a month agoMan City boss Pep Guardiola: I have no money!

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man City boss Pep Guardiola: I have no money!by Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester City boss Pep Guardiola says he has no money to spend in January.It’s been suggested Guardiola is seeking a new centre-half signing for the winter market.But the manager insists: “It’s not up to me, but we can’t buy anyone in January.”We do not have the money to deposit large amounts. That didn’t work in the summer, so not in the winter either.“We will do it with the players that we have. With Taylor Harwood-Bellis, Eric Garcia and the new players in the youth academy. We have young talented players that we can count on.” He added: “Vinny (Kompany) had a great personality and he was very helpful to me and the entire club. But he has decided to go to Anderlecht and we must continue.” last_img read more

Researchers discover key factors behind intestinal inflammation in CVID patients

first_imgReviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Nov 14 2018Oregon State University researchers have discovered two key factors behind the intestinal inflammation that plagues people suffering from a disorder that affects their immune system.The findings, published in Clinical Immunology, are important because common variable immunodeficiency, known as CVID, afflicts hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.A significant proportion of them will have potentially life-threatening intestinal problems that include improper absorption of nutrients, particularly fat.CVID patients aren’t able to produce enough antibodies, Y-shaped proteins that mark invaders such as viruses and bacteria for destruction by the immune system. That means those people are highly susceptible to infection that often leads to chronic conditions, especially in their lungs, ears and sinuses.Related StoriesResearchers one step closer to unmasking the cause of familial MSFibrinogen a key player in health and disease, says new studyHow an orchestra of neurons control hunger pangsIn roughly 90 percent of the cases, CVID’s cause is an undetermined mix of genetic triggers; the other 10 percent have a known genetic cause.Overall, about 15 percent of CVID sufferers will end up with intestinal inflammation that will show up as weight loss associated with severe diarrhea.Researchers led by Andrey Morgun of the OSU/OHSU College of Pharmacy and Natalia Shulzhenko of Oregon State’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine used a novel computational approach called transkingdom network analysis to determine that a particular bacterium, Acinetobacter baumannii, is one of the main microbes responsible for CVID enteropathy.”That bacterium had not been previously found to cause intestinal illness,” said Morgun, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences.The study, which involved 15 patients and several control subjects, also showed that CVID patients with enteropathy have dramatically lower levels of immunoglobulin A – the main antibody of the mucous membranes – in the tissue of their duodenum than do CVID patients who don’t have enteropathy. The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine, just beyond the stomach.”This finding strongly suggests that CVID patients with enteropathy exhibit more mucosal immunodeficiency than those without and are therefore more at risk for a form of gut infection that could cause intestinal inflammation,” Morgun said.Source: https://today.oregonstate.edu/news/researchers-identify-factors-behind-small-intestine-inflammation-immunodeficiency-patientslast_img read more

Amid blackout scare stories remember that a grid without power cuts is

first_imgAs part of this exercise, AEMO forecasts the expected unserved energy in each region over the coming decade. Importantly, the base forecast only assumes “existing and committed projects.” Committed projects are essentially new generation assets that are fully financed. It also doesn’t include the temporary diesel generators installed in SA last summer, or the efforts to procure emergency reserves through the “Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader”. These measures further reduce the likelihood of involuntary load shedding. Simply put, the statement forecasts the expected unserved energy over the next decade, if there is no further investment and the market operator fails to procure emergency reserves. Granted, this year’s report does shows an increased risk of unserved energy, compared with last year. In Victoria, this is primarily due to an increase in the forced outage rate assumptions for ageing brown coal plants.But the report also notes that AEMO expects the reliability standard to be maintained in NSW, Victoria and SA every year for the next decade, in the neutral scenario of its “Integrated System Plan” (ISP).The level of unserved energy in Victoria is forecast to fall to within the reliability standard. AEMO says this is due to the substantial volume of additional new intermittent generation developed in Victoria to meet the state’s renewable energy target, and additional interconnection called for within the ISP scenarios.What about blackouts?The media and politicians have seized on the “one-in-three chance of a blackout.” And it’s true: AEMO did indeed report a one-in-three chance of unserved energy in Victoria this summer. Citation: Amid blackout scare stories, remember that a grid without power cuts is impossible… and expensive (2018, August 27) retrieved 18 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-08-blackout-stories-grid-power-impossible.html Forecast USE outcomes – ISP Neutral development plans. AEMO 2018, Electricity Statement of Opportunities Forecast USE outcomes – neutral demand, only existing and committed projects. AEMO 2018, Electricity Statement of Opportunities Sources of supply interruptions in the NEM: 2007-08 to 2015-16. AEMC 2017, Reliability Frameworks Review, Interim Report (page 54) Last Friday the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) released its annual Electricity Statement of Opportunities. This was widely (and inaccurately) reported as predicting widespread blackouts. Explore further Unserved energy in the NEM: 2007-08 to 2016-17. AEMC 2018, 2017 Annual Market Performance Review (xvii) This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Let’s have a look at what the reliability requirements actually are, and what AEMO’s Electricity Statement of Opportunities does and doesn’t say about the situation.Leaving aside the majority of blackouts due to faults or incidents, there are also some relatively rare times when there is simply not enough generation or transmission capacity to meet demand. This leads to “involuntary load shedding,” which is where certain customers’ energy demands go unmet – which they would experience as a blackout. This unmet energy demand is referred to as “unserved energy.”In the National Electricity Market, we have a reliability standard which specifies that expected unserved energy should not exceed 0.002% of total energy consumption in any region in any financial year. In other words, the system is expected to deliver at least 99.998% of the energy demanded by consumers. Historically, our grid has generally passed this standard with flying colours. Anyone who’s ever suffered the frustration of a power cut might ask why the reliability standard isn’t 100.000%. But building an infallible system – to the extent that it is even possible – would be hugely expensive. To do it, we would need enough capacity to supply every conceivable power demand scenario, no matter how outlandish. What does AEMO’s statement say?The annual Electricity Statement of Opportunities is intended to inform the market about when and where new generation is expected to be needed. This allows project developers to sharpen their pencils, develop and commit to new power projects. As the title of the report suggestions, it reveals opportunities for new investment. Provided by The Conversation Musk’s record-breaking battery officially launches in Australia But this figure is misleading when taken out of context. While there is a fair chance that some energy demand will go unserved, AEMO’s report also predicts that it will be below 0.002%, thus meeting the reliability standard.There is actually always a chance of some unserved energy. As discussed above, the aim isn’t to have no power cuts at all, but to keep them to an economically acceptable level. The fevered commentary misses this crucial nuance. But if it sells a few more newspapers, what’s the harm, right?Well, here’s the harm. Beating up the likelihood and significance of blackouts has real cost implications, as we have seen over the past decade through the gold-plating of “poles and wires.” Last month the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released a report that specifically said “large cost increases in NSW and Queensland were due to the imposition of high network reliability standards on distributors in those states.” These high reliability standards were imposed after a series of minor blackouts in 2004-05.The Productivity Commission also addressed this issue in its 2013 review of network regulation, which blamed rising power bills on “political responses to isolated major blackouts, rather than systemic problems.” At a time when electricity prices are front-page news, unfounded hysteria about the risk of blackouts risks subjecting customers to yet more gold-plating. The community deserves to know the actual costs of improving our already highly reliable electricity system, rather than being fed fearful stories about the lights going out. This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. The Sydney Morning Herald reported “a one in three chance of power failure in Victoria unless immediate action is taken,” a prospect described by Victoria’s opposition energy spokesman David Southwick as “completely unacceptable”. In Adelaide, The Advertiser reported that South Australia faces a one-in-ten chance of forced blackouts this summer.Unfortunately, the commentary around AEMO’s annual statement has become increasingly misleading and irresponsible over time. The media reporting and public comments are tacitly or even explicitly advocating for the generation system to be “gold-plated,” which would come at great expense to consumers. Reliability and “unserved energy”Reliability, as defined in the National Electricity Market, is a measure of the ability of the grid and its associated electricity generation infrastructure to meet consumers’ demand.But the vast majority of power outages experienced by customers do not fall under this definition. Some 97% of blackouts are caused by faults or other incidents on the network, rather than a failure to install enough capacity to meet reliability standards. The blackouts that hit customers in New South Wales and Victoria over the weekend were perhaps inevitably described in parts of the media as a “dramatic reminder” to new Prime Minister Scott Morrison of the importance of addressing energy policy. But of course it is hard to legislate against lightning, which in this case triggered two interstate interconnector cables to trip and cause blackouts.last_img read more

Catalonia leader to be tried over separatist propaganda during election

first_imgMany of the politicians and civil leaders involved in a failed push for secession for the wealthy region two years ago were subsequently arrested, and are now awaiting the decision of the courts, or fled the country and live in self-imposed exile.Spain was plunged into its worst political crisis in decades in 2017 when the then-government of Catalonia called a referendum on secession and then unilaterally declared independence, actions that were both ruled illegal by the constitutional court.The central government invoked a constitutional law to take over the regional authority and called an election, however pro-secessionist parties won a majority and put Torra, a pro-independence activist, in as regional leader. In a letter to the electoral body that made the order, Torra said in March he would not remove the ribbons as he had a duty to respect the right to freedom of expression of public employees. Polls show around half of the electorate in Catalonia supports independence while the other half wishes to stay within Spain. (Reporting by Paul Day; Editing by Frances Kerry) World 13 Jun 2019 Catalan leaders deny violence, call for dialogue as trial nears end Related News World 23 Apr 2019 Spanish general election candidates clash over Catalonia Related Newscenter_img World 14 Apr 2019 Spain’s Sanchez hardens position on Catalonia ahead of election MADRID (Reuters) – The leader of the Spanish region of Catalonia, Quim Torra, will be tried for disobedience after he failed to obey an order to remove separatist propaganda from public offices during election campaigning, the regional court said on Friday. During campaigning for national and local elections in April and May regional leaders were required to remove partisan messages from public offices. But Torra continued to display yellow ribbons – a protest against the jailing of Catalan independence leaders – from government buildings. He could be removed from office for up to two years for failing to comply with the order. The court announced its intention to try him in a tweet.Torra has said he disobeyed because the order was at odds with a resolution adopted by the Catalan parliament and the character of the yellow ribbons was open to subjective interpretation. {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more

Getting into the groove of the night

first_imgThe Sons of Adam pay tribute to Carlos Santana at Level 9 on July 27 as part of Race Two, Lap Two of Karamjit Singh’s Rally Thru The Valley of Rock. MONDAYBACKYARD28, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,Taman Sri Hartamas, KL Metro News 20 Apr 2019 Getting into the rhythms of the night Metro News 22 Jun 2019 Getting into the groove after dark Metro News 29 Jun 2019 Turning on the rhythms of the night Tel: 03-6201 0318 Backyard has been kicking out the jams for over two decades and shows no signs of slowing down on the action. Monday nights are usually pretty low-key but there is definitely more in store as the week rolls along.BATS18-GF & 18-1, Jalan Telawi 2,Bangsar, KLServing up a double-header, Bats does not disappoint. Downstairs, the Bistro is open from 8am for an all-day-dining experience, while upstairs, in the Club, the stage is set for some magical fun after dark when the bands live it up. Monday nights are DJ nights so there’s no band but what they have will not fail to disappoint.DOUBLE UP BISTROMezzanine Floor, G07-G09,Kelana Damansara Suite, Jalan SS6/2, PJAnother new hotspot in the heart of Kelana Jaya, with a lounge-like feel and comfortable seating all around. A great place to chill out, and there’s live music most nights, with a selection of bands carefully curated by Mizan to set the night on fire.TEN125, Jalan Gasing, PJIt’s back to the regular programming but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a boring night out as Ten keeps it crazy from the stage.MANDOLINPlaza Glomac Kelana Jaya, PJTel: 03-7885 9110 / 7886 8434A good place to chill out and groove with the sounds of the band stirring things up.ONLINE32, Jalan SS20/10,Damansara Kim, PJTel: 03-7728 0532Online is one of those special places where your cares seem to just melt away on taking your first step inside. Chekdet entertains on Monday evenings. OVERFLOW BISTRO AND PUB6, Jalan SS22/21,Damansara Jaya, PJA new kid on the block, Overflow serves up six nights of great music for the fans. Expect some familiar faces on the scene as well as a few surprises at this joint.ROCK BOTTOM KITCHEN & BAR42, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KLWhen you get the feeling that everything’s going right, it’s got to be about Karma with Mathan and Arab teaming up for a blast alongside Lynn and Mira.ROCK BOTTOM BANGSAR3&5, Jalan Telawi 2,Bangsar, KLMonday nights are all about Mizan and Kyra as they get down to sing out strong for the crowd in the heart of Bangsar. WHERE ELSE @ SUNWAY108, Ground Floor, Block B3,Leisure Commerce Square,Jalan PJS 8/9, Bandar SunwayTel: 03-7877 1888Where Else is a hotspot for pool that also knows how to keep the party beats alive with musicians appearing on stage. Now, the Bluez Bugs get into the thick of things on Monday nights as they rock the crowd.TUESDAY3 MONKEYS2, Jalan Kasuarina 3,Bandar Botanic, KlangTel: 03-3318 2278Hometown hero Gerard Singh is back in action out in Klang for his regular Tuesday night gig.AFTERWERKScott Garden,Jalan Kelang Lama, KLTel: 03-7982 0700Tuesday nights in Afterwerk are for couples with 2 For The Road taking the stage to spice up the evening.BACKYARDFor a taste of something completely different, check out Arumugam goes to Alabama for a blast of fusion vibes with a dose of the sitar and tabla.BATSTuesdays are going to be a fun night out in Bats with Sherman Tan bringing the forces of K-Oz home to roost in Bats from 9.30pm onwards. Expect everything from evergreen numbers to today’s top hits, delivered in a way that only Sherman and his crew know how to do.ONLINETam the troubadour lives it up in Online on Tuesday nights, serving up some magic with just his guitar and his voice.ROCK BOTTOM KITCHEN & BARTuesday night everything goes Sky High in Rock Bottom over in Changkat Bukit Bintang.ROCK BOTTOM BANGSARGet set for a bit of Double Trouble with the Net Baker Band.WEDNESDAYAFTERWERKFor something a little different, explore some Cantopop vibrancy with the Duo out in Old Klang Road.THE BARREL IRISH PUB32, Jalan Kasuarina 11/7,Bandar Botanic, Klang.Tel: 03-3318 9153There’s another hotspot brewing out in Klang. On Wednesday nights, the Double J Band entertains.BATSIt’s Ladies Night in the heart of Bangsar and Bats has just the band to keep the party going. Kaya is on stage for a blast.RED PENGUIN88a, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi 2, TTDI, Kuala LumpurAnother new hospot in town, the Red Penguin is just starting up but it has some good vibes on offer. Wednesday nights see the veteran Victor M on stage in the heart of TTDI.TOM, DICK & HARRY’S OASISR-13A, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,Central Piazza Oasis, Ara Damansara, PJTel: 03-7859 7858Alan Murillon continues to thrill the crowd but this time he has Mark V in tow to turn up the heat after dark.WHERE ELSE @ SUNWAYIt’s all about the blues on Wednesday nights in Where Else, with some great things happening from the stage.THURSDAYBATSSherman Tan and K-Oz are back in the saddle for more of their familiar favourites.HANGOVERD-37-01, Dataran 3 Two Square,2, Jalan 19/1, PJOn Thursday nights, be sure to join 9 Lives as they team up with veteran showman Arab to set the night on fire in Petaling Jaya.ROCK BOTTOM BANGSARIt’s Ladies Night and Rock Bottom keeps the party going with all-girl group Astra Malaysia getting into the groove of things from the stage.FRIDAYAFTERWERKThe MIB band are in the house to provide a dose of Bornean magic on stage. Related News Tags / Keywords: ALEXISLot 10 & 11,Great Eastern Mall,303, Jalan Ampang, KLTel: 03-4260 2288 Next week, it’s pretty much the regular fare at Alexis but fans of Elton John can look forward to July 26 when ROZZ is in the house to pay tribute to the Rocketman.BACKYARDFriday nights are always good nights in the Backyard with Union, taking it to the 1980s.BATS Friday nights are made for fun with the Fame’d project band getting into the groove in Telawi’s party zone central.HANGOVER PJSoul Statue rules the stage in Hangover PJ every Friday. Fresh from the launch of their first EP, the band is thrilled to keep on rocking.TOM, DICK & HARRY’S OASISRockers Hydra are in the house to blow your socks off as only they know how to. TENFor a dose of rocking good fun, head down to Ten for the Eurasian Trio as they rock the vibe in a way that only they can.WHERE ELSE @ SUNWAYOn Friday nights, it’s more rock and blues as a selection of bands plays it up on rotation in the heart of Sunway.SATURDAYALEXISTonight, Rachel Guerzo keeps it real in the heart of Ampang as she joins her trio for a night of jazzy vibes.BACKYARDSoul Statue is back in the house for their regular Saturday night gig in the heart of Sri Hartamas.THE BARREL IRISH PUBOn Saturday nights, Higher Ground gets into groove at the Barrel.COBRA CLUBLorong Utara B, Section 52, Petaling JayaIt’s not just a rugby club but also a place to chill and unwind.HANGOVER PJTwo more Saturdays left to catch the Hillary Ang Project on stage, as the legendary guitarist pulls out a stop alongside some of his friends.LEVEL 9 29, Jalan USJ1/1A, Regalia Business Centre, Subang JayaLegendary rally driver Karamjit Singh knows a thing about rock and roll so when he decides to put together a series, you know it’s going to be fun. Tonight, Karamjit’s Rally Thru The Valley of Rock Race Two, Lap Two continues in Subang with a special tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival, or CCR as some of you might know the band as. The Band of Brothers will be pulling out all the stops to get some country rock grooves going on. On July 27, the Sons of Adam will be featured as they pay tribute to another legend, Santana, as the go the Latin-themed rock route.ONLINEThis week, the Temple of Rock gets back into the groove with Sharin screaming from the stage with the rest of his Trio. SUNDAYBACKYARDThe DoubleAze duo are back on stage in Backyard to entertain with two guitars to groove. Central Region , On tap Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Rachel Guerzo sings out strong with some great jazzy vibes at Alexis KL.last_img read more

2 held for swindling money from people on pretext of depositing cash

first_img2 held for swindling money from people on pretext of depositing cash into bank accountsThe accused, identified as Jitender Mehto (32) and Baccha Lal Kumar (19), are residents of the same village in Bihar’s West Champaran district.advertisement Next Press Trust of India New DelhiJuly 12, 2019UPDATED: July 12, 2019 19:16 IST The accused used to dupe people of their money on the pretext of helping out the customers during the rush hours. (Reuters photo used for representation)Two men have been arrested here for allegedly swindling people out of their cash on the pretext of helping them make deposits into their bank accounts using machines, police said Friday.The accused, identified as Jitender Mehto (32) and Baccha Lal Kumar (19), are residents of the same village in Bihar’s West Champaran district, they said.”They were arrested on July 4 at around 2 pm when they again came to target people at a bank branch in Bhogal,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) Chinmoy Biswal said.The complaint was filed on June 7, police said.They said the complainant alleged that on May 27, while he was depositing Rs 45,000 into his account using the machine installed at the bank branch in Bhogal, two persons came there and on the pretext of helping him, swindled him out of his cash.The duo was arrested after police scanned CCTV footage of the premises where the incident took place, they said.The interrogation revealed that the accused used to work as labours in West Bengal and few months back, they met one Babu, who was also from their village and used to work in Delhi, police said.Babu used to dupe people using same modus operandi. He allured Mehto and Kumar to work with him, Biswal said, adding that they used to pay 20 per cent commission to Babu and he had assured them to provide support in case they get arrested.On the pretext of helping out the customers during the rush hours, the accused used to dupe people of their money, he said.While helping out the targets in depositing their cash, the accused secretly used to press the “add transaction” button on the machine and then would tell them that the deposit was successful, the DCP said.However, as soon as the target left the premises, the accused pressed the “cancel” button, resulting in a failed transaction due to which the cash would come out of the machine, police said.Also Read | Class 7 dropout from Hissar spirits away Rs 3,000 crore by cheating 20 lakh peopleAlso Read | Banker wife dupes husband of Rs 45 lakh in PuneFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byChanchal Chauhanlast_img read more