Huskies Early Bird Season Ticket Pricing

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Huskies are currently promoting their Early Bird Season Ticket pricing before September 1st, 2019.With 19 regular-season home games this year versus the 17 last year there is a lot of entertainment to be had.2019-20 Season Passes Rates;  Infant (0-4) – Early Bird FREE / After FREE Child (5-18) – Early Bird $75 / After $85 Adult (19-54) – Early Bird $150 / After $170 Senior (55+) – Early Bird $75 / After $85 Family (4+) – Early Bird $425 / After $480Tickets are available at the upcoming training camp (Aug 30 – Sept 1) or email; fsjhuskieshockey@gmail.comlast_img read more

Online bullying leads to poor sleep depression in teenagers

first_imgParents, please take note. Teenagers who experience cyber bullying are more likely to suffer from poor sleep and depression, warns a study. In one of the few studies to explore the connection between cyber victimisation and sleep quality, a research team examined the relationship between online bullying and depression among over 800 adolescents. “Cyber victimisation on the Internet and social media is a unique form of peer victimisation and an emerging mental health concern among teenagers who are digital natives,” said the reearchers. Also Read – The Puja carnivalAt severe levels, depression may lead to disrupted school performance, harmed relationships or even suicide. According to the US Office of Adolescent Health, nearly one third of teenagers have experienced symptoms of depression, which, in addition to changes in sleep pattern, include persistent irritability, anger and social withdrawal. The study was scheduled to be presented at “SLEEP 2019” conference in Texas from June 8-12.last_img read more

UN agency for Palestinian refugees running on empty due to cash shortfall

“Effectively we are now running on empty,” UNRWA Deputy Commissioner General Filippo Grandi told the agency’s annual pledging conference at UN Headquarters in New York. “As everyone can understand, driving a complex machine such as ours on little or no fuel dramatically raises the odds, sooner or later of a breakdown.”On present projections, UNRWA is facing a deficit next year in excess of $150 million to its overall budget, with it General Fund requirement for 2009 standing at $545 million.“The social, humanitarian and potentially political repercussions in this already volatile region do not need to be spelt out,” Mr. Grandi said. “These new financial pressures come at a precarious time. Refugee needs are growing and becoming increasingly complex.“Unless we get significant new or increased pledges in the next six months, there will be serious consequences for the refugees.” Meanwhile UNRWA managed to get 13 trucks into the Gaza Strip today with medicine and cooking oil, but the Agency said this was still not enough for the area, whose 1.5 million inhabitants have been subjected to a series of Israeli closures in recent months.Last month, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced regret that Israel had not heeded his call to urgently permit the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Gaza’s civilian population. At the same time he reiterated his condemnation of rocket and other attacks by Palestinian militants in Gaza against Israeli civilian targets, which Israel has cited as a reason for the closures. 10 December 2008Cash reserves of the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees have plummeted from $60 million in 2006 to just $1 million, enough for less than one day’s average expenditure, a senior official said today, warning of “the very real prospect” of having to make cuts in basic education and health services. read more

Countries debate Israeli raid on aid flotilla at UN Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council is holding an urgent debate in Geneva today, taking up the issue of yesterday’s Israeli raid on a convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid and heading for Gaza.Deputy UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Kyung-wha Kang expressed shock “that humanitarian aid would be met with such violence, and we unequivocally condemn what appears to be a disproportionate use of force.”She again appealed for an end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip, causing the suffering of 1.5 million Palestinians, which she characterized as “an affront to human dignity.”Ms. Kang expressed hope that “the Israeli Government will take the necessary decisive actions to demonstrate to the international community a clear commitment to abide by international law.”Yesterday, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay emphasized that “nothing can justify the appalling outcome” of the military operation, which killed at least 10 people and injured dozens of others.She joined Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the Security Council and others in calling for a probe into the operation, underscoring the need for accountability.Ms. Pillay called on the Israeli Government to heed the “almost unanimous international view that the continued blockade of Gaza is both inhumane and illegal.”The blockade, she pointed out, “lies at the heart of so many of the problems plaguing the Israel-Palestine situation, as does the impression that the Israeli Government treats international law with perpetual disdain.”Without the blockade, the High Commissioner noted, “there would be no need for flotillas like this.”At today’s Human Rights Council debate, which heard from dozens of speakers, Ambassador Aharon Leshno-Yaar of Israel expressed regret over the loss of life in yesterday’s incident, stressing the need for support of moderate parties to build on the momentum generated by the recent start of proximity talks between Israelis and Palestinians.He pointed the finger at a Turkish group called Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH) for what he said was a pre-meditated act against Israeli forces. The flotilla, he said, was not on a humanitarian mission but was rather seeking to provoke and incite, and convoy passengers had used knives and clubs, shooting two Israeli soldiers.For his part, Imad Zuhairi, representing Palestine, called for legal action to be taken over the operation, saying that Israel’s actions would not help to strengthen the ongoing peace process.Mr. Zuhairi called for a fact-finding commission to look into the raid and underscored the need for Israel to free all those who have been detained and allow the relief supplies on the convoys to reach Gaza.Also speaking out against yesterday’s events was General Assembly President Ali Treki, who said in a statement issued in New York that he is “deeply shocked over this inhuman and totally unacceptable aggression and use of force against humanitarian personnel from around the world, and which is a flagrant violation of all principles and rules of international law.”Dr. Treki urged an “end to impunity,” underlining the importance of an immediate and independent probe into yesterday’s events. He also repeated the call by UN officials and others to lift the blockade.For its part, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) today again appealed for unimpeded access of life-saving medical supplies into Gaza.Hundreds of items of equipment – including CT scanners, x-ray machines and laboratory supplies – have been waiting to enter the area for up to a year, said Tony Laurance, who heads the agency’s Gaza office.“It is impossible to maintain a safe and effective health-care system under the conditions of siege that have been in place now since June 2007,” he said. “It is not enough to simply ensure supplies like drugs and consumables. Medical equipment and spare parts must be available and be properly maintained.”Mr. Laurance also said the blockade prevents the sending of medical equipment, such as defibrillators, out of Gaza for routine safety inspections. “Such disruptions and the fragmented supply chain brings and an unpredictability in scheduling live-saving procedures at a time and place when they are need to save lives,” he stressed. 1 June 2010The United Nations Human Rights Council is holding an urgent debate in Geneva today, taking up the issue of yesterday’s Israeli raid on a convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid and heading for Gaza. read more

Southern Provincial Council member and wife remanded

The wife of the Southern Provincial Council member was seen holding a weapon in her hand at the time of the assault. (Colombo Gazette) Southern Provincial Council member M K Kasun and his wife were today ordered to be remanded till March 13 by the Kaduwela Magistrate over an assault.The Southern Provincial Council member and his wife assaulted a private bus driver in Koswatte yesterday.

Typical Knicks Bickering Losing Giving Derek

When the New York Knicks were a force in the mid 1990s, with Pat Riley as coach and Patrick Ewing leading the way, there was dissension within the locker room. Anthony Mason wanted more shots. Greg Anthony wanted more playing time. Charles Oakley wanted more money. And that was just the half of it.John Starks wanted the ball at the end of the game. Ewing wanted Charles Smith to play stronger. Smith wanted plays called for him. Derek Harper wanted to fight, or at least was willing to at any moment. They were a collection of egos with separate agendas. And yet they won.The difference between the Knicks of the mid-’90s and the Knicks of today who are losing, bickering and apparently clueless on how to extract themselves from the malaise? The coach.Riley was a street fighter as a kid growing up in upstate New York, not the polished model always runway ready. By the time he got to the Knicks, he had less interest in stylish clothes (although he still put it together), and more excitement about the challenge of meshing the collection of misfits into a unit that came together once the ball was thrown up.And he did it because he had their respect. He  had won with the Lakers of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which gave him immediate cache in the locker room. But Riley, truth be told, was the toughest of all the Knicks. He instilled a fighter’s mentality into his team, starting in his first practice, when he allowed Xavier McDaniel and Anthony Mason to fight it out, MMA style, while teammates stood around in a circle and watched.Message delivered. The Knicks were going to be tough. Fighters. That mentality got them to the Eastern Conference finals and one game from the NBA championship in 1994.Derek Fisher, another smart, tough guy, has to impose his personality, playing style and will onto his team. It’s tougher for a first-year coach to do so, especially when some of the players make more money and believe they are beyond reproach. But enough about Carmelo Anthony.Seriously, though, Fisher faces perhaps the biggest challenge of any coach in the NBA. He’s breaking into the ranks in New York, where the scrutiny is more intense than anywhere else. He’s doing it with a few players who have been borderline malcontents elsewhere and he’s doing it with his star player at the center of the tumult.Ewing almost always was above the fray during his Knicks glory years. He became more assertive as a leader as he aged, and when he spoke, the team took heed. He had respect.Does not seem as if Anthony is looked at in a similar fashion. Losing magnifies any blemishes within a team, so it’s prudent to not take what’s going on now as Armegeddon (one of Riley’s refrains). But the word that Anthony and teammate Tim Hardaway Jr. got into an argument on the court that carried into the locker room is emblematic of a team that is losing and does not know how to handle it.Not that they should be gracious losers; show me a gracious loser and I’ll show you a perennial loser. But Fisher, a five-time champion who made significant shots in those title runs, has to shelve the “Triangle offense,” shake up the lineup, sit down the non-producers, challenge each individual and hypnotize them, if necessary. The Knicks have lost nine straight games, most in ugly fashion. They are 4-20, the worst start in franchise history. Their talent, especially in the Eastern Conference, should reap more. Much more. And in sports, it always comes back to the coach, fair or not.“Maybe (we should) have another meeting if it is somebody in here that’s putting the stuff out there,” Anthony about the turmoil. “We need to figure that out and diffuse that because we don’t need that right now, especially when we’re losing basketball games.”Adding to the mess is that Anthony suffered a knee injury and reports surfaced that he might require knee surgery. That means it could get even worse for Fisher and his team before it gets better. A lot of any turnaround will fall on Fisher. And to think: If Steve Kerr had accepted Phil Jackson’s offer, he’d be suffering through this madness. Surely, somewhere in the recesses of his mind, Fisher wishes Kerr had. read more

Who are the Supreme Court judges who will decide whether Parliament should

first_imgLord ManceLord Mance, 73, is one half of Britain’s most powerful judicial couple. His wife Dame Mary Arden is a senior judge in the Court of Appeal. Lord Mance, who went to Charterhouse and Oxford, appears an enthusiastic supporter of the European Court of Justice. In 2013, after the referendum was announced, he spoke of his optimism that “future developments will meet the concerns of all but the most extreme Eurosceptics”. Lord Kerr of TonaghmoreThe former Lord Chief Justice in Northern Ireland, Lord Kerr, 68, took the unusual step last month of insisting the Supreme Court judges are not influenced by their own views on the EU.  “We are not involved in reaching decisions based on anything other than the legal principles as they are presented to us,” he told the BBC. Baroness Hale of Richmond, one of the Supreme Court justices who is due to hear the Brexit appeal next month, who has spoken of the “difficult and delicate issues” raised by the case. Credit:PA/PA Baron Mance, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case. Credit:PA/PA Baron Neuberger of Abbotsbury, President of the Supreme Court and a Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case.Credit:PA/PA Lord Hughes of Ombersley Lady Hale of RichmondEducated at a grammar school in Richmond, north Yorkshire, and at Cambridge, Lady Hale, 71, is the Supreme Court’s deputy president and the most senior female judge in British legal history. She was criticised after suggesting in a recent speech that Theresa May could be forced to unpick every piece of EU legislation before Brexit is triggered, delaying leaving the union. Baron Mance Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore Lord Wilson of Culworth who sits at the Supreme Court.Credit:PA/PA  Lord Carnwath of Notting Hill, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case.Credit:PA/PA Lord Wilson of CulworthLord Wilson, 71, has a background as a family law expert who admitted his own shock at being appointed to the highest court in the land in 2011. He was educated at Bryanston and Oxford and owns a string of racehorses. He once suggested the “end of the nuclear family” because of the prevalence of divorce “was no bad thing”. Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore a Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case. Credit:PA/PA Lord Neuberger of AbbotsburyLord Neuberger, 68, is the Supreme Court’s president and most senior judge. Educated at Westminster and Oxford University, he has praised the influence of the EU on British laws. He is married to Lady Neuberger, who has posted a series of anti-Brexit tweets. A few days after the referendum, she suggested it was “unlikely” a prime minister could trigger Article 50 without a vote in parliament. Lord Reed Baron Neuberger of Abbotsbury Lord Wilson of Culworth Lord ReedOne of two Scottish justices, Lord Reed, 60, has sparked controversy in the past by sparing an armed robber jail, suggesting he buy his victim flowers to say sorry. Lord Reed, educated at private school in Edinburgh and at Oxford, has sat as an ad hoc judge on the European Court of Human Rights. Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case. Credit:PA/PA Lord HodgeThe second of the Scottish judges, Lord Hodge, 63, was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2013. He went to boarding school in Scotland and then Cambridge. Last year, he railed against positive discrimination and quotas for female judges, saying he didn’t believe that’s what women wanted. Lord Sumption, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case. Credit:PA/PA Lord SumptionJonathan Sumption, 67, educated at Eton and Oxford, was one of the highest paid barristers – and also reckoned to be the cleverest – when he leapt straight from the Bar to the Supreme Court in 2012 without having previously served as a full-time judge. He is said to be the most prominently Eurosceptic member of the court based on a 2013 speech in which he said the European Court of Human Rights “undermines the democratic process”. Lord Carnwath of Notting Hill Baroness Hale of Richmond Lord Hughes of Ombersley, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case. Credit:PA/PA Lord Hodge Lord Hodge a Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case. Credit:PA/PA Lord Carnwath of Notting HillLord Carnwath, 71, was Attorney General to the Prince of Wales for six years during his marriage difficulties with Princess Diana before being made a judge. Educated at Eton and Cambridge, viola-playing Lord Carnwath founded the EU Forum of Judges for the Environment to promote European and international environmental laws. The Hon Lord Reed who sits at the Supreme Court.Credit:PA/PA Lord Sumption These are the Justices of the Supreme Court of the UK who will be sitting on the Article 50 case: Lord Hughes of OmbersleyThe 68-year-old is one of only two judges not to have gone to Oxbridge, having studied law at Durham University. He enjoys rowing and lists bellringing as a hobby. Considered a traditionalist, he sentenced the notorious hate preacher Abu Hamza to seven years in jail following an Old bailey trial in 2006. Lord Clarke of Stone-Cum-EbonyThe former Master of the Rolls, Lord Clarke, 73, was a specialist maritime lawyer who conducted the inquiry into the sinking of  The Marchioness on the Thames in which 51 people died. Educated at Oakham and Cambridge, he has homes in Kent and in London and is married with three children. Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Was Beethoven inspired by birdsong

first_imgBIRDS MAY HAVE played a role in how music evolved around the world – and a famous classical composer might have taken more than a little inspiration from them.Patrick Sweeney from Carrick on Shannon Community School wanted to find out more about the origins of music for his BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition entry.He discovered along the way that the songs sung by migrating birds could connect both music from Ireland and parts of Africa.But what he also found out was that birdsong has a very interesting connection to classical music:(Video How clean are Irish apples? This student put it to the test>last_img read more

The 10 most important gaming moments of 2012

first_img2012 is coming to an end, and even though we still haven’t received word regarding new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and nothing drastically changed in the realm of PC gaming hardware, a few gaming-related events still took the year by storm. From start to finish, 2012 ended up being a pretty awesome year for gamers.Here is’s list of the biggest developments in gaming in 2012. Some catapulted the industry forward while others showed how difficult it is for the industry to change. Regardless of their effect, each was very big news.Double Fine KickstarterBefore Kickstarter, indie developers had a much harder time raising funds. When Tim Schafer’s (of adventure gaming fame) Double Fine studio took to Kickstarter for an upcoming adventure game, it became (at the time) the first real video game success to hit the crowdfunding engine. It essentially started the trend of video games getting successfully crowdfunded — and at a high monetary value — paving the way for video game projects that ended up smashing its funding record.New consoles2012 saw the release of three new consoles: The PlayStation Vita$364.71 at Amazon, the Nintendo 3DSBest Price at Amazon, and the Wii U. Unfortunately, the Wii U was hit with a host of issues at launch, and the 3DS and PS Vita are not only struggling in the face of the rise of the phone and tablet gaming industry, but are dealing with a lackluster and relatively sparse software library. However, consoles tend to face adversity upon launch anyway, and the sooner they release, the sooner they’ll be able to prosper. Thanks largely to Nintendo, 2012 marked the beginning of the eighth console generation.Museum of Modern Art officially adds video games to collectionIn a move that most likely irritated Roger Ebert, MoMa added fourteen video games to its collection, officially recognizing video games as art. As for the picks, MoMa really seemed to know what it was doing, adding games as obscure as Dwarf Fortress, ones as hardcore as EVE Online, and old and new classics like Pac-Man and Portal. MoMa also announced it wasn’t stopping there, looking to acquire other classics, like Tim Schafer’s Grim Fandango and Markus Persson’s Minecraft. Thanks to MoMa, this is the year we could finally call games art and have a prominent art organization agree.Next page: Steam for Linux, Bioware’s struggles, and more… 1 2 3last_img read more

Costa Concordia le pompage du carburant devrait débuter aujourdhui

first_imgCosta Concordia : le pompage du carburant devrait débuter aujourd’huiAprès le naufrage du Costa Concordia, le commissaire du gouvernement chargé de la catastrophe  a donné son feu vert pour le démarrage du pompage du carburant. L’opération commencera ce mardi et durera environ 28 jours.Alors que le bilan des victimes du naufrage ne cesse de s’alourdir et que les équipes continuent de chercher les disparus, c’est sur une autre menace que vont aujourd’hui se concentrer les opérations. La semaine dernière, le ministre de l’Environnement italien, Corrado Clini, a exprimé sa grande inquiétude après le naufrage du Costa Concordia près de l’île italienne du Giglio. Motif : les cuves du navire remplies de carburant qui pourraient se déverser et provoquer une marée noire dans cette exceptionnelle zone naturelle toscane. Pour éviter un tel désastre, Franco Gabrielli, commissaire du gouvernement chargé de la catastrophe, a annoncé lundi avoir donné son feu vert pour le démarrage du pompage des quelque 2.380 tonnes de carburant contenues dans le bateau.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Cette opération n’empêchera toutefois pas la poursuite des recherches des personnes portées disparues, a souligné le commissaire. En effet, les autorités italiennes se sont assurées que le navire est “stable”, qu'”il n’y a pas de risque qu’il glisse vers les hauts fonds”, ce qui “permet d’agir sur les deux fronts”. D’après M. Gabrielli, il n’y a donc “plus aucun obstacle au démarrage des activités de pompage”, une opération indispensable avant une éventuelle remise à flots ou un dépeçage du navire.D’après les estimations, le pompage devrait débuter aujourd’hui et sera réalisée par la société néerlandaise Smit Salvage qui se tenait prête et n’attendait plus que le feu vert des autorités. M. Gabrielli a expliqué que le comité technico-scientifique n’a rendu sa décision que ce lundi pour prendre en compte toutes les variables notamment l’activité de recherche des disparus, la stabilité du navire et la compatibilité avec le pompage. L’opération devrait ainsi durer “28 jours sans interruption”, d’après l’amiral Ilarione Dell’Anna, l’un des responsables chargés de l’intervention cité par le carburant, les secours sont également en train de commencer à prélever les déchets trouvés dans l’eau afin non seulement d’éviter une pollution de la côte mais surtout afin de faciliter les recherches de disparus. Franco Gabrielli a souligné que celles-ci étaient aujourd’hui “menées dans des zones de plus en plus complexes, au milieu de substances en décomposition, de pans d’ameublement”.Le 24 janvier 2012 à 09:37 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Kimsey Stuart propose reorganized Clark County government with video

first_imgClark County Auditor Greg Kimsey said Wednesday he will seriously consider a run for the position of county executive if it is approved by freeholders and voters in the drafting of a new county charter.The Republican official’s words came as he stood next to Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, a Democrat, while the two shared their bipartisan vision for the future of government in the county.o Snohomish County, north of Seattle, established its charter in 1980.o Residents have the powers of initiative and referendum, elect a five-member county council, a county executive, prosecuting attorney, assessor, auditor, sheriff, clerk and treasurer. The medical examiner is appointed. The county council, county executive and prosecuting attorney are the only partisan offices.Kimsey’s announcement also marks a definitive declaration that elected Republicans in Clark County stand on opposite ends of an ideological fissure when it comes to how the county must govern moving forward.“When a government increases in size and complexity, the power of the elected officials entrusted with that government … also increases,” Kimsey said. “And when this power is entrusted in a single branch of government, and among a small number of elected officials, the potential for abuse increases.”last_img read more

Fish Board Takes No Action on Limiting Clams on Cook Inlet Beach

first_imgDownload AudioThe Alaska Board of Fisheries has decided to take no action on a proposal that would have set limits on clams on a remote beach on the west side of Cook Inlet.The Peninsula Clarion reports the lack of action leaves the Polly Creek beach with an unlimited source of razor clams. A crash in razor clam population on the east side of Cook Inlet prompted officials with the state Department of Fish and Game to restrict and ultimately shut down 50 miles of beaches in the Kenai Peninsula.The clam closures led to a request by a Ninilchik man that the board consider setting a limit of clams for west inlet beaches.The board this week took no action on that request during a meeting in Anchorage.last_img read more

UK close to deflation

first_imgUK close to deflation26 viewsUK close to deflation26 views00:00 / 00:00- 00:00:0000:00UK close to deflation26 viewsBusinessDeflation is close – but don’t worry. That was the message from Bank of England governor Mark Carney, as he explained why UK inflation is at its lowest level in nearly 15 years. (SOUNDBITE) (EnglishVentuno Web Player 4.50Deflation is close – but don’t worry. That was the message from Bank of England governor Mark Carney, as he explained why UK inflation is at its lowest level in nearly 15 years. (SOUNDBITE) (Englishlast_img read more

Govt clears Rs 4722 crore worth FDI proposals

first_imgIn an attempt to cement India’s position as the world’s top destination for foreign direct investment (FDI), the government has approved another 16 foreign investment proposals worth Rs 4,722 crore.Approval for the FDI proposals, including those related to HDFC Capital and Ageon Religare Life Insurance Company, were given after a recommendation by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), headed by Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das.”The government has approved 16 proposals of foreign direct investment amounting to Rs 4,722 crore,” PTI quoted a statement from the Finance Ministry as saying.India emerged as the top destination for FDI in the first half of the year, surpassing China and the US. The country saw capital inflows to the tune of $31 billion during January-June period, while China and the US attracted investments of $28 billion and $27 billion respectively, according to a report by The Financial Times.FDI proposals of Cipla Health Limited and Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited were among 8 proposals rejected by the government.The FDI proposal related to HDFC Capital Advisors Limited is alone worth Rs 2,400 crore of the total FDI cleared by the investment board.”HDFC Fund proposes to make investments in equity, equity linked instruments, redeemable preference shares, non-convertible debentures and other debt securities of listed or unlisted investee companies engaged in real estate construction development projects which are permitted under the SEBI AIF Regulations as a Cateqory II AIF,” it said.FIPB also cleared FDI proposal worth Rs 559.96 crore related to Ageon Religare Life Insurance.The foreign investment proposals of Sun Pharma Research Advanced Company Ltd worth Rs 250 crore, Synergia Life Sciences Pvt Ltd’s worth Rs 40 crore and Aditya Birla Nuvo’s Rs 377 crore were among those that were approved by the board.last_img read more

AlJazeera Twitter account temporarily suspended

first_imgQatar-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera said the Twitter account for its main Arabic-language channel was temporarily “suspended” on Saturday, in the latest incident at the station.A spokesman for the channel said the cut may have been due to a technical problem and that all Twitter accounts affected were back online.”Most of our Arabic accounts were blocked, but they are now up-and-running,” the spokesman told AFP, adding that it may take several hours for them to be fully restored.An investigation was taking place to determine the cause, and technical teams from the broadcaster were trying to coordinate with Twitter.Al-Jazeera’s main Arabic language account has almost 12 million followers.The station’s English-language account was unaffected.The announcement that the online accounts were back came around an hour after first reports that some of Al-Jazeera’s Twitter accounts had been blocked.”The main Al-Jazeera Twitter account has been suspended, and work is ongoing to solve the problem,” Yasser Abuhilalah, managing director of Al-Jazeera Arabic, tweeted.”Disruption [by others] will not stop because the truth terrifies them. We’ll be back.”In another tweet, he said no other “channel in the world… faces the same amount of conspiracy”.The incident came at a time of diplomatic crisis between Qatar and neighbouring Gulf countries.All diplomatic ties with Doha were cut on 5 June by several countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, which accuse Qatar of supporting and funding Islamic terrorist groups.Qatar strongly denies the charge and claims those countries which have cut links are trying to change Doha’s foreign policy.The television channel has long been a target for criticism by other Middle East countries, with Al-Jazeera banned on several occasions.Earlier this month, Al-Jazeera said it was combating a large-scale cyber attack.last_img read more

Pandoras Premium Service Goes Live on Amazons Echo Speakers

first_imgPandora is bringing its paid premium tier to Amazon’s Echo speakers. The Oakland, Calif.-based music service announced Monday that owners of Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices are now able to access the premium service with voice commands.This includes the ability to request single songs, whole albums and custom playlists on demand. Paying Pandora Premium subscribers also get to listen to the service’s personalized radio stations without any ad breaks.Pandora first launched Pandora Premium as a Spotify competitor in early 2017. And while the company initially saw slow growth for the paid tier, it has since become a meaningful contributor to Pandora’s business. Earlier this month, Pandora disclosed that paid subscriptions now account for close to 30 percent of its revenue. Popular on Variety What’s more, paid subscriptions are seeing a lot more growth than Pandora’s ad business. For its most recent quarter, Pandora grew its subscription business 49 percent year-over-year. The company’s ad business only grew 6 percent over the same time span.center_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

Of progressive sciences

first_imgDoordarshan’s new series A Question Of Science will fulfill viewers scientific curiosity and the chase for answers in a 26 part series on the most exciting and cutting-edge research and innovation happening across India’s science labs and technology hubs.Each 22-24 minute episode introduces viewers to a team of researchers, working to solve a pressing problem of science. Doordarshan traverse a wide range of fields – from genetics to particle physics, from wildlife conservation to radio-astronomy, from biomedical engineering to agricultural innovation – every aspect of India’s scientific landscape will be explored. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’This quest took A Question Of Science across the length and breadth of India and beyond (including CERN at Geneva). In each story, viewers will meet the researchers and understand the basic questions they are trying to answer. Using simple scientific explanations, analogies and state-of-the-art 2D/3D animation to bring the science alive. The show will also delve into how science is ‘done’ – the ups and downs, the challenges, triumphs and failures of scientific pursuit. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAn episode on particle physics will show India’s contribution to the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, the India-based neutrino observatory. Also a wildlife conservation episode will show underwater acoustics in conservation of Gangetic river dolphin, technologies at LaCones, conservation of Olive Ridley turtles and more.Stem cell innovation in restoring corneal sight, artificial heart pumps and heart valves, sleep research, brain bank will be highlighted in an episode of medicine and biomedical engineering.Another show on agriculture will talk about improved strains of high-yield rice using DNA marker technology, apomixis in seed production An array of topics like astronomy and space, industrial innovation, new-Age energy, stratospheric balloon technology, DNA Fingerprinting, insect Flight will also be covered.When: Every Wednesday, 9 amlast_img read more

CM to meet Delhi farmers

first_imgDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will meet farmers of the national Capital in the wake of unseasonal rains, which have damaged the standing crops in North India. Besides, Kejriwal is likely to lay out his government’s roadmap for the dwellers of the unauthorised colonies in the capital, government sources said. “The Chief Minister will address the Sahyog Rally in Mundka on Saturday. He would listen to their problems especially of those whose crops have been damaged by rain,” he said. The rally will be held at Mundka in north west Delhi where a sizeable number of farmers live. “Kejriwal will also share with those living in unauthorised colonies his government’s plans for them,” an official said, adding that he will meet them and listen to their problems on Sunday.last_img read more

CFE hearings postponed due to overflow of complaints

first_imgLa Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Profepa) says that they have had to postpone hearings related to the increase in CFE tariffs due to the overload of complaints already scheduled. The organization says that to date, more than 250 people have filed officials complaints against Mexico’s La Comisión Federal de Electricidad. Rosado Martínez added that this year, they have dealt with 325 cases. “The idea is that the consumer does not interpose the complaint since this implies a greater process, but solve the problem immediately.” “When a consumer files a complaint before the payment due date of the factura, it is frozen, that is, they do not have to pay it, and until the case is resolved in the federal agency, which is when the payment would be determined, CFE cannot cut the service,” he explained. Rosado Martínez commented that the business chambers are opting for the complaint resource as another antecedent to defend their interests as consumers in addition to other legal options with their lawyers.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) On November 8, representatives of the Hotel Association of Cancun and Puerto Morelos, the Business Coordinating Council of the Caribbean and the National Chamber of the Food and Restaurant Industry of Cancun met with Profepa officials to file official complaints against CFE for the excessive increases, which in some cases, reached as much as 100 percent. Cancun, Q.R. — The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profepa) says they have postponed CFE hearings into 2019 due to an overflow of complaints. Javier de Jesús Rosado Martínez of Profeco in Quintana Roo mentioned that they have 250 complaints from businessmen as consumers who are already scheduled for hearings.last_img read more