Moroccos Chefchaouen Among Worlds Best City Skylines

Taroudant – Northern City of Chefchaouen Featured Among Telegraph’s ranking of the World’s Best City SkylinesChefchaouen, locally known as Chaouen, is a beautiful blue painted city nestled in the Moroccan Rif range to the east of Tangier.The blue city ranks 13th out of 26, ahead of globally famous cities such as New York, Paris and Shanghai. Among city’s strengths, The Telegraph referred to the historical importance of the blue city with its old city mosque that “dates from the 15th century and is architecturally unusual due to its octagonal minaret.”With skyscrapers of the Australian capital, Sydney came on the top of the ranking. Edinburgh is found at the third position, followed by Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia.Last year, Chefchaouen ranked 9th on Buzzfeed’s list of Most Beautiful Travel Destinations, making it the only city from North Africa and the Arab world on the list.With its never-ending charm, the city is not only a beautiful destination for tourists but also a preferred location for the glamorous world of fashion. In August, Jacob Cohën, Italy’s world-renowned fashion brand, chose the city as background for its Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Collection.With its Arabic, Berber, Jewish and Moorish heritage, Chefchaouen reflects the ethnic diversity and cultural richness of the kingdom.Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rachid El Alami built the beautiful city in 1471 as a small fortress to protect Northern Morocco from Portuguese invaders.Chefchaouen is home to the famous waterfall of Akchour, which is considered by tourists as a little paradise on earth. Located in the valley of Talembote, the waterfall is a pristine natural beauty, attracting more and more tourists since the opening of the natural park of Talassemtane.The city of Chefchaouen, photo by Jack Stana/MWNThe city of Chefchaouen, photo by Jack Stana/MWN read more

US moves toward agreement on Mexican tomatoes

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Commerce says it’s reached a tentative deal with Mexican tomato producers to prevent unfairly cheap produce from reaching American consumers, heading off a potential 25 per cent tariff.Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said Wednesday the draft agreement “meets the needs of both sides.”The U.S. imports about $2 billion of Mexican tomatoes yearly.The agreement sets minimum prices for Mexican tomatoes, including a 40% premium on organic imports.The final deal has to be signed by Sept. 19 in order to definitively suspend an investigation that could have led to the tariffs. The probe into alleged dumping and price suppression began at the request of the Florida Tomato Exchange.Commerce says the deal with benefit tomato producers across America, including those in Florida, Texas and Arizona.The Associated Press read more