félins à l’état sauvage (Bangladesh, Bhoutan, Cambodge, Chine, Inde, Indonésie, Laos, Malaisie, Birmanie, Népal, Thaïlande, Vietnam et Russie) ont accepté de soutenir ce programme, qui nécessite 350 millions de dollars (255 millions d’euros) sur douze ans. Les gouvernements comptent sur la générosité de plusieurs donateurs pour rassembler cette somme. Ce programme vise à protéger l’habitat des tigres (en préservant les forêts et d’autres espèces, notamment), empêcher le braconnage, et le commerce de leur peau mais aussi de leurs organes, censés avoir des vertus curatives selon certaines médecines orientales. Au XXe siècle, tout cela a eu pour conséquence la disparition de 97% des tigres de la planète, selon le WWF. Aujourd’hui il ne resterait que 3.200 de ces félins dans le monde. Ils étaient encore 100.000 le siècle dernier. Le 22 novembre 2010 à 10:12 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

10 Best Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

first_imgMore than a decade has passed since J.K. Rowling wrapped up the Harry Potter series, but fans worldwide continue to celebrate the Wizarding World in books, films, and culture.With the holidays around the corner, it’s a great time to surprise your favorite Potterhead with the most magical gift. From Hogwarts House dinnerware to spellbinding remotes, these Harry Potter-themed gifts will wow all the Muggles on your list.Harry Potter Remote Control WandHarry Potter Remote Control Wand (Photo Credit: Amazon)We can’t do magic spells, but this Harry Potter Remote Control Wand comes close enough. Just swish and flick to turn on electronic devices with infrared remote control, like your Blu-ray player, stereo, or TV. You can program up to nine gestures to switch channels, adjust the volume, and more right from your couch.Buy it HereHarry Potter Horcrux Bookmark SetHarry Potter Horcrux Bookmark Set (Photo Credit: ThinkGeek)Hold the favorite part of your novel (or soul) with these Harry Potter Horcrux Bookmarks. The set includes a bookmark for Helga Hufflepuff’s cup, Tom Riddle’s diary, Marvolo Gaunt’s ring, Salazar Slytherin’s locket, Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem, Lord Voldemort’s snake Nagini, and a lightning bolt.Buy it HereHarry Potter Wizard Chess SetHarry Potter Wizard Chess Set (Photo Credit: Amazon)Have the ultimate duel with this Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set. It’s replicated like the one in the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book, and comes with 32 chess pieces, a playing board, and storage pouches for hours of competitive play.Buy it HereHarry Potter The Knight Bus Lego SetHarry Potter The Knight Bus Lego Set (Photo Credit: Amazon)What’s better than a transit bus? The Knight Bus of course. You can build the magical vehicle with this Harry Potter Knight Bus Lego Set, which comes complete with Hedwig, a shrunken head, Stan Shunpike, Ernie Prang, and Harry Potter mini figures. Just remember to hold on tight.Buy it HereHogwarts Alumni Unisex T-ShirtHarry Potter Hogwarts Alumni T-Shirt (Photo Credit: Amazon)Hogwarts graduates rejoice: we’ve found the perfect swag for your post-spell school days. This Harry Potter Hogwarts Alumni T-Shirt features the Hogwarts crest and four houses. Wear this to brunch, gym, and basically anywhere to show off your wizarding school spirit.Buy it HereHarry Potter Hand-Controlled CandleHarry Potter Hand-Controlled Candle (Photo Credit: ThinkGeek)Lumos! Give your home much-needed light with this Harry Potter Hand-Controlled Candle. All you have to do is wave your hand over the candle to illuminate a room. Plus, you’ll get lighting in the Hogwarts House colors on three brightness settings.Buy it HereWorld of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit GameHarry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game (Photo Credit: Amazon)Have the ultimate game night with this Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game. Get your squad together and test your knowledge of all the Harry Potter movies. With 1,800 questions spanning The Dark Arts and Magical People, you’ll be mastering all things wizardry in no time.Buy it HereHarry Potter Uniform ClutchHarry Potter Uniform Clutch (Photo Credit: ThinkGeek)Wear your favorite Hogwarts House with a Harry Potter Uniform Clutch. Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, this accessory can fit all your essentials, including keys, a wallet, credit cards, and a smartphone.Buy it HereFunko 5 Star: Harry Potter Vinyl FigureFunko 5-Star: Harry Potter Vinyl Figure (Photo Credit: Amazon)If you’re a fan of collectibles, this Funko 5-Star Harry Potter Vinyl Figure makes the cut. You can display these cute Harry Potter and Hedwig figures with your other spellbinding goods at home.Buy it HereHarry Potter Hogwarts House Dinner SetHarry Potter Hogwarts House Dinner Set (Photo Credit: ThinkGeek)Have a banquet-style feast at your pad with this Harry Potter Hogwarts House Dinner Set. It comes with four place settings featuring the Hogwarts Houses, so you’ll have more than enough dishes for your hungry Muggle crew.Buy it HereMore at Teases 2019 Launch of AR Game ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’11 ‘Harry Potter’ Characters Who Deserve Their Own MovieToy Tuesday: The Most Magical Harry Potter Toys Apollo 11 Gift Guide: Best Moon Landing 50th Anniversary GiftsCool Gifts for Every ‘Star Wars’ Junkie Stay on targetlast_img read more

Armed protesters were on Portland rooftop in August police now say

first_imgPORTLAND — Members of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer stationed themselves on a downtown Portland rooftop with a cache of guns prior to a summer protest, city officials announced for the first time Monday – the same day Mayor Ted Wheeler learned about it, his aides said.That shocking revelation came Monday as Portland officials scrambled to find a way to end the repeated violent clashes between dueling political factions downtown.Prior to the start of a scheduled Aug. 4 demonstration, “the Portland Police Bureau discovered individuals who positioned themselves on a rooftop parking structure in downtown Portland with a cache of firearms,” Wheeler said during a City Hall press conference. Berk Nelson, a senior mayoral aide, later said the weapons included “long guns.”The people on the rooftop were members of Patriot Prayer, said Assistant Chief Ryan Lee, who appeared at the press conference with Wheeler and other police officials. Police officers seized the weapons found on the rooftop that day, but they were later given back. No arrests were made because the protesters had not broken any laws and all had licenses to carry concealed weapons, Lee said. Neither Lee nor Wheeler named the people who guns were seized from.Asked why the public was not told of the incident sooner, Chief Danielle Outlaw said, “Hindsight is always perfect.” Outlaw said the Police Bureau warns the public that protesters may be armed. Both right- and left-wing demonstrators have come to Portland protests armed, she said.last_img read more

Dense Smoke Advisory Remains In Effect For Peninsula Use Caution

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The National Weather Service in Anchorage has issued a Dense Smoke Advisory, which is in effect until 2pm Tuesday, but could be extended depending on fire behavior. Sean Baines with the National Weather Service: “Smoke will likely be dense along the highway along Cooper Landing to Sterling along the highway. Not only should be people driving be careful, but those with respiratory problems may have difficulty breathing when outside and are advised to use caution.” Interior Kenai Peninsula, including the Sterling Highway corridor from Sterling to Cooper Landing. Smoke from the Swan Lake fire will reduce visibilities to one quarter mile or less at times. A dense smoke advisory means fires will create widespread smoke, limiting visibilities. If driving, slow down, use your headlights, and leave plenty of distance ahead of you in case a sudden stop is needed. Air quality monitors have been set up near the fire area. Data from monitors in Cooper Landing can be viewed at The monitor in Sterling can be found at read more

Tk 10b project approved to tackle Padma erosion

first_imgMulfatganj Bazar of Shariatpur’s Naria upazila is disappearing due to violent erosion of Padma river in recent weeks. Photo: Sajid HossainThe government on Wednesday approved a proposal to award a contract to Bangladesh Navy-run Khulna Shipyard to protect the Zajira and Naria upazilas of Shariatpur from river erosion at a cost of Tk 10.77 billion, reports UNB.The cabinet committee on economic affairs at a meeting, with finance minister AMA Muhith in the chair, gave go-ahead to the proposal placed by water resources ministry.Briefing newsmen the cabinet division additional secretary Nasima Begum said under the proposal, the Khulna Shipyard will implement project of the Water Development Board to protect 8.90 km of riverbank of Padma at Zajira and Naria upazilas.The contract work includes 9.75 km dredging, 0.089 km end-termination and construction of 8 RCC concrete ferry terminals.The cabinet body’s approval came at a time when thousands have been rendered homeless in scourge of Padma erosion in Shariatpur’s two upazilas over the past three months.last_img read more

Trump Set To Announce Supreme Court Nominee

first_img Share President Trump is set to announce his pick for the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, fulfilling a promise he made to social conservatives on the campaign trail to name someone like the late Justice Antonin Scalia, a conservative icon whose seat has been vacant for almost a year.The White House moved up the announcement by two days, a step that observers saw as an attempt to change the subject away from the president’s controversial immigration order. The order has provoked widespread criticism in the U.S. and among allies abroad, not to mention among leading Republicans in Congress.Whoever the president selects, the confirmation hearings are likely to set up a full-scale attack from Democrats on some of Trump’s immigration policies.The leading contenders for the nomination are said to be three federal appeals court judges: all very conservative, all relatively young, all millionaires and all nominated to the bench by President George W. Bush.The two who seem to be at the head of the line are Neil Gorsuch, a well-regarded 49-year-old judge on the appeals court based in Denver, and Thomas Hardiman, a popular 51-year-old judge on the appeals court based in Philadelphia. Hardiman is said to be well-liked by Maryanne Trump Barry, the president’s sister, a judge on the same Philadelphia court.Gorsuch and Hardiman seem in some ways to be the flip sides of each other: Gorsuch is a scholarly Ivy Leaguer and Hardiman is a longtime litigator with lots of experience trying cases, who is said to have a “practical approach.”The diplomatic Ivy LeaguerGorsuch, a Colorado native, is proof that you can acquire a personality that is diametrically different from your parents. His mother, Anne Gorsuch Burford, was a highly controversial, take-no-prisoners head of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Reagan administration, and known for being quite the bomb thrower.But lawyers and judges alike describe her son as unfailingly polite, diplomatic, a good listener and a good colleague — to the point of being obsequious.Gorsuch is a reliable conservative on social issues. His best-known votes are in decisions siding with challenges to regulations requiring employers to provide birth control coverage for women under the Affordable Care Act.He earned his undergraduate degree at Columbia University, where he co-founded a newspaper aimed at rebutting what he considered the dominant liberal and “politically correct” philosophy on campus. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he also earned a doctorate in legal philosophy at Oxford University, where he studied as a Truman Scholar.In private practice in Washington, D.C., Gorsuch represented mostly corporate clients, and in 2005 he became principal associate attorney general in the Bush administration Justice Department. A year later, Gorsuch was nominated to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, where he has earned a reputation as a cerebral conservative with a flair for vivid and clear writing that is similar to — though not as sharp in tone as — Justice Scalia’s.He is known as a critic of a decades-old Supreme Court legal precedent that requires courts to defer to reasonable agency interpretations of ambiguous language in broad statutes. In that sense, he is more conservative than Scalia, who supported that precedent.The “down to earth,” pro-Second Amendment nominee In contrast to Judge Gorsuch, Judge Hardiman is not an Ivy Leaguer, but as one of his friends put it, he went to the “Catholic Ivy Leagues” — Notre Dame University for his undergraduate degree and Georgetown for his law degree, where he helped put himself through school driving a cab.He was initially nominated by President George W. Bush to the federal district court in Pittsburgh and was later elevated to the Philadelphia appeals court.His conservatism has demonstrated itself most prominently in gun cases, where he has ruled often in favor of the right to bear arms. For instance, he dissented from a decision that upheld New Jersey’s restrictive law on who may receive a permit to carry a gun. The Supreme Court left that decision in place by refusing to review it.It did review — and uphold — a decision Hardiman wrote declaring that jails were justified in conducting strip searches of individuals arrested but not yet convicted of any charge, even a minor traffic charge.Hardiman is one of those people who is well-liked by associates of all political stripes. He is described as “down to earth” and smart; he is, as a friend put it, “a closet scholar.” He “knows the Hobbes and Lockean philosophy behind the Federalist Papers.”Friends and associates describe him as “a devout Catholic,” one who “knows Thomas Aquinas.”Several people noted that because of his many years as a trial lawyer and trial judge, he has more experience trying cases than most of the other Supreme Court justices.The nominee who would cause an uproar The third contender for the vacant Supreme Court seat is Alabama’s William H. Pryor Jr., who sits on the federal appeals court based in Atlanta. He was the odds-on favorite going in, in part because he is a protege of Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general.But Pryor’s record is by far the most controversial. Among other things, he called Roe v. Wade the “worst abomination” in American jurisprudence. As Alabama state attorney general, Pryor urged the Supreme Court to uphold state laws that criminalized private consensual homosexual conduct.While Judges Hardiman and Gorsuch were both confirmed without dissent, Pryor was blocked by Democrats and was only confirmed in a later deal. So a Pryor nomination would undoubtedly spark a major donnybrook.Democrats, of course, are in the minority in the Senate, which must confirm the president’s nominee.Many Democratic senators view the Supreme Court nomination as one that was stolen from them when Republicans, in a precedent-setting move, refused for almost a year to even consider President Barack Obama’s nominee to fill the seat left vacant when Justice Scalia passed away.Already, some Democrats are promising to filibuster any nominee. The filibuster is still in place for Supreme Court nominees, meaning it would take 60 votes to confirm.But Republicans could change that rule pretty much any time they want. Some Democrats may want to save that card for the next battle — when, if there is a vacancy, President Trump would likely be replacing, not a conservative like Scalia, but a more liberal justice, thus changing the balance on the Supreme Court for decades. Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit read more

No 8 Louisville Hosts James Madison for Weekend Series

first_imgStory Links Saturday, March 2 | 4:00 p.m. ET | Live Stats TV: ACC Network Extra | Radio: 93.9 The Ville LOU: Sr. RHP Bryan Hoeing (1-1, 6.00 ERA) JMU: Rs-Sr. LHP Joe Williams (1-0, 2.89 ERA) 1. Louisville 559 4. North Carolina 556 LOUISVILLE 2018 RECRUITING CLASS AMONG BEST IN COUNTRYThe University of Louisville baseball program received its highest recruiting ranking in program history after D1Baseball tabbed the 2018 class at No. 3 in the nation. Louisville’s 2018 class was also ranked fourth nationally by Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.The 2018 class ranking marked the ninth time in the last 11 years Louisville has earned a top 25 national recruiting ranking under the guidance of head coach Dan McDonnell. The Cardinals had the top class in the ACC according to D1Baseball and was among five ACC programs in the top 25 classes – No. 6 Florida State, No. 8 Miami, No. 12 Clemson and No. 17 Virginia.FEELING AT HOME INSIDE JIM PATTERSON STADIUMSince opening the gates at Jim Patterson Stadium in 2005, the Cardinals have won more than 77 percent of their games in the ballpark posting a 372-107 record (.777 winning percentage), including an impressive 33-4 mark during the 2017 season at the corner of Third and Central. Louisville set a school record for home wins with 36 in 2016 and the Cardinals have registered 30 or more wins at home in four of the last six seasons.BENNETT, FITZGERALD, PINKHAM, WYATT NAMED TEAM CAPTAINSLefthanded pitcher Nick Bennett, infielder Tyler Fitzgerald, catcher Zeke Pinkham and first baseman Logan Wyatt have been selected by University of Louisville players and coaches as team captains for the Cardinals baseball team in 2019.Bennett, a junior from Cincinnati, Ohio, closed his sophomore season with an 8-2 record, 2.84 ERA and 72 strikeouts in 73.0 innings pitched, including 11 starts. He was an All-ACC Second Team honoree and was an All-ACC Academic Team selection in 2018. During his first collegiate season in 2017, Bennett earned Freshman All-America honors and was an All-ACC Third Team selection while accumulating a 5-1 record, 3.18 ERA and 61 strikeouts in 65.0 innings pitched and 15 total appearances, including 13 starts.A junior from Rochester, Illinois, Fitzgerald had a .264 batting average with three home runs, 17 doubles, 24 RBIs, 57 runs scored and 23 stolen bases in 24 attempts while playing in all 64 games in 2018, including 63 starts. Fitzgerald was named to the 2018 All-ACC Academic Team.Hailing from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Pinkham has made 58 appearances with 26 starts behind the plate during his three seasons with the Cardinals. After missing the 41 games of 2018 recovering from off-season injury, Pinkham closed his junior season with 17 appearances and 11 starts.A Louisville native, Wyatt earned Third Team All-America recognition from Collegiate Baseball newspaper and was an All-ACC First Team honoree as a sophomore after hitting .339 with six home runs, 69 RBIs, 22 doubles, 63 walks, 51 runs scored, .559 slugging percentage and .490 on-base percentage. He closed the 2018 season ranked third in the NCAA in walks, 15th in on-base percentage, 17th in RBIs and 18th in doubles. Wyatt was also named to the 2018 NCAA All-Lubbock Regional Team after finishing 6-for-16 with two home runs and 10 RBIs in four NCAA Regional games.ALL LOUISVILLE BASEBALL GAMES SLATED FOR RADIO COVERAGEEach of Louisville’s 56 regular season games as well as all postseason games can be heard on radio locally in Louisville and online via Moth will once again be on the call of Louisville baseball games this spring, while 93.9 The Ville will serve as the flagship station for the fifth consecutive season. Selected games during the regular season will be broadcast on 1450 WXVW. LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Following its first setback at home in 2019, the eighth-ranked Louisville baseball team will host James Madison for three games at Jim Patterson Stadium starting Friday at 4:00 p.m., ET. The series continues with a Saturday doubleheader starting at noon ET. All three game can be seen on ACC Network Extra and radio coverage will be available on 1450 WXVW Friday and 93.9 The Ville on Saturday. Live scoring is available at THE LOUISVILLE CARDINALSAfter four consecutive victories to open up the home schedule, the Cardinals lost 5-4 in 10 innings to Xavier on Tuesday. Louisville rallied back from three different deficits to get the game in extra innings, but left the tying run on third in the 10th.Tuesday’s contest was the second to reach extra innings in the last three for the Cardinals, and the third this season to be decided by just one run.Louisville is in the midst of a 14-game homestand after three games in Florida to start the season. The Cardinals will not hit the road again until a three-game set at Duke beginning on March 15.The Cardinals began head coach Dan McDonnell’s 13th season ranked as high as fourth in the national polls. UofL is coming off a 45-19 record in 2018, its seventh straight 40-win season and the 11th in 12 seasons under McDonnell. The Cardinals advanced to the championship round of an NCAA Regional for the seventh straight season.ABOUT JAMES MADISONJames Madison enters the weekend with a 7-1 overall mark that includes a weekend sweep of Norfolk State to open the season and a series victory over Lafayette last weekend. The Dukes are coming off a 5-4 victory over VMI on Wednesday.SERIES HISTORYThis weekend will be the first-ever games between Louisville and James Madison. The Cardinals are 5-1 all-time against current members of the Colonial Athletic Association, with a 3-0 record against Elon and 2-1 mark versus Delaware.TEAM NOTES AND TRENDS Louisville has had at least one baserunner in 58 of 71 offensive innings this season. Cardinal starting pitchers allowed just four earned runs over 23 innings in last week’s four victories. During that stretch, the Louisville bullpen allowed just one run in 14 innings of work spread across 10 different pitchers. In five of Louisville’s first eight games, the starting pitcher has pitched five innings or more with one earned run or fewer allowed. Louisville has been racking up the strikeouts on the mound this season, totaling 10 or more in each of the last five games and six of eight overall. The Cardinals had 11 strikeouts in five innings from their bullpen Tuesday against Xavier. Eleven different Cardinals have made their Louisville debuts this season (Binelas, Davis, Leonard, Lohman, Masterman, Metzinger, Perkins, Poland, Schmeltz, Smith and Wright). It was the collegiate debut for 10 of the 11. Louisville has 24 games on its schedule against teams ranked inside the top 25 in at least one of the six major preseason polls (Clemson, Connecticut, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Mississippi, NC State, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest). The Cardinals were 39-4 in 2018 when entering the ninth inning with a lead. From 2012-17, Louisville accumulated a six-year record of 266-3 when entering the ninth with a lead, including a 50-0 mark in 2017. On the mound, Louisville was 5th in the nation in 2018 in hits allowed per 9 IP (7.40), 19th in strikeouts per 9 IP (9.5) and 27th in ERA (3.53). UofL led the ACC in ERA and hits allowed per 9 IP.  Louisville was ranked 5th in the nation and No. 1 in the ACC in stolen bases in 2018 with 125 in 149 attempts after ranking 17th in 2017 (98-of-123). The Cardinals were 12th in the NCAA in 2016 with 101 stolen bases, fourth nationally with 127 stolen bases in 2015, second in the nation in 2014 with 133 and second in 2013 with 150. Offensively in 2018, the Cardinals were 8th in the NCAA in sacrifice flies (36) 10th in walks (333), 11th in on-base percentage (.400) and 12th in doubles (131). Louisville led the ACC in doubles.  UofL has won 31 of its 40 ACC series since joining the league and is 33-6 in its series finales during that span, including an 11-4 record in rubber games. The Cardinals have won 16 of their 20 ACC series at home since debuting in the conference. While at Louisville, coach Dan McDonnell has guided the Cardinals to four College World Series berths, seven NCAA Super Regional appearances, 11 NCAA Regional bids, eight regular season conference championships and two conference tournament titles with 37 All-Americans. ESPN Louisville, the group behind local stations ESPN 680 and 105.7 FM, launched 93.9 The Ville, powered by ESPN, on Jan. 29, 2015. The station provides coverage of the Cardinals through an official partnership with Louisville Sports Properties, which represents UofL athletics.LOUISVILLE TO PLAY 52 GAMES ON ESPN NETWORKSLouisville’s 2019 television schedule features 52 of 56 regular season games set for ESPN platforms. The 52 regular season games scheduled for television coverage matches the 2018 season for most in program history.The television schedule is headlined by a pair of games slated for ESPNU. The Cardinals will host Vanderbilt on May 7 in the annual Battle of the Barrel and will later appear on ESPNU May 14 at Indiana.Forty-eight of the 52 games will be televised exclusively on ACC Network Extra, available on WatchESPN and the ESPN app. The Cardinals will also appear on SEC Network+ on the road at Kentucky on April 16 and on ESPN+ at Eastern Kentucky March 19. Print Friendly Version     LSU 559center_img Friday, March 1 | 4:00 p.m. ET | Live Stats TV: ACC Network Extra | Radio: 1450 WXVW LOU: So. LHP Reid Detmers (1-0, 0.75 ERA) JMU: Jr. RHP Kevin Kelly (2-0, 0.00 ERA) 5. Vanderbilt 543     Florida State 559 Most Wins Since 2007 Saturday, March 2 | 12:00 p.m. ET | Live Stats TV: ACC Network Extra | Radio: 93.9 The Ville LOU: Jr. LHP Nick Bennett (1-0, 2.70 ERA) JMU: So. RHP Nick Stewart (0-1, 4.00 ERA) DETMERS NAMED ACC PITCHER OF THE WEEKSophomore lefthander Reid Detmers was named the ACC Pitcher of the Week following a dominant showing in the opening game of Friday’s doubleheader against Brown.Detmers tossed seven no-hit innings with a career-best 11 strikeouts. The southpaw retired the first 16 batters he faced before issuing a walk with one out in the sixth inning. Detmers then retired the next five hitters to finish off his outing. The sophomore struck out the side in order in the second and fourth innings during a stretch of eight strikeouts in nine hitters.Through two starts, Detmers has allowed just one run over 12 innings with 14 strikeouts and an opponents’ batting average of .103.LOUISVILLE TABBED AS PRESEASON ACC FAVORITEThe Louisville baseball team was voted as the 2019 ACC preseason favorite by the league’s 14 head coaches. The Cardinals were selected as the favorite in both the Atlantic Division and the conference.Louisville received seven first place votes in the Atlantic Division and tallied 90 points to narrowly edge out Florida State, which picked up six votes for the top spot and 86 points. Clemson was third with 71 points followed by NC State (53), Wake Forest (49), Notre Dame (24) and Boston College (19).North Carolina was a near unanimous selection to win the Coastal Division, as 13 coaches voted the Tar Heels in the top spot. Virginia received the other first place tally and is tied with Duke for the second position with 64 points. Miami (61), Georgia Tech (59), Pitt (24) and Virginia Tech (23) round out the rest of the division.BENNETT AND WYATT RECEIVE 2019 PRESEASON ALL-AMERICA RECOGNITIONA pair of Louisville players were named preseason All-Americans in 2019 by various organizations. Junior first baseman Logan Wyatt garnered preseason All-America honors from Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball Newspaper, D1Baseball, NCBWA and Perfect Game. Additionally, junior lefthanded pitcher Nick Bennett was a preseason All-America selection by the NCBWA and Perfect Game.A Louisville native, Wyatt earned Third Team All-America recognition from Collegiate Baseball newspaper and was an All-ACC First Team honoree as a sophomore last season after hitting .339 with six home runs, 69 RBIs, 22 doubles, 63 walks, 51 runs scored, .559 slugging percentage and .490 on-base percentage. He closed 2018 ranked third in the NCAA in walks, 15th in on-base percentage, 17th in RBIs and 18th in doubles. Wyatt was also named to the 2018 NCAA All-Lubbock Regional Team after finishing 6-for-16 with two home runs and 10 RBIs in four NCAA Regional games.Bennett, a junior from Cincinnati, Ohio, closed his sophomore season with an 8-2 record, 2.84 ERA and 72 strikeouts in 73.0 innings pitched, including 11 starts. He was an All-ACC Second Team honoree and was an All-ACC Academic Team selection in 2018. During his first collegiate season in 2017, Bennett earned Freshman All-America honors and was an All-ACC Third Team selection while accumulating a 5-1 record, 3.18 ERA and 61 strikeouts in 65.0 innings pitched and 15 total appearances, including 13 starts.WYATT NAMED TO USA BASEBALL GOLDEN SPIKES AWARD WATCH LISTJunior first baseman Logan Wyatt was named to the preseason watch list for the 2019 USA Baseball Golden Spikes Award. The list features 55 of the nation’s top amateur players across high school and college baseball.Wyatt is the 11th Cardinal to appear on the preseason watch list since 2009, including Brendan McKay who won the Golden Spikes Award in 2017.An All-American in 2018, Wyatt has garnered preseason All-America honors in 2019 from Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball Newspaper, D1Baseball, NCBWA and Perfect Game. The Louisville native was an All-ACC First Team honoree as a sophomore last season after hitting .339 with six home runs, 69 RBIs, 22 doubles, 63 walks, 51 runs scored, .559 slugging percentage and .490 on-base percentage. Wyatt was also named to the 2018 NCAA All-Lubbock Regional Team after finishing 6-for-16 with two home runs and 10 RBIs in four NCAA Regional games.LOUISVILLE IN NATIONAL POLLS EVERY WEEK SINCE START OF 2012Louisville, which surpassed its previous high national ranking of No. 2 (in 2016) with the No. 1 ranking on March 13 and March 20 during the 2017 season, has enjoyed a historic run by remaining ranked in at least one major national poll every week since the release of the 2012 preseason rankings — the longest such span in school history.Ranked in the top 25 in all six major preseason polls for 2019, the Cardinals have earned a preseason national ranking in 11 straight seasons (2008-2018) overall. Louisville entered the 2019 season ranked fourth in the D1Baseball rankings, eighth in the Perfect Game and USA Today polls, ninth in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper and NCBWA rankings and 11th by Baseball America.LOUISVILLE LEADS COUNTRY IN WINS SINCE 2007Dan McDonnell took the reins of the Louisville baseball program in 2007. Louisville entered 2019 with the most wins of any Division I program from 2007-18 with 554. GAME DAY INFORMATION #8 Louisville vs. James Madison Location: Louisville, Ky. Venue: Jim Patterson Stadium (4,000) Twitter Updates: @LouisvilleBSB Game Notes: Louisville | James Madisonlast_img read more

Logitech G602 review A gaming mouse that harnesses the power of science

first_img 1 2 In the world of PC gaming peripherals, Logitech and Razer could be likened to Microsoft and Apple — two kings of the landscape, with one focused more on getting the job done and the other focused more on presentation. Logitech tends to be the one focused on the job at hand, and that’s readily apparent with its new G602 gaming mouse — so much so that the mouse is being marketed as leveraging science to improve your gaming performance. The G602 is also Logitech’s first mouse to feature its Delta Zero sensor, which boosts both cursor accuracy and control, and battery performance.Razer mice get the job done as well, but they always focus a little more on looks than options. The two company’s MMO mice are a perfect instance of this sentiment. Razer’s Naga and Logitech’s G600 MMO gaming mice both feature a 12-button thumb pad on the side of the mouse, with the rest of the buttons and wheels adding up to 17 or more programmable inputs.Razer’s Naga is easier on the eyes, with its fancy glowing logo and sleeker body, while the G600 is more like someone stuck a bunch of buttons on an egg. However, what the G600 may lack in looks, Logitech makes up for in performance; the mouse features a shift button that toggles the 20-or-so inputs to an entirely different preset configuration. This means that with the G600, you have double the inputs of the Razer Naga. Like the G600, the new G602 isn’t as pretty as its Razer competitors (in fact, it looks like it was stitched together from other mouse parts), but it makes up for it with performance.By now, you’ve heard the wireless G602 boasts an impressive 1440 hours of battery life, thanks to a performance mode dubbed Endurance Mode. The mouse takes two AA batteries, which provides 250 hours, but you also have the option of only loading one AA into the chamber, and the battery will last for 125 hours. This is a clever failsafe for when your batteries die, and you can only find one lying around the house. The mouse will last a while, and will even survive a battery-scarce home, but does it meet your gaming needs?As we’ve mentioned above, the G600 is the best mouse for MMO gamers, or gamers that simply prefer a ton of inputs in the vicinity of their thumbs. Rather than the 12-button thumb pad, the G602 employs six buttons that jut off the left side of the mouse more like little cliffs than traditional buttons. Overall, there are 12 inputs: the mouse wheel, the middle click, the left and right clicks, two DPI changers (located to the top-left of the left click), and that six-button thumb pad. The mouse wheel doesn’t have horizontal clicks, and those two DPI buttons are better left to the DPI toggle, as there’s a little LED DPI meter next to buttons.Next page: How good does it feel, how well does it work?last_img read more

Spinning Orbita Mouse Available in January

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further It looks like a large shiny button, but the round object is actually the world’s first wireless three-axis mouse, according to its designers, an Australian technology company called Cyber Sport. The company designed the Orbita mouse to overcome some of the limitations of conventional mice by replacing the conventional scroll wheel with a 360° spinning “jog wheel.” An oracle for object-oriented programmers Citation: Spinning ‘Orbita’ Mouse Available in January (2008, December 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Cyber Sport’s Orbita mouse replaces the scroll wheel with a spinning jog wheel for more intuitive navigation. Image credit: Cyber Sport. Cyber Sport says that the new mouse provides a more intuitive control center, better ergonomic handling, and higher efficiency. Rather than scrolling down a page with jerky vertical finger movement, users of the Orbita mouse can navigate by rotating the mouse left or right in a natural dialing motion.The Orbita mouse has a small white button at the top, which serves as the orientation button. Pressing that button calibrates the mouse in the same direction as the arrow on the screen is currently pointing, so that left, right, up, and down navigating directions are based on that orientation. The orientation feature is particularly useful for navigating in 3D gaming environments, Google Earth maps, and 3D CAD designs. The mouse could also have advantages in audio and video applications for frame-by-frame manipulation. Because the mouse can be used at any angle, the buttons can also be used at any angle. The mouse has one “push” button and a series of “squeeze” buttons to serve as a “right click.”A third button, the “jog dimple” button, can be used to either spin the mouse or it can work like a standard scroll wheel button on a conventional mouse. By pressing this button, users can also switch between vertical and horizontal scrolling. Besides rotating the mouse with a finger, the device is sensitive enough that users can flick it to make it spin freely and continuously. The Orbita mouse, which works with both Macs and PCs, will be sold for $98.50 starting in January 2009. More information: Engadget© 2008 PhysOrg.comlast_img read more

Showcasing the Islamic heritage of Assam

first_imgThe Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) Film Circle screens two films a month on the second and fourth Friday. This Friday, Islamic Heritage of Assam directed by Abdul Majid will be screened. The documentary deals with some of the key factors and aspects of Islamic heritage in Assam, such as, the formation of the Muslim community, invasions and post invasion settlements and migrations during the time of Ahom kings from Shuhungmung (1497-1539) to Rudra Singha (1696-1714). Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Islamic Heritage of Assam looks at the life-cycle events of Sufi saints, Islamic institutions, creative heritage, folk songs and creative traditions in Assam. It shows that Islamic heritage in Assam has been shaped over eight centuries since the first footing of the Muslims in this part of the country through interface and interaction of the community with the local non-Muslims.The liberal Vaishnava tradition in healthy conjunction with the Sufi tradition offered unique opportunities to the Muslims to identify and integrate themselves into local lifestyles and build a harmonious customary and liberal Islamic heritage. The film has been produced under the Confluence of Tradition and Composite Cultures program of the Janapada Sampada Division of the IGNCA.last_img read more