More Reasons to Doubt Scientific Omniscience

first_img(Visited 446 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 We hear it all the time; 99% of scientists agree. All it takes, though, is one overlooked fact to tumble a consensus.Occasionally we take a look at matters other than creation and evolution, when they are instructive about the scientific process. The scientific consensus on climate change (previously known as “global warming”) is a case in point. Scientists have been so dogmatic about it they have convinced most major world governments to enact draconian measures to counteract it. Climate has changed drastically in the past before humans evolved, they will admit, but they insist that the current climate excursion was caused by people trying to increase their happiness and reduce their suffering. News about global warming often includes denunciations of President Donald Trump for pulling America out of the Paris Climate Accords.We don’t quote climate “denialists” to get into the mud on this issue. We just look at the secular news itself, which is almost uniformly on the side of the climate consensus, and ask questions (see this list for previous entries). We pass over the ridiculous stories about what’s coming with global warming, like this headline on, “Competition between males improves resilience against climate change.” Claims like that nobody could ever know for sure. Instead, we focus on the epistemology of the consensus: how do they know what they claim to know about human culpability for a warming climate? Did the consensus take the following factors into account?These ‘Dirty’ Thunderstorms Fill Sky with As Much Smoke As Volcanic Eruption (Live Science). Big volcanic eruptions, it is well known, can alter the climate. A well-known case was the Mt. Pinatubo eruption that reduced global temperatures for a time by 0.9° F in 1991. This article says that pyrocumulonimbus storms (pyroCb’s), or “dirty thunderstorms” fed by ash from wildfires, can put as much carbon smoke into the atmosphere as a volcano. “While such major volcanic events are sporadic, Peterson said, pyroCb events occur every year,” the article ends. “But scientists have not studied these storms enough to understand their potential impact on the climate.” Since wildfires are common, and have occurred long before man started burning coal or oil, would climate models produce different conclusions if pyroCbs were taken into account?Smoke from a relatively small wildfire.Tiny particles high up in the sky give insight into climate change ( Black carbon (BC) can reflect incoming solar heat back into space, this article says. So can the clouds that form around the particles. Atmospheric particles, or aerosols, are thought to be the second or third most important factor after carbon dioxide. But do scientists understand its contribution? Note the uncertainty in this quote regarding a substantial contributor to climate change (which would seem to lower temperatures rather than raise them).Aerosols, tiny particles that are suspended in the atmosphere, contribute significantly towards climate change. However, despite their consequential role, aerosol interactions aren’t very well understood.The authors say that particles can last for years and influence regions far from cities with their pollution. The concentration of these particles over the Amazon Basin was higher than expected. Does this give anyone confidence in climate models, with their dire predictions of temperature changes a century away, specified in tenths of a degree? Yet those are the models used to scare politicians into taking drastic action.Microbes eat rocks and leave carbon dioxide (Science Magazine). This news item reveals that geologists and climatologists were wrong about silicate rocks acting as a carbon sink to counterbalance the outgassing of volcanoes. Microbes in the silicates can actually “eat” the rocks and release much of that carbon back into the atmosphere as CO2. A study of these rocks in Taiwan showed that “microbes oxidize roughly two-thirds of the petrogenic organic carbon there and that the rate of oxidation increases with the rate of erosion.”How does the Pacific Walker circulation respond to strong tropical volcanism? ( Read this news item to get an idea of how complicated it is to tease out the significance of individual factors that might alter the climate. Severe volcanic eruptions (SVE’s), like the recent one in Bali, Indonesia, “can affect Earth’s climate.” But by how much? Trying to figure that out is complex, because a large eruption, which is unpredictable, can affect air currents in unexpected ways that are not well understood. Obviously humans are not responsible for what volcanoes do. Note, too, that SVEs tend to have a cooling effect. “The cooling effect from the SVEs is able to cool the entire tropics,” the article says, and yet the temperature anomalies that result are not uniform.Anthropogenic combustion iron as a complex climate forcer (Nature Communications). Even though this paper mentions a factor that might exacerbate warming, the key fact is that it was not taken into account before. “Our results demonstrate that anthropogenic combustion iron is a larger and more complex climate forcer than previously thought, and therefore plays a key role in the Earth system,” the authors say. This should lead thoughtful observers to ask what other factors have not been considered, that could be larger or smaller than previously thought?The Politics of Climate ChangeRepublicans more persuasive than scientists on climate change (Science Daily). This article, pretending to be an unbiased analysis of political attitudes about climate change, ends up as a partisan advocacy piece. The authors of a psychological survey at the University of Connecticut seem disturbed that Republicans who argue against anthropogenic climate change are more persuasive than the scientific consensus. But rather than see if Republican counter-arguments have merit, the authors delve into ways to package consensus arguments in more persuasive ways. They assume that Republicans are engaging in misinformation. “Citing Republican elites who endorse the scientific consensus on climate change may be the most effective way to persuade citizens that climate change is a real and important problem,” says Lyle Scruggs, a professor of political science at University of Connecticut. “That may be a step forward in reducing the partisan gap in public opinion on the subject.” Anyone smell partisanship in that comment?In closing, maybe it’s worth asking what the ruckus is about. Mike Wall wrote on, “Life on Venus? Why It’s Not an Absurd Thought.” Venus, we note, is a very warm planet. Astrobiologist David Grinspoon says that the atmosphere a few dozen miles up is pretty benign – if the Venusians can tolerate the sulfuric acid. So why worry? If climate change wipes out human society, some scientists, like the misanthrope Eric Pianka who wants to solve overpopulation of stupid people by releasing atmospheric ebola to kill billions of people indiscriminately, might be happy. Darwin will ensure that the next generation of organisms on earth will be heat-tolerant, acid-tolerant, and will vote Democrat. That’s not an absurd thought at all, now is it? Not for the scientific consensus.Dr Eric Pianka, ardent evolutionist and genocide advocate, by J B Greene. Used by permission.last_img read more

TV channels for local languages

first_imgThemba GadebeThe Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has granted the SABC, the country’s public broadcaster, licences for two regional television stations to be broadcast in indigenous languages.However, the stations – to be known as SABC4 and SABC5 – will only be launched once the public broadcaster has adequate funding to survive at least one licence term.The SABC currently has three national stations – SABC1, 2 and 3 – while SABC Africa, broadcasts across the continent. The predominant language on all four is English.SABC4 will cater for Setswana, Sesotho, Sepedi, Tshivenda, Xitsonga and Afrikaans, and SABC5 for isiZulu, isiXhosa, Siswati and Afrikaans.SABC4 will be broadcast in the provinces of Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, Free State and Northern Cape, and SABC5 in Mpumalanga, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, the Western Cape and the eastern border of Limpopo.Icasa chairperson Mandla Langa said English would not be broadcast on the new channels. “This doesn’t mean English will be totally prohibited,” Langa said. “It may still be used in, for example, news and current affairs shows.“Even taking into account our recently imposed language obligations on SABC1 and 2, English will still be the predominant language on those channels.”‘Challenge now to secure funding’“Now that the licenses have been granted, the challenge is to secure funding,” SABC spokesperson Paul Setsetse said. “Once that is in place, it will take a minimum of 18 months before the rollout of the transmitter network.“Although the SABC does not expect that the channels will attract significant commercial revenues, we are nonetheless pleased that Icasa has decided to allow the channels to carry advertising,” Setsetse added.“We believe these advertising revenues will assist in funding the channels, although it must be noted that for the vast majority of their funding requirements, the regional channels will still be dependent on public grants.”The public broadcaster has, however, raised concern as to how it will be possible to run television channels without commissioning programming in English.“We will need to evaluate how it will impact on the programme and schedule strategies of the channels, particularly the use of multilingual programmes using English,” Setsetse said.Source: SouthAfrica.infolast_img read more

World Cup ‘to honour Mandela’

first_img12 February 2010President Jacob Zuma, delivering his State of the Nation address in Cape Town on Thursday, called on South Africans to make the 2010 Fifa World Cup a success in honour of Nelson Mandela.Speaking during the opening of Parliament, Zuma said Mandela was central in assisting the country to win the rights to host this great event.Mandela was part of the delegation that presented South Africa’s bid to the Fifa executive, and was present on 15 May 2004 when Fifa president Sepp Blatter announced that South Africa had won the bid to host the World Cup.“We therefore have to make the World Cup a huge success in his honour,” Zuma said.Quoting from Mandela’s historic speech at the Rivonia treason trial, Zuma said all South Africans should recommit themselves to reconciliation, national unity, non-racialism and building a better future together.“Let us work together to make this year of action a successful one for our country.”World Cup: everything on trackWith under 120 days to go before the World Cup kicks off, Zuma said everything was on track for a successful event.“We have spent many years planning for this World Cup … The infrastructure, security and logistics arrangements are in place to ensure a successful tournament.”South Africans should get behind the national team, Bafana Bafana, but most important of all they should buy tickets now to attend the games, he said.The fourth round of ticket sales started this week, with over 400 000 tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis. The sale will run for 58 days and end on 7 April.Fans can apply for the tickets on or (South African residents only) at FNB branches.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Power Up Your Gaming Videos and Twitch Streams with Royalty-Free Music

first_imgGamers — ready to get paid for doing what you love? Royalty-Free Music for gaming videos and streams can help!With video game sales now surpassing the tens of billions of dollars mark, the dream of turning your passion for video games into revenue is a lot more realistic than it was even a couple of years ago. We’re not even talking about creating video games — we’re talking about playing them for fun and profit.Millions of people are creating gaming content for YouTube and finding audiences — and fat paychecks — on Twitch. Want a piece of the action? Step one: git gud, obviously. Beyond that, adding a slick professional sheen can help your content stand out in the cluttered game-o-sphere. Slick motion graphics and a soundtrack of royalty-free gaming music (see the playlist below) can help round out your persona and instantly raise production value to ensure viewers stay glued to your every sick move.Get Rich with TwitchImage via Twitch.The smiling man in the photo above is Richard Blevins, but you can call him Ninja. At least, that’s what his nearly 15 million Twitch followers call him. As one of the top streamers in the gaming game, Ninja makes millions of dollars playing Fortnite. He’s one of many high-profile celeb gamers grinding all the way to the bank.Earlier this year, Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio followed up on a story from the Wall Street Journal that reported, “Top Twitch streamers can make $50,000 per hour streaming new video games.” We’ll wait for you to pick your jaw up from the floor.According to D’Anastasio, “Kotaku spoke with industry sources who confirmed the report, adding that $50,000 per hour wasn’t even the highest figure they’d seen.” Omeed Dariani (CEO of Online Performers Group, which reps some of the industry’s top streamers) tells D’Anastasio, “We’ve seen offers well over $50K an hour, as well as many six- and seven-figure deals for longer-term engagements.”Image via sezer66.It all makes sense, as D’Anastasio explains it:Twitch streamers are 2019’s pop culture, and to savvy marketers, nothing could be more intuitive or cost-effective than leveraging this fledgling industry’s relatable microcelebrities to promote a product.In addition to a deeper dive into the eye-opening info above, D’Anastasio’s article offers a few dos and don’ts for burgeoning streamers looking to get their hands on some of that sweet Activision/Take-Two/Ubisoft cash, so give it a read after checking out the songs below. The playlist is jam-packed with curated royalty-free tunes that are perfect for gaming videos and Twitch streams, and all of them are yours in perpetuity with a simple $49 Standard License.So, pick a song or two and get to work. Show off your speed run, help out with a walk-through, share a review, or go all night for your growing audience. Either way, Player You has entered the game.Cover image via Gorodenkoff.Header image via korobskyph.Playlist header image via chuckchee.It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this list of additional royalty-free music roundups.Fuel Your Audience’s Fears with Eerie Royalty-Free MusicKeep Your Customers Engaged with the Right Royalty-Free Hold MusicSaddle Up With This Royalty-Free Playlist for WesternsGet More Laughs With Royalty-Free Comedy TracksRoyalty-Free Soundtrack Suggestions for Vloggerslast_img read more

Productivity: How to Make More Time

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now The excuse many of us make for not doing what we know we should be doing is, “I don’t have time.” The truth is just the opposite. Time is the only thing you have. Whether you have enough of it is mostly a matter of what you do with it. If you wish you had more time, here is how you make more time.Determine Your PrioritiesThe very best way to ensure you have enough time for what’s most important is to determine your priorities (or discover them). If you don’t make values-based decisions, deciding why one project is more valuable than another, you will struggle to make smart decisions about what you do with your time.To determine your priorities, you need a list of your goals. People who don’t know what they want often end up getting caught up in “the drift,” allowing external forces to move them in some direction. “The drift” will take you in the wrong direction and faster than you might recognize. (You really should read this post about “The Drift. You should also read this post about Intentionality and Massive Action. Both are worth your time.)Priorities are what prevent you from being pulled in directions that don’t serve you. If you want to be productive, determining your priorities is the best place to start. Your priorities are like anchors that hold you in place.Plan Your WorkIf you are like most people, you roll out of bed, open your email, and decide what you are going to do with your day. Opening your email first thing in the morning is to put other people’s priorities above your own. What’s worse is waiting to start your day to decide what to do with it.If you want to find more time, you will find it in abundance on a blank calendar. Your calendar tells the truth about your priorities. Because you have determined your priorities, you know what’s most important. Putting what’s most important on that calendar before the week starts ensures you have time for the things that matter. Will your plan always work as written? It’s unlikely. Will you feel as if you have more time, more control, and get more done? Yes, you will. Can you get back on the horse when you get thrown? You must.Your intentionality here makes an enormous difference in how you feel about how much time you have.Eliminate DistractionsOne of the most pernicious threats to having enough time is the overwhelming number of distractions. Let’s put these distractions into two categories. The first categories are the distractions caused by the “always on-always available” world in which we now find ourselves. The second area is the distractions we choose ourselves.The communication tools we use are always on, and they are always available. Despite the enormous value they bring our lives, they are not without their downside. Anyone can send you an email at any time, about any matter (urgent or mundane), and make any request they can conjure up, at any time, day or night. The same is true of text messaging, except for the text you receive is often accompanied by a little chime to let you know it demands your attention. You are also likely to have some sort of message service open in your browser, with your status set to available, advertising your willingness to be distracted by the rest of your organization (a sure sign of a lack of priorities).Most of us work in an environment that some might describes as having an “open-door policy,” where people can walk into your office (if you still have one) and interrupt your work. The policy might better be expressed as an “open to all distractions policy.”The second category, the distractions you choose, can be even more challenging for many. The internet and social apps are omnipresent, and because we are social animals, we are engineered to want to know what other humans are doing. We were addicted to gossip long before the social apps, but those apps have been engineered to feed the addiction, with the primary metric of success how long the platform can you to spend on a platform (Like a rat that pushes a button for a small bit of food). Unless your priority is “waste more time,” the social apps and the internet shouldn’t dominate your time.If you want to find more time, removing these distractions by blocking time and training the people around you to respect those blocks, will provide you with many more hours in your day. Also, a good amount of self-discipline, or what we might call “Me Management” will give you back your wasted time.Increase the Speed at Which You WorkI would never suggest that you don’t do good work. You should try to do exceptional work (I have ended every newsletter for the last five years with the directive to “do good work,” because it matters). The quality of your work is the quality of your outcomes. The quality of your results is the quality of your life. But that doesn’t mean you should dilly dally and take more time than necessary in producing those outcomes.In ninety uninterrupted minutes, you can make massive progress on a project, task, or outcome. If you work with focus and a sense of urgency, you can do what others do in ninety minutes in sixty. In doing so, you will have just found yourself a half hour. If you focus and act with urgency during three blocks of ninety minutes, peeling back a half hour from each, you gain an hour and a half each day. Over a week, you get back seven and a half hours.You have more time than you imagine if you focus it on what is vital for periods long enough to make progress.Don’t Create ReworkI wasn’t always enamored with ideas like LEAN. And while I still don’t believe you can shrink or cut your way to greatness, the elimination of waste is a game-changer. Wasted motion is wasted time, especially if it means doing work over again and touching anything more than once.If you are going to do something, giving it your full attention and focus improves the outcome. If you want to waste time, do something over because you didn’t do right the first time. It pays to be outcome-oriented and put forth the effort to achieve it without expending additional time and energy later.Improve Your Energy and Your Capacity for WorkImproving your energy and your capacity for work could have been the first point here. You are, after all, the primary resource you have through which to produce the results you want. Taking care of that asset is job one because it is a huge variable when it comes to working.If you are reading this, you are likely a knowledge worker (it is doubtful you work in a coal mine, and your hands are more likely to have carpal tunnel than callouses). Your brain lives in your body. Both of them need rest and exercise. They also need nutrition, sleep, hydration, and stress management. The better you take care of your physical self, the better your mental self. When you have more energy, you have a greater capacity for work.There is more time available to you, if you determine your priorities, plan your work, eliminate distractions, work with a sense of urgency, eliminate wasted effort, and improve your energy.last_img read more

Man pushed off moving train dies, another injured in Haryana

first_imgA 30-year-old man was killed and his friend sustained head injuries after the two were allegedly pushed off the moving local train on the Delhi-Agra route near the Asaoti Railway Station here on Saturday, by a group of teenage students following a minor altercation. Three of the accused were arrested, while the fourth managed to escape.Same stationThe incident comes less than two months after Junaid, a minor Muslim boy from Khandawali village was stabbed to death, and his older brother seriously injured in a similar fashion, by a group of men, following an argument over a seat in a local train at the same railway station.The deceased in the present case has been identified as Devender Kumar, a resident of Mohan Nagar in Palwal. Lalit, 29, who was injured in the incident, belongs to Tikri Brahman village in Palwal.Superintendent of Police, Haryana Railway Police, Kamal Deep Goyal told The Hindu that the accused, all of them students, were headed to Agra for a fun trip when they entered into an altercation with the accused on the train around 8:30 p.m. “One of the accused students got down at Asaoti railway station to fetch drinking water from a tap. He had an argument with the duo travelling on the footboard of the train when he tried to board the train and asked them for the passage. Later, his friends also got embroiled into it and the four allegedly pushed the two off the moving train,” said Mr. Goyal.Three caughtThree of the accused were caught by fellow passengers and handed over to the police at the Palwal Railway Station, but the fourth managed to jump off and escape when the train slowed down. “He will also be arrested soon,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police, Faridabad Railway Police, Mohinder Singh.The three have been identified as Manmohan alias Mohit, Vipin Gupta and Maniket Jaiswal. While Maniket belongs to Faridabad, the other two belong to Delhi.Though the accused maintained that the duo fell off accidentally during the scuffle, the police have registered a case of murder and attempt to murder under the Indian Penal Code based on the statements of fellow passengers.Devender, who worked at a workshop in Ballabgarh, is survived by his wife and four children, including two girls. Lalit also works at a lathe machine in Ballabgarh and would usually travel with Devender on his way back home. He was admitted to the AIIMS Trauma Centre and discharged on Sunday evening.last_img read more

Ind vs NZ 1st Test Live Blog; Live cricket scores and commentary

first_imgAn emphatic innings and 115 runs win for India against the Kiwis here at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Uppal, Hyderabad, on Sunday. Score | PhotosThe star of the Indian batting was young Cheteshwar Pujara. His 159 helped India put on 438 runs. The New Zealand top order offered a bit more resistance as compared to their first innings, but it just wasn’t enough. A couple of LBW decisions went against them including that of a well set McCullum today morning. It will require a huge effort to make any sort of comeback in the second Test in Bangalore. R Ashwin scalped six wickets each in both innings, while his bowling partner left-rm spinner Pragyan Ojha took six wickets in the match.  FACTOID: Surprisingly, all the Indian bowlers took the same number of wicket in each innings. While Ashwin took six each, Ojha claim three each and paceman Umesh Yadav claimed one each in both innings.India vs New Zealand Day 4MS Dhoni: Congratulations to India U-19, Chand batted really well. As far as this match is concerned, Pujara batted well. It was getting difficult for the bowlers. We were also battling the weather. The bowlers bowled brilliantly. They did not give any lose deliveries. That made the difference. Brilliant catching in this game. ViruPa got a few good catches, so did Virat. We have done well in all the aspects in this game. It was important for Pujara as he was coming back from injury. He has a good temperament. He can bat for a long period and we can play around him. It was just a question of time. India were going to win it easily. The rain only delayed the inevitable. New Zealand have looked really flat. 12/85 stand the figures for R Ashwin. These are the best match figures for an Indian in Tests against New Zealand. Together the spin-twins Ojha and Ashwin have 18 Kiwi wickets. advertisementChris Martin, right handed bat, comes to the crease 4:04 pm | 79.2 overs: WICKET! INDIA WIN….Ashwin to Boult, out Caught by Sehwag!! 11th wicket in the match for Ashwin. Floated up outside off, Boult looks to push at it and gets a thick outside edge, carries to Sehwag at first slip who goes forward and takes it neatly. 4th catch in the match for Sehwag. He is enjoying himself out there. Boult c Sehwag b Ashwin 0(6) (NZ 164/10 in 79.2 overs)Trent Boult, right handed bat, comes to the crease 3:58 pm | 77.2 overs: WICKET! Ashwin to van Wyk, out Lbw!! 4th wicket for Ashwin. 10 wicket haul in the match. Flatter on middle, Wyk attempts the reverse sweep and misses, is hit right in front of middle stump as he is hit on the back pad. A bit too adventurous from the wicket-keeper batsman. van Wyk lbw b Ashwin 13(34) [4s-2] (NZ 164/9 in 77.2 overs) Trent Boult, right handed bat, comes to the crease 3:40 pm | 77.2 overs: WICKET! Ashwin to van Wyk, out Lbw!! 4th wicket for Ashwin. 10 wicket haul in the match. Flatter on middle, Wyk attempts the reverse sweep and misses, is hit right in front of middle stump as he is hit on the back pad. A bit too adventurous from the wicket-keeper batsman. van Wyk lbw b Ashwin 13(34) [4s-2] (NZ 160/8 in in 77.2 overs)3: 30 pm | 74.6 overs: WICKET! Ojha to Doug Bracewell, out Caught by Virat Kohli!! Third wicket for Ojha. He has bowled beautifully today. Floated up nicely outside off, Bracewell gets forward and edges it, Kohli at second slip dives forward and picks it up inches above the ground. 3 more to go. Doug Bracewell c Virat Kohli b Ojha 1(16). (NZ 148/7 in 74.6 overs)3:35 pm | 73.6 overs: Ashwin to Bracewell, no run, defended to the leg side to end the over. NZ are 147/6 at the stage.Day 4, FINAL SESSION15:20 pm | TEA: A fantastic session that for India. 54/5 is the score for the session and they can smell victory already. Umesh Yadav started the process with the wicket of McCullum and India continued to peg away with the spinners taking over. Williamson fought hard for his fifty but failed to carry on. It could all end soon after the break. Join us for the same in just a short while. (NZ 146/6 at the stage with Kurger Van Wyk and Doug Bracewell in the middle) Doug Bracewell, right handed bat, comes to the crease3:00 pm | 69.6 overs: WICKET! Ashwin to Franklin, out Caught by Sehwag!! Well India are not missing Dravid at first slip for now. If Sehwag can take blinders like those that spot will always be his. Good turn and bounce again for Ashwin. Franklin was not going hard at it but it flies off the edge and to the right of Sehwag at first slip. He reacts instinctively and plucks it out with his right hand. That makes the crowd and his team-mates go delirious. Franklin c Sehwag b Ashwin 5(17) [4s-1]  (NZ 145/6 in 69.6 overs)advertisementKruger van Wyk, right handed bat, comes to the crease 2:50 pm | 67.2 overs: WICKET! Ashwin to Flynn, out Lbw!! Ashwin gets Flynn for the second time in the match in similar fashion too. Flynn reaches out for an expansive sweep but misses and is struck in line with middle and off. It was turning away but Steve Davis was quick to raise the finger. 8th wicket for Ashiwn and New Zealand inch closer to defeat. Flynn lbw b Ashwin 11(54) [4s-1] (NZ 142/5 in 67.2 overs ).Franklin takes time to mark his guard. 2:30 pm | 64.2 overs: WICKET! Ojha to Williamson, out Caught by Sehwag!! Williamson’s defiant stay comes to an end and Ojha strikes in the first over of his new spell. Very good bowling again. It was flighted and extracted good turn and bounce from the track. Williamson stretched out to defend but it takes the shoulder of the bat and loops up low in front of Sehwag at first slip. He makes no mistake and this is big blow for New Zealand before tea. Williamson c Sehwag b Ojha 52(163) [4s-4] (NZ 138/4 in 64.2 overs).Daniel Flynn, left handed bat, comes to the crease1:37 pm | 48.3 overs: WICKET! Ashwin to Ross Taylor, out Bowled!! Ashwin gets his 7th of the match. Beautifully bowled and terrible judgement by Taylor. He shoulders arms on a turning track and pays the price. It did not pitch too far outside off but Taylor decides to leave anyway. The ball turns in sharply and crashes into the stumps much to the Indians delight. Ross Taylor b Ashwin 7(9) (NZ 105/3 in 48.3 overs)Ross Taylor, right handed bat, comes to the crease 1:20 pm | 45.1 overs: WICKET! Umesh Yadav to Brendon McCullum, out Lbw!! Big reverse swing for Umesh Yadav but McCullum is not happy. Rightly so too. There was a big inside edge on that one. Umesh Yadav was a little late to go up in appeal too but Steve Davis was convinced. It was full and tailing in. McCullum jammed the ball into his front pad. It would have gone on to hit the stumps but you’ve got to say McCullum was very unlucky there. A big blow for New Zealand too. Brendon McCullum lbw b Umesh Yadav 42(130) [4s-3] (NZ 98/1 in 45.1 overs)2ND SESSION1st SESSION SUMMARY: Fantastic effort from Williamson and Brendon McCullum. They have played the spinners effectively and have not given their wickets away. The pitch has slowed up a touch and the Indian bowlers have their work cut out. Join us in 30 minutes for the post-lunch session. 12:30 pm | 42.6 overs: Ashwin to Williamson, FOUR, again Ashwin drags this delivery down short and on leg stump, Williamson swats it to the deep square leg fence, that will be lunch advertisement11:26 am | 26.6 overs: Ojha to Williamson, no run, loopy delivery on off stump, Williamson nudges it to square leg. NZ are 60/1 at the stage with opener Brendon McCullum on 22 and Kane Williamson on 16.11: 08 am | 20.1 overs: Ojha to Brendon McCullum, 1 run, edged but safe, this delivery drifts back in and it spins away, McCullum lunges forward and pushes at it, the outside edge rolls to short third man.Two slips and a silly point in place. 11:00 am | Out come the two NZ players. Brendon McCullum and Williamson have a massive task ahead of them. The Indian players are out in the huddle. 10:20 am | All the covers have been removed and the umpires are having an inspection. The super-soppers are doing the rounds to drain the ground of the excess water. James Franklin: The conditions are not good for cricket but we hope to hang in there. The weather gods are helping us but any help from above we will take it. I just went about my plans and I employed a solid defensive technique. There is a lot more turn in this innings. Both Ashwin and Ojha did not bowl many bad balls. 9:30 am | Hello and welcome to day 4 of the first Test between India and New Zealand from Hyderabad. First, the gloomy news. It is currently raining in Hyderabad and the start will be delayed. Stay tuned for updates   Day 3:2:58 pm |  Play has been called off. So rain has the final say in a day dominated by India, thanks to R Ashwin’s impressive six-wicket haul in the first innings. Still 2 more days to go, so plenty of time for India to bowl New Zealand out (and then bat again if necessary). All of that though, only if weather permits. Following on, New Zealand are 41/1 in the second innings.  1st innings: India 348 (Pujara 159), NZ (Franklin 43 n.o. ; Ashwin 6/31, Ojha 3/44)last_img read more