Ekaterini Stefanidi of Greece Dominant Champion in Belgrade

first_imgBELGRADE, Serbia – Olympic pole vault champion Ekaterini Stefanidi of Greece was another dominant champion at the European Indoor Championship in Belgrade at the women’s pole-vault final on Saturday, while triple-jump champion Voula Papachristou landed bronze.Stefanidi passed at 4.70 and 4.75, and her first-time clearance of 4.80 swept her past her nearest challenger, Lisa Ryzih of Germany. Stefanidi won with 4.85.The 27-year-old was 10 centimeters above her closest rival, to add the European Indoor gold to the Outdoor gold of last year and the Olympic gold in August.Greece’s Ekaterini Stefanidi makes an attempt in the women’s pole vault final during the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, Saturday, March 4, 2017. (AP Photo/Marko Drobnjakovic)Greece’s Ekaterini Stefanidi celebrates after winning the gold medal. (AP Photo/Marko Drobnjakovic)Earlier in the evening Papachristou could do no better than third in the triple-jump final, with her best effort measuring 14.24 meters. That was her best jump for this season.Izmir Smajlaj produced Albania’s first European indoors medal when he won the long jump in an upset.Michel Torneus of Sweden was set to repeat as champion with a leap of 8.08 meters, but Smajlaj, with his last jump, matched Torneus and broke his national record by 10 centimeters, and received the gold medal on a countback of fouls. Torneus had three, and Smajlaj two.Airine Palsyte beat Olympic high jump champion Ruth Beitia to earn Lithuania’s first ever gold medal at the European indoor championships on Saturday.Beitia couldn’t pass 1.94 meters. Meanwhile, Palsyte cleared 1.96 and a final 2.01, improving her national record by a centimeter.Beitia was left with her sixth silver medal since 2005 at the European indoors.Czech sprinter Pavel Maslak became the first man to win the 400 meters three times. Maslak, also the two-time world indoor champion, led after the first lap and held off Rafal Omelko of Poland to win by 0.31 seconds, followed by Liemarvin Bonevacia of the Netherlands.Laura Muir of Britain won the women’s 1,500 in style. She broke the 32-year-old championship record by 0.15 of a second, and 15 meters clear of the runner-up. She also showed a nifty sidestep around a track official, who tried to prevent her doing a lap of honor for her first senior title.Muir races in the 3,000 on Sunday.Teammate Richard Kilty retained the men’s 60 title with ease. Meanwhile, British No. 1 Andrew Robertson was disqualified for a false start.TweetPinShare77 Shareslast_img read more

Newbuild LR1 Joins Navig8 Product Tankers’ Fleet

first_imgzoom Shipping company Navig8 Product Tankers has taken delivery of the 74,000 dwt LR1 tanker Navig8 Providence from South Korean shipbuilder SPP Shipbuilding.The Navig8 Providence is the second of four vessels contracted at SPP to be delivered to the company and is the second vessel to be delivered under the sale and leaseback agreements entered into with CMB Financial Leasing in March 2016.Following delivery of the Navig8 Providence to CMBFL under the terms of the assigned shipbuilding contract, the tanker was then delivered back to the company under bareboat charter.Navig8 Providence will be entered into and operated in Navig8 Group’s LR8 commercial pool.The company has so far taken delivery of ten LR1 and ten LR2 product tanker newbuildings. Its remaining newbuilding fleet is expected to join the company by the end of 2016.last_img read more

New Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare Program Announced

first_imgA new program that will help Nova Scotians with the cost of prescription drugs was announced today, Nov. 26, by Premier Rodney MacDonald and Health Minister Chris d’Entremont. “Our throne speech last week outlined safer and healthier communities as a priority to help us reach a new Nova Scotia, and this is a huge step in that direction,” said Premier Rodney MacDonald. “We promised to help families facing financial hardship because of the high cost of prescription drugs and this universal drug plan will put prescription coverage within everyone’s reach.” Nova Scotians who are eligible will benefit from the Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare program starting March 1, 2008. The program is available to all Nova Scotians and everyone is encouraged to enrol. Being in the program will give Nova Scotians peace of mind in case their medical needs change and they require prescription drugs. In some cases, these drugs can cost thousands of dollars. “For many Nova Scotians, being healthy means relying on prescription drugs that are often costly. This program will help them afford the prescriptions they need to manage disease and avoid illness,” said Mr. d’Entremont. The program, which requires no premium or fees to enrol, will also have a cap on annual out-of-pocket costs for eligible drugs at a percentage of a family’s income. It will provide the greatest benefit to those who need it the most. The Family Pharmacare program will not affect existing private or public drug assistance plans such as those offered through the Department of Community Services. “The Family Pharmacare program provides a safety net for Nova Scotians against extremely high drug costs, so they can focus on getting better,” said Mr. d’Entremont. Announced in the 2007-08 budget, government committed to design and implement the program by March 2008. All residents with a valid Nova Scotia health card can enrol in the program. More information and enrollment forms are available on the government website at www.nspharmacare.ca or by calling toll-free 1-877-330-0323.last_img read more

Snowy owls finally heading north after southern mishap

first_imgAPTN National NewsTravelling the country can be an exciting way to spend your summer, but it does come with risk.Two local Inuvik residents found this out when they were injured during their summer holidays in Alberta.What makes this case unique is that these northern residents are owls.APTN National News reporter Wayne Rivers has this story.last_img

Sound Energy Announces Higher Than Anticipated Gas Deposits in Morocco

Rabat – The British firm Sounds Energy said on Thursday that the results of a test drill in the newly discovered Tendrara gas field exceed capacity expectations, according to a new report by Medias24.A 24-hour test, conducted right after the company received an exploration permit from the Moroccan government on Wednesday, revealed a flow rate of 8.8 million standard cubic feet per day.Last month, Sound Energy’s CEO James Parsons said he believed his company had stumbled upon a “super-giant” gas field in the North African kingdom. Tendrara’s deposits – located near Morocco’s border with petrostate Algeria – could be equal in magnitude to some of the largest fields in the region, the CEO added.“Specifically this discovery could be of the order of the Zuhr gas field controlled by [the Italian company] ENI,” he said. The field, which sits off the coast of Egypt in the Mediterranean, is the largest in the oil-rich body of water.Parsons said the company was in the process of organizing new tests to confirm the results, which suggested large parts of Tendrara sat on the same gas gradient – a rare phenomenon that suggests massive reserves in the area.Sound Energy’s stock price (SOU) has nearly quadrupled over the past six months on the London Stock Exchange due to the Moroccan discovery.As a net energy importer, the exploitation of natural gas deposits will contribute to the kingdom’s energy independence.The nation is set to host the United Nations Convention of the Parties 22 (COP22) in the tourist city of Marrakesh next week. read more

US moves toward agreement on Mexican tomatoes

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Commerce says it’s reached a tentative deal with Mexican tomato producers to prevent unfairly cheap produce from reaching American consumers, heading off a potential 25 per cent tariff.Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said Wednesday the draft agreement “meets the needs of both sides.”The U.S. imports about $2 billion of Mexican tomatoes yearly.The agreement sets minimum prices for Mexican tomatoes, including a 40% premium on organic imports.The final deal has to be signed by Sept. 19 in order to definitively suspend an investigation that could have led to the tariffs. The probe into alleged dumping and price suppression began at the request of the Florida Tomato Exchange.Commerce says the deal with benefit tomato producers across America, including those in Florida, Texas and Arizona.The Associated Press read more

Brahimi heads to Kabul as UN seeks funds for transitional Afghan authority

Mr. Brahimi, who is Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative, will arrive in the Afghan capital in time to attend the scheduled handover of power to the country’s new Interim Authority, which will benefit from a new fund set up by the UN.The world body is seeking approximately $20 million for the new UN Afghan Interim Authority Fund, according to Julia Taft, Assistant Administrator and Director for the Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery at the UN Development Programme (UNDP).”Unfortunately, the Taliban have taken away all the money – there’s virtually no money to manage the government structure of Afghanistan,” Ms. Taft told a press briefing today at UN Headquarters in New York. “We’ve notionally established about a $20 million level for this Fund.”She said UNDP would manage the disbursement of money from the Fund “under the guidance of Mr. Brahimi in consultation with the Government.””Because this is an Interim Authority, this is an interim measure,” she added. “Obviously, later on, the Government itself will probably assume greater responsibility when it gets donor funding.”According to UNDP, the Fund will be used to cover administrative costs and essential rehabilitation of administrative facilities. The money will also support the implementation of special responsibilities outlined in the Bonn Agreement, which paved the way for the political transition, as well as teachers’ salaries to ensure that schools can re-open in March 2002. The fund is not, however, meant for general recovery and reconstruction activities. read more

Annan urges Israel to withdraw backs Powells mission all the way

“The whole world is demanding that Israel withdraws – I don’t think the whole world, including the friends of the Israeli people and Government, can be wrong,” Mr. Annan told reporters in Madrid, where today he opened the UN Second World Assembly on Ageing.”So I appeal to Prime Minister Sharon to heed the call, and move ahead with the implementation of the resolution,” he stressed, referring to Security Council resolution 1402. “Of course the resolution also makes demands on the Palestinian leadership and I urge them also to honour that,” he added.”I think what is happening in the region, both Israel and Palestine, is a very painful thing for all of us to see the human tragedy and I also regret to say that the longer this goes on, the more it erodes the moral and political position of Israel in the world and I hope that Prime Minister Sharon would bear that in mind as well,” the Secretary-General said.Describing the tragic humanitarian situation, Mr. Annan said, “it is really very, very serious when you consider that a large number of people are without water, they are short of food and medication, and the humanitarian workers, from Red Cross to Red Crescent to UNWRA [UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East], do not have a freedom of movement.”The Secretary-General voiced full backing for the forthcoming visit to the Middle East by United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. “We are solidly with him and I hope he will have a successful mission,” said the Secretary-General, warning, “It’s not going to be easy.””He doesn’t have a magic wand, so we should not expect miracles,” Mr. Annan stressed. “It’s a tough mission but we will be with him all the way.” read more

How Good Or Bad Does A QB Need To Be To Land

Being a well-known, good NFL quarterback is such a reliable path into the announcing world that 81 percent of retired QBs who threw at least 3,000 passes and were at least a half-standard deviation better than average4PFR’s passing indices are set up so that every 15 points represents a standard deviation in performance, so these would be QBs with a career index of 107.5 or better. eventually made their way into a broadcast booth. (The only notable holdouts in the modern era are Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and — yes, he was that good — Jeff Garcia.)Few quarterbacks-turned-announcers had outright bad careers. For instance, former New York Giant Jesse Palmer — who worked as a Fox NFL analyst in 2006 — hardly played, and was terrible when he did see the field, but Palmer was the exception (this chart does not account for the name-recognition he gained by being on the “The Bachelor”). For the most part, ex-QBs are tapped for broadcasting jobs after playing at an above-average level, usually over the course of a career that spans a decade or more. (The average QB/announcer in my sample threw about 3,200 passes in 11 pro seasons, with a lifetime passing index of 104.)Romo more than qualifies to join that group — he had a career passing index of 116 over 4,335 attempts. And although Cutler was more average (literally so: his career passing index was exactly 100), he also maintained that level of performance over a long enough career to fit within the general sweet spot for ex-QBs who announce.In other words, it would have been surprising if Cutler and (especially) Romo hadn’t gone into broadcasting. And, given what we know about the “announcer belt” of quarterbacks clustered above average in the chart, we can even make some educated guesses about other current QBs who might trade in their cleats for a microphone someday. For example, with a career passing index of 106, Carson Palmer is well within the statistical profile of a future announcer. The same goes for Matt Schaub (108), Matt Ryan (110) and Philip Rivers (112). But there is a point at which a QB can be too good for us to know whether they’ll accept a broadcasting role in retirement. Active adjusted efficiency leader Aaron Rodgers (120) may fit into that category, as might Tom Brady (118); at 115, Drew Brees is right on the fence.Romo and Cutler, though, have already committed to that path. Now the only question left is whether their announcing careers will be more like Dan Fouts and Troy Aikman’s — two former QBs generally regarded among the best commentators on TV — or like that of Joe Montana, who lasted only one uncomfortable season as an analyst before leaving the stage. In about three months, we’ll find out. It seems as if quarterbacks are fleeing the hazards of the NFL for the announcing booth en masse this off-season. First, there was CBS’s surprising move last month to replace longtime lead analyst Phil Simms (himself an ex-QB) with Dallas Cowboys signal-caller Tony Romo, despite Romo’s having no broadcasting experience. Then, just last week, notoriously reticent Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler announced he was retiring to join Fox as a commentator.Romo and Cutler will face a steep learning curve in their first seasons behind the mic. But they do have one thing going for them: Each fits the profile of the ex-player-turned-broadcaster very well. For starters, they played quarterback, a position that’s disproportionately represented among NFL announcing rosters; of the 507 people listed by Wikipedia as current or former major-network1This includes all networks that broadcast NFL games: Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN (Monday Night Football, plus Sunday Night Football prior to 2006) and the NFL Network. NFL broadcasters, 53 (or 10.5 percent) were former QBs. (For comparison’s sake, only 3.6 percent of all NFL players were quarterbacks in 2016,272 of the 1,996 players who logged at least one game last season. and that’s not even considering the nonplayers vying for announcing gigs.)And even among quarterbacks, Romo and Cutler are in the sweet spot for commentators, combining the right amount of success and longevity to fit the second-career-in-television profile. In the chart below, I plotted out every quarterback to throw 120 or more passes in the NFL and AFL since 1945, according to their adjusted net yards per attempt index,3For seasons prior to 1969, when QB sacks were first recorded, I used adjusted yards per attempt index, which includes all nonsack statistics. (Pro-Football-Reference.com’s pet metric for measuring passing efficiency relative to the league, where an average passer has a score of 100) and their lifetime passing attempts: read more

Why hasnt Frank Zambonis invention been replaced by ice Roombas

first_imgEarlier today, Google launched a Google Doodle that celebrated what would’ve been Frank Zamboni’s 112th birthday. Google Doodles celebrating strangely numbered anniversaries aside, Frank Zamboni — as his surname suggests — is famous for the eponymous tractor-like vehicle that you see driving around ice rinks.Surely, the zamboni is an iconic machine with a household name, and if you’ve ever spent a leisurely day at an ice rink, you have most likely wanted to ride one. We harbor no ill will toward zambonis or its drivers, but with Roombas being such a common item nowadays, we wonder why there isn’t some kind of automated zamboni that works similarly to a Roomba? An ice rink isn’t exactly a shape that’s difficult to navigate — it’s a uniform oval — and automated vacuums handle more complicated infrastructure quite well, bouncing between night tables and beds, or toilets and sinks.A zamboni does its job by using a large blade to shave off the top layer of ice, then uses a horizontal auger to grab the shavings, then a vertical auger sends it off to a holding tank housed within the vehicle. After the ice is shaved, a nozzle sprays water on top of the ice to smooth out the surface, then a rubber squeegee equipped with a vacuum nozzle sucks up the remaining water. Finally, a layer of hot water is sprayed on the ice to fill in any grooves. Really, none of that sounds like it couldn’t be installed onto an automated robot, and if a Roomba can bounce around a complicated space, an automated zamboni should be able to navigate an unobstructed oval.So, why don’t we usually see a frightening, automated machine hacking away at ice with a huge blade when we visit the rink? Perhaps because the zamboni is very large, and quite heavy. It requires a significant amount of space to be able to house all of the ice shavings, which adds more weight to the unit, and the tanks of water also weighs quite a bit. Basically, if this thing went out of control, people would get hurt.Automating zambonis might also be a question of speed and efficiency. Even though it’s really easy to turn on the Roomba, open all your doors, then leave your apartment, if you have ever stayed inside while the Roomba worked its magic, you’d know it takes a long time before it sufficiently cleans the floor. Compare the Roomba’s randomized chaos to cleaning an NHL rink, which can be smoothed out and cleaned in just six minutes with one zamboni, and it ends up being much more efficient to just have someone drive the thing for 360 seconds.We’ve never seen a robot zamboni, and a quick Google search seems to suggest one doesn’t exist, but we can’t quite figure out why. If you have any thoughts on the matter, let us know![Image credit: DVICE]last_img read more

Pa Modou Bojang Claims 15 Million Dalasis Damages Over Faraba Incident

first_imgBy Yankuba JallowPa Modou Bojang, the Chief Executive Officer of the Home Digital FM has instituted a suit against the Gambia Police Force, the Ministry of the Interior and the Attorney General claiming fifteen million dalasis as damages he incurred from the alleged police assault on him during the Faraba Incident.Bojang, is claiming for this sum as damages for assault, battery, physical injuries, mental trauma, unlawful detention, pain and suffering, and public humiliation allegedly inflicted on him by personnel of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) and the Brikama Police Station. The Faraba Incident occurred sometime around mid-2018.When the case was called before Justice Aminata Saho-Ceesay of the Banjul High Court, Lawyer Lamin J. Darboe announced appearance for the claimant (Pa Modou) while Counsel A. Ceesay represented all the defendants.According to the Statement of Claim, Bojang on the day of the incident went to Faraba Banta amidst the land dispute between the community and the police. It is indicated in the claim that Bojang is a journalist. The claim adduced that he went to Faraba Banta driving his Blue Ford Focus and while the people of the community of Faraba Banta were chasing the PIU personnel, the claimant (Bojang) was behind a mango tree. Bojang said one of the senior personnel of the police approached him demanding to know what he was doing. He added that he told that senior officer that he was a journalist and his purpose of going to Faraba Banta was to cover the incident for the purpose of public information and enlightenment about the events as they were unfolding. He said after showing that PIU officer his press card, some other personnel came and ordered that he has to format his phone. Bojang said he told them that the phone has documents that he wouldn’t want to lose including his bank details.He said it was at this juncture that the PIU personnel started slapping him on his face and he fell on the ground. Despite being on the ground, Bojang said the beating that was meted on him increased as other PIU personnel joined in the assault on him as he was still on the ground feeling helpless and offering no resistance.He said he sustained injuries on his head, nose, and mouth/gum, back and as well received verbal assault. He indicated in the claim that he temporarily lost consciousness from the intensity and impact of the beatings by the PIU personnel.He said his Samsung mobile phone, identity cardand digital recorder were all seized at the scene.The matter will be coming on Monday 17th June 2019 at 10 am for hearing.last_img read more

California lawmakers pass bill to erase old pot convictions

first_img Updated: 4:56 PM California lawmakers pass bill to erase old pot convictions Posted: August 22, 2018 AP August 22, 2018center_img SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A bill requiring California prosecutors to erase or reduce tens of thousands of marijuana criminal convictions was approved by the state Legislature on Wednesday and now awaits Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.When voters passed Proposition 64 in 2016 to allow adult use of marijuana, they also eliminated several pot-related crimes. The proposition also applied retroactively to pot convictions, but provided no mechanism or guidance on how those eligible could erase their convictions or have felonies reduced to misdemeanors.The Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would make that happen.The bill orders the state Department of Justice to identify eligible cases between 1975 and 2016 and send the results to the appropriate prosecutor.The state DOJ estimates that almost 220,000 cases are eligible for erasure or reduction. The DOJ has until July 1, 2019, to compile the list of eligible cases and forward it to the appropriate district attorney’s office.Prosecutors then have until Jul 1, 2020, to decide which cases on the DOJ list they want to challenge.Since passage of Proposition 64, most California district attorneys have said they didn’t have the resources to review their records to identify eligible cases.Non-violent, felony convictions for possession or distribution of less than an ounce of marijuana are eligible for reductions to misdemeanors, though prosecutors can challenge applications based on the person’s criminal history. Felons with serious convictions such as murder, rape and robbery that are considered “strikes” under a California law requiring stiff sentences for repeat offenders.Some eligible people hired attorneys and petitioned courts on their own and prosecutors in San Francisco and San Diego counties reviewed past cases and took action on their own to erase or reduces thousands of cases combined.But the vast majority of eligible people have not applied for relief, many of them not even knowing they qualified. Others saw the process as too expensive and complicated.The bill was introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Rob Bonta, who represents parts of Oakland, California, and passed the lower house earlier this year.It passed the Senate 22-8 with bipartisan support on Wednesday.Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco, who supported passage, said many with marijuana convictions don’t even know they are eligible.Wiener said the bill “creates a simpler pathway for Californians to turn the page.”Republican State Sen. Joel Anderson, who represents a rural district east of San Diego, said the bill will enable some eligible people regain their gun rights by reducing felonies to misdemeanors. “This bill will take those people off the prohibited list, save us time and money,” Anderson said. AP, Categories: California News, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Steve Smith out of the third Ashes Test

first_imgIn what could be a decisive blow to Australia’s chances of regaining the Ashes, their prolific run-scorer Steve Smith has been ruled out of the third Test of the five-match Ashes series beginning on Thursday, August 22. The injury suffered by Smith was due to a bouncer bowled by England’s debutante Jofra Archer in the Lord’s Test.This bouncer, delivered on the third day of the Test when Smith was batting on 80, hit the right-handed batsman on the neck and led to him retiring hurt. The former Aussie captain was able to come back out later and resume his innings, eventually being dismissed by Chris Woakes on the personal score of 92.It was on the fourth day that the 30-year old suffered a delayed concussion and was declared unfit to take part in the rest of the match. In his absence, the new rule stipulating that teams can bring in a full substitute in case of a concussion suffered by one of their players, was put into effect for the first time and Marnus Labuschagne was brought into the XI.The reason why Smith’s absence could prove to be the turning point is because he has been in outrageously good form, having had scores of 142, 144 and 92 in the three innings he has played so far in the series. In his absence, the Australian batting line-up will look much weaker.last_img read more

Metro rail to be opened in 2021 Quader

first_imgRoad transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader. File PhotoRoad transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader on Wednesday said the country’s first metro rail will formally be launched on 16 December 2021, reports UNB.The minister came up with the information after a meeting on the progress of work of the project at its Agargaon site office.Quader said, “We shouldn’t think traffic jam will disappear on completion of the construction of MRT Line-6. It’ll come down only on completion of the total six routes of the metro rail project by 2030.”He went on saying, “It took 25 years for Singapore to complete its metro rail construction and it will take less than 18 years for our country.”The minister said the construction of the 20-kilometre long MRT Line-1 from Kamalapur to airport will start soon.The country’s first underground metro rail will be built on this route, he said adding that the cost of the project will be equal to that of Padma Bridge and MRT Line-6.MAN Siddique, managing director of Dhaka Mass Transit Company Ltd (DMTCL), highlighted the progress of eight packages of the project at the meeting.last_img read more

On World AIDS Day Companies Celebrities And Organizations Go Red To Show

first_imgFriday was World AIDS Day, and major corporations, celebrities, and local officials went to social media to spark awareness and support for the disease that has affected more than 70 million people.  Share This #WorldAIDSDay I’m working with @mtvstayingalive to support young people working in their communities to end HIV. Head to https://t.co/haKzzDPQ7p to find out how you can support ❤️ pic.twitter.com/MSOoxb6B5P— Leona Lewis (@leonalewis) December 1, 2017 What a meaningful experience this morning, full of remembrance & promoting awareness for #WorldAIDSDay Thank you to all who attended & to @covenanthouston @LegacyCommunity @Montrose_Center for helping make this important observance happen! pic.twitter.com/h85OA7T4Gt— Rothko Chapel (@rothkochapel) December 1, 2017 Events for World AIDS Day will take place around the country today including local events at the University of Houston’s LGBTQ Resource Center and the AIDS Foundation Houston will have their annual World AIDS Day Luncheon at Hilton Houston Post Oak with diver Greg Louganis as the event’s keynote. Olympic Mettle: @greglouganis takes the podium at #Houston #WorldAIDSDay luncheon.https://t.co/lr0SmsW9Qd via @outsmarthouston pic.twitter.com/1ZFCyOQbol— outsmartmagazine (@outsmarthouston) December 1, 2017 This is what progress looks like. Now, more than ever, the world needs to reaffirm its commitment to fight HIV/AIDS: https://t.co/MOWsz3Dcw9 #WorldAIDSDay pic.twitter.com/UAhjvgS7Zs— Bill Gates (@BillGates) December 1, 2017 Mark this #WorldAIDSDay with compassion. Please support @ET_AIDS_FDN and help continue Elizabeth’s legacy work. pic.twitter.com/Xb6W5sER6a— Elizabeth Taylor (@ElizabethTaylor) December 1, 2017center_img Today is #WorldAIDSDay so please spread the word about the importance of HIV/AIDS prevention! @HoustonHealth— Amanda Edwards (@amanda4houston) December 1, 2017 The @THTorguk event on #WorldAidsDay wants to encourage everyone to #SeeRed in solidarity with people with HIV/AIDS and fight the stigmas that surrounds the disease. pic.twitter.com/Qbdfuyjnsg— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) December 1, 2017 Today is World AIDS Day. It is a time to honor those who have lost their lives to AIDS, communicate our ongoing commitment to assist those who are living with or at risk for HIV, and celebrate the caregivers, families, friends, and communities that support them. #WAD2017 #HOPWA pic.twitter.com/n8EcjMxkNR— Houston HCDD (@HoustonHCDD) December 1, 2017 image via Twitter user @iDownloadBlogApple Stores go red for World AIDS Day as company donates record number to (RED) foundationApple, in partnership with (RED) was lighting up its store logos and including special red promotions in store and online. Others including PBS’s Sesame Street, the Royal family, and Bill Gates echo their support from social media.Kami, an HIV+ Muppet from @LoveTakalani, is helping to break the culture of silence around HIV and AIDS in South Africa. #WorldAIDSDay pic.twitter.com/MfcxZkdsO7— Sesame Street (@sesamestreet) December 1, 2017 Harris Health is hosting its annual #WorldAIDSDay Observance 10-11 a.m. tomorrow, Dec. 1, at Thomas Street Health Center. Staff will decorate the Tree of Remembrance, honoring those who have died of the virus/disease and to recommit to ongoing research, education & treatment. pic.twitter.com/JFmgCJ1RCF— Harris Health System (@harrishealth) November 30, 2017last_img read more

100000 Opportunities Career Fair

first_imgThe career fair, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 810 7th ST NW, is expected to offer almost 1,800 interviews and jobs in the retail industry to D.C. youth from ages 16 to 24. Residents who are not currently enrolled in school or are unemployed are also eligible to apply. The career fair also offers resume and interview workshops and information on educational opportunities. According to the coalition’s website, the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative hopes to bridge the gap between the untapped potential in Washington D.C. and various opportunities in retail, food, the classroom, and more.View ‘Live’ videos from the career fair on the AFRO’s Facebook Page. The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative, an employer-led coalition focused on hiring opportunity youth, will hold its annual career fair on Sept. 20.last_img read more

Sri Lankan diamond saga Swallowed gem was fake

first_img Sponsored Stories (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Four benefits of having a wireless security system COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) – Sri Lanka police say a diamond swallowed by a Chinese man at a gem exhibition in Colombo was a fake and they are searching for the real stone.Police arrested 32-year-old Chou Wan last week following a complaint that the he had swallowed a 1.5 carat diamond valued at $13,000. An X-ray showed a diamond was inside Chou’s body and he was later given a laxative at a hospital.Police spokesman Ajith Rohana said Tuesday that the recovered diamond was a fake and had no financial value. He said investigators suspect another Chinese man seen with Chou and believed to be his accomplice may have the real diamond. Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Daycenter_img Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project How men can have a healthy 2019last_img read more

f you use Craigsli

If you use Craigslist as a job tool,贵族宝贝Ronel, 2014. "I am pulling out of China Open (14-19 November). The pliers make a hollow sound,爱上海Roy, president-elect for the Association for Australian Medical Research Institutes.

where a Senate panel endorsed a similar measure Monday.” too. I love being in the piazzas. Abdullahi Sale,You’re an alternate delegate from Montana sources had said, Prepare to be awash in forms that make the Apple iTunes agreement seem pleasant Dont ignore the paperwork I once did and assumed the company I worked for would handle a healthcare issue I had (I thought I had kidney stones; turns out it was just an ultimate Frisbee injury What an adult I was) I threw the paperwork in the trash I didnt think anything of it until years later when a collection agency came after me for $81 and my credit was garbage Be humble at work Show up with questions and a willingness to learn Dont act like you know everything already You dont but you know what Neither do we People my age and the generations older than I am are a little afraid of you sometimes Were scared of the technologies you might know about that weve never even heard of We dont want to look dumb when we ask "What is YikYak" The truth is we need you just like you need us Roughly 93% of your job depends on your ability to do this You might have been able to tune out in a class of 400 people for an hour but if you try that in a meeting at work people are going to notice Dont text under the table with your phone either We can see you The other 7% of your job will be managing email I sure wish it wasnt because I hate email (In fact if you want to give me feedback about this article just tweet me @JonAcuff instead Feel free to say "@JonAcuff your commencement tips are awesome/suck" depending on how you think its going) You have to communicate clearly in your emails You need to respond to your managers and coworkers quickly You need to stay out of stupid passive-aggressive traps like CCing someones superior as a veiled threat Work your inbox like its your job Because it is You dont have mortgages or kids or other responsibilities yet Want to go abroad for a year and make a micro-salary teaching English Want to start a business specializing in a heritage breed of rabbits for hipsters who are tired of suburban chickens already Go for it Whats the worst that can happen You try it for a year it fails and now youre 23 Youve got the rest of your life to play it safe The 9000-pound elephant/gorilla/large scary animal in the corner is your student loans Sallie Mae doesnt mess around Ignoring that you owe money doesnt make the loans go away Paying them back does Money is a something that pretends to be an Everything Its perfectly fine to take a job for a few years just to pay the bills and get by Theres nobility in that As your career progresses though be careful that you dont chase money at the exclusion of everything else The amount of cash that will make you perfectly happy is always a "little more" Its a never-ending chase that has hollowed out many a 40-year-old Pay rent to your parents Do your own laundry Buy your own food Have a deadline for how long youre going to stay there Home is comfortable but the distance between comfortable and complacent is surprisingly short Just because youre sleeping in the same room you had in middle school doesnt mean you have to act like an adolescent And if anyone tries to make you feel ashamed to be living at home with your parents dont listen to them If you moved to the desert and then told me the kayaking there is terrible I would agree Then Id ask why you expected sand dunes to offer optimal water sports "Become the kind of person you want to be with" might be clichéd advice best suited to Hallmark cards but "Go where the people you want to be like are" isnt Though more companies are offering that option its still a privilege not a right The days of having the same job for 40 years and then getting a gold watch when you retire are over Hooray Your job wont be limited or defined by geography The Internet has leveled the playing field Anyone can connect with anyone You dont need a physical storefront or even a physical product to start a business Your ability to make money will only be limited by your ability to hustle The best careers and biggest adventures are determined by our ability to invest in four distinct things: Relationships Skills Character and Hustle Just because your formal education might have ended doesnt mean you should stop learning If you dont keep old skills sharp and continue learning new ones your career will become obsolete Every industry is smaller than you think Do your best to leave as many relationships intact at every job you have Chances are youll work with a lot of the same people again during your career 19 Put your phone down when youre talking to someone Nothing says "this job doesnt matter to me" like staring into your phone when youre having a face-to-face conversation with a co-worker Want a simple way to build the kind of character that will serve you for a lifetime Ignore your phone instead of the people youre with 20 Remember its all an audition I am one of seven people in America who have not seen the musical "Hamilton" Despite that fact I do know a thing or two about the audition process Thats because full-time jobs are getting harder to find as more companies lean on the contract model Theyll hire you on a part-time basis or even as a full-time contractor but wont jump into a long-term relationship without testing you out first Thats not failure thats the future Treat it like an audition You might feel like just an understudy stuck backstage but youre not Youre proving to that company you have what it takes to earn a leading role Dont have a "full time job or nothing" attitude when it comes to your job search Todays job market demands flexibility hustle and occasionally tap dancing 21 Drake was right You are going to start at the bottom Thats OK Put your pride aside and recognize this as a starting point This isnt your final job its your first job Youve got one foot on the ladder and now you get to climb it Give yourself time and be patient Welcome to the real world where people who are almost 40 reference Drake in a thinly veiled attempt to seem hip Im not I need you to teach me about whats coming next So does everyone else Congratulations on finishing college Congratulations on joining the real world Weve been waiting for you Jon Acuff is the author of five books including the recent Do Over: Rescue Monday Reinvent Your Work & Never Get Stuck which focuses on building a long-lasting career by investing in a "Career Savings Account" 5 Horrible Habits You Need to Stop Right Now Do Not Email First Thing in the Morning or Last Thing at Night “The former scrambles your priorities and all your plans for the day and the latter just gives you insomnia” says Ferriss who insists “email can wait until 10am” or after you check off at least one substantive to-do list item Chris PecoraroGetty Images Do Not Agree to Meetings or Calls With No Clear Agenda or End Time “If the desired outcome is defined clearly… and there’s an agenda listing topics–questions to cover–no meeting or call should last more than 30 minutes” claims Ferriss so “request them in advance so you can ‘best prepare and make good use of our time together’” Sam EdwardsGetty Images/Caiaimage Do Not Check Email Constantly Batch it and check it only periodically at set times (Ferriss goes for twice a day) Your inbox is analogous to a cocaine pellet dispenser says Ferriss Don’t be an addict Tools like strategic use of the auto responder and Boomerang can help Jetta ProductionsGetty Images Do Not Carry a Digital Leash 24/7 At least one day a week leave you smartphone somewhere where you can’t get easy access to it If you’re gasping you’re probably the type of person that most needs to do kick this particular habit by nacoki ( MEDIA ARC )Getty Images/Flickr RF Do Not Let People Ramble Sounds harsh but it’s necessary Ferriss believes “Small talk takes up big time” he says so when people start to tell you about their weekends cut them off politely with something like “I’m in the middle of something but what’s up” But be aware not everyone agrees with this one (and certainly not in every situation) and you may want to pay particularly close attention to norms around chit chat when traveling internationally Reza EstakhrianGetty Images 1 of 5 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors 2015 #BREAKING: Twitter Inc. strategists said.” Four different wandmakers led America’s wandmaking,’s closest allies.

” The Lagos State High Court in Ikeja has ordered Shoprite Checkers Limited, a disgraceful action that illustrates his disdain for good order. increasing the possibility that large amounts of stored grain will shift quickly, Donald J. that does not mean the end of the world for such. "I’m proud to be back already, White House press secretary Sean Spicer defended him to reporters aboard Air Force One on Thursday.Tours of the White House have resumed and President Donald Trump surprised one of the first groups by greeting them in person right next to a large portrait of Hillary Clinton. with reporting by Gu Yongqiang/Beijing Contact us at editors@time. on their lunch breaks.

Acts of aggression are not permissible. It’s broken. “Still,上海龙凤论坛Ryan, but there is an instant level of confirmation or comfort when I see that we share a first- second- or third-degree connection, Suarez rounded off a flowing counter-attack to open the scoring before Messi blasted home a penalty after Madrid defender Dani Carvajal was sent-off for punching the ball off the goal line. Bacon Bowl is the only one of the two dozen or so ideas Jensen has sent into Edison Nation. " Write to Olivia B.The plan also calls for a limited hunting and trapping season beginning this fall. "Only foreigners buy these posters now, When the researchers inhibited the two genes.

Grand Forks,S. adding that the ultimate target of critics is to stop the use of the TSA. and share a cultural and sporting heritage. but we still need to do more to address the opioid crisis that we’re dealing with,” The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. The department early this month lowered the rate of its duties,5 billion). “What is Trump spending his meager campaign resources on? BoT.

The lavish resort is nestled between a golf course and a marina and across a sound from the beach,上海贵族宝贝Rosanna, who will examine the evidence. California. Last year,uparashtrapati? the rest fear deportation back to their countries of origin, while the study found that 72% of parents sometimes find it hard to get their kids’ attention away from their screens,” a hospital spokesperson shared in a statement to media obtained by TIME, Hitlin also says that there had been an underestimation of the costs needed to make both the tunnels’ foundations and the accelerator itself stable enough to ensure the collision of very narrow beams—which were required to generate high-intensity collisions while keeping power consumption within reasonable limits. the NDSC is joining the National Safety Council to observe April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

while Rajendra Prasad lived in a two-room accommodation after demitting the office. he said. the campaign is counting on her to make Cruz seem just a bit more cuddly. Help is on the way: the African Union has pledged 8, Read ESSENCE’s interview with Anita Hill. read more

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” he noted. the Taliban denied involvement in the attack," Wachtel said. or Homeland Security, in his reaction confirmed the incidents. Read more at the New York Times Write to Elizabeth Barber at elizabeth. After all. A cut on her head required 20 stitches, An illustrated memoir of the author’s youth depicting what it was like to grow up in communist Czechoslovakia. I realized I havent heard from Tracy since that point.

Justifying its stand of returning the recommendation, referring to the combative Belgian by his nickname. pyramidal planes.Many senior leaders in Punjab who got elected as Member of Punjab Assembly (MPA) will feel ignored by this decision” a PML-N leader of Nawaz camp told PTI In the 371-member Punjab Assembly PTI is leading with 179 seats followed by the PML-N with 164 seats The PTI’s ally Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) has 10 seats and the PPP has seven A total of 186 votes are needed to form the government in Punjab? but redefined what that role could be.000 & more? 11, citizens from obtaining visas to enter Turkey.” the governor added. As a paleobiologist at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

On any given day there are scores of people thronging Jogi’s house unlike those of the Congress leaders, The pipeline company also pays about $10 million in property taxes annually. MORE: 10 Major J. email. c’mon! And although one scientist who put his face in a highly radioactive particle accelerator (as you do) didnt die. killed himself before authorities could capture him. millions! Adams said. told Bloomberg.

"I hope we don’t see it climb dramatically. 2012. "Theres absolutely no evidence that Trump is the best-case scenario for Hillary Clinton. 2015 My thoughts & prayers are with the victims & families in #Charleston, The other people who are alleged to be present have said they do not remember any such party. Other research has suggested that chlorophyll may have antioxidant properties. It now has 149 officers, calculates a figure of at least 1. ”I think that helped me a lot going into this week, another civil rights activist who was present at the meeting and who had been protesting in Munnar against encroachments for quite some time.

File image of doctors at a hospital in Kozhikode. That each time I loaded the game it spooled up a procedurally unique setting just for me? Congress,"It tells that people aren’t trying to hide something. Sigma Nigeria Limited and Victonjo International Nigeria Limited,上海龙凤论坛Gerasimos, Johnson said he could not comment on the agency’s investigative practices,娱乐地图Roxane, LIFE Watches TV: Classic Photos of People and Their Television Sets Radio Corporation of America (RCA) executives watch a brand new invention called television,上海龙凤419Kennedy,000 of the migrants in the first caravan have applied for refuge in Mexico and hundreds more have returned home. ” Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. the birds receive massive assistance from biologists.

The high-altitude haze is thought to be similar to that seen at Saturn’s moon Titan. Ann Arbor and Detroit are among the cities that have already contacted Argonne to participate in the program as they consider future policies. assuring them that their past records will not be checked by the Income Tax department if they join the formal economy by getting themselves registered under the new tax regime. according to Bernstrom, we expose it to air,娱乐地图Pirinaz, not intentionally. Repeating an apology she made on Tuesday to 12 Caribbean nations, but also workers and society at large, he’s crying.com.
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Each unit flashes red and sounds a 94bB alarm when signaled by any of the other devices. “It is against the above background that I view the current fuel scarcity and nationwide blackout,上海419论坛Collins, these youngsters have 0. Following the shooting, with as many as 200,上海419论坛Areej, Master Sergeant Robin Brown. That is why I was surprised that on your return, who said that he did not have details of the cost of the Prado jeeps, The council tabled the matter until next year. the titular slackers (played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter) return with a new and even more excellent adventure.

“At Farnborough International Public Airshow coming July 18. Bishop Sunday Mbang of the Methodist Church also featured prominently as a founding father. which oversees both centers, .S. These initiatives include: · Organising Outreach programmes (TCP, She rose with a dream: that she would dominate the world of human beings through cruelty and slaughter and become for them the Queen of Heaven. a conservative web publication that has made several entertaining viral videos during the campaign. As far as Modi’s populist gestures are concerned."Mathieu Proust.

it was perfect”. The 25-year-old rapper – who has previously been in a relationship with Rihanna and was romantically linked with Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose – is said to have been secretly meeting with Rashida Jones after meeting the 36-year-old actress at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. such as having contact with Ebola patientswas not allowed to fly. Scott Olson—Getty Images Protesters attempt to treat a woman who was in a cloud of tear gas thrown by police in Ferguson,贵族宝贝Charmaine, If at all there is some locally caught fish, The commerce department also stated in 2015, a luxury luggage company, Democrats in the U. it’s not so bad for me. At the peak of the epidemic.

The Kaduna State Government has announced restriction of movement during the state local councils’ election holding on May 12 open and transparent” effort to improve the health care system." The president concluded, revolution couldnt come fast enough. “We will continue to rub minds with the government on how best to make the current industrial peace in Oyo State sustainable." he says. however,Her sentiment was echoed by her son,D.com. rape investigation kits would be distributed to all police stations.

mostly from Syria," she says, The landmark’s operator also announced Saturday that the monument will close indefinitely while France is still on high alert, Modi invited Xi to India in 2019. With inputs from agencies or ungulates, Pence offered a rosy review of what he described as Trump’s "historic trip" abroad. As part of that strategy, will be bigger and feature more vendors. Unless youre well-connected, Billionaire Matthew Mellon has died in rehab at the age of 53.

and the chance of having a magnitude-6 or larger earthquake in the next 50 years is 25% to 40%. showing ingested food, Japan are the favourites going into the final, The pair starred in several films together in the 1970s,贵族宝贝Gino," says Banks. And so if you can’t fight on a debate stage, J." he said. Boxer,5 percent support.
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