Checking in with Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak on his first, full day

first_imgBroome County District Attorney Michael Korchak said Wednesday he is settling well into his new job. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — 12 News checked in with newly sworn-in Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak on his first, full day on the job. Korchak says his major focus is on the work ahead of him. He says his responsibilities moving from Broome County Chief Assistant District Attorney to district attorney have changed, saying, “Now I’m overseeing a lot more people and there’s a lot more moving parts and we have some people coming into the office, we had a couple people leave the office, so there’s a lot of changes that are taking place in the Broome County D.A.’s Office.” “It was a smooth transition with Steve Cornwell, he left me a great staff in place so I’m really looking forward to getting to the task at hand and that’s serving the people of Broome County as their D.A.,” said Korchak.center_img “We have all these new laws that were implemented at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, bail reform act, discovery reform act,” he said. “It’s finally over, I can finally settle into the job that I always wanted to do, and that’s serve the people of Broome County as their district attorney and help protect the community, work closely with law enforcement and do what we can for the crime victims in the area.” And he’s looking forward to the future.last_img read more

Local, state leaders provide info to the public to flatten the curve

first_imgThe 122nd New York Assembly District, which Crouch represents, covers parts of Broome, Chenango, Delaware and Otsego counties. The Chenango County Public Health Department said its facing many challenges because of the rural nature of the county. New York State Assemblyman Cliff Crouch’s district covers a large portion of the Southern Tier, and he told 12 News while no previous virus compares to this, there are other instances of events forcing people to come together. “It’s a big struggle for me as a healthcare practitioner when 25 percent of my patients say sorry there’s not enough cell service and I don’t have internet at my house,” said Dr. Scott Cohen, the medical director for the department. Assemblyman Crouch the best resources for people looking for help are the various hotlines that have been set up, such as the ones from local hospitals and the state health department. Crouch said despite the typically partisan nature of politics in Albany, politicians have worked well together on both sides of the aisle.center_img (WBNG) — All across the Southern Tier local and state leaders are working together to provide resources to the public. “There’s 3 to 4 instances that would come almost come up to the same level: 9/11, the flood of 06, the flood of 2011,” he said Thursday. “There’s a lot of times like that we’re on super duty trying to give people information and make sure all the bases are covered.” Related: Coronavirus updates from Chenango, Delaware and Tioga counties Crouch said there are several events in the past 20 years that have brought the community together in a similar way.last_img read more

NFL cancels 2020 preseason due to coronavirus

first_imgGoodell said once they can play, there will be strict protocols in place, especially if a coach or player tests positive for the virus. They have plans for isolation and care for any individual who tests positive to contain the virus before it can spread.  He says they have followed the lead of medical experts and public health officials, including the CDC, the White House Task Force, governors and state health officials. Goodell published a letter addressing fans around the world, expressing the organization’s concern about the coronavirus. Aside from having no preseason games, players and coaches will have to get tested for the virus every day until further notice. (WBNG) — Monday night, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced there will be no preseason games this year. You can find Goodell’s full letter here.last_img read more

‘Tis the season for Christmas tree farmers

first_imgAround September, farmers do another round of mowing, and come November it’s already the Christmas season. All of this work is going on when you wouldn’t expect it to make sure you have a special holiday season. After Christmas, farmers get a few months off. Then come March, things start to pick back up. After the summer, work continues into the fall. “We plant every place that we’ve lost a tree to harvest. Even if we’re going to have a tree where we think we’re going to harvest in the next year or two, we’ll start a seedling in between the two of them. That way, we can get a little bit of a jump on things,” said owner Mark Morgan. “It’s all hot and sticky, there’s bugs and bees and all sorts of stuff you have to deal with this time of year, but it’s part of farming,” said Morgan. June is when mowing starts at the farm. They’re putting in work almost year-round to get your Christmas tree ready for December. “We let all of the animals get their babies in so to speak, and then we start mowing and then we’re getting ready for shearing which starts very late June, early July and goes for about three weeks,” said Morgan. “The trees when they grow, they’ll kind of get out of the traditional shape of a Christmas tree, which is kind of a cone shape. So what we do is keep them within those small parameters and make them look as good as they possibly can for Christmas,” said Morgan. Summer is the real marathon for tree farmers. “We as Christmas tree growers have to remember one thing. The tree is the centerpiece of Christmas. Everybody has a ham or a turkey or whatever they eat, that varies. But the Christmas tree doesn’t vary. It’s pretty much the centerpiece of all your Christmas, all the traditions, so we have to look good,” said Morgan. At Morgan Hillside Tree Farm in Windsor, that’s when planting begins. WINDSOR (WBNG) — It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…well for tree farmers it is. Shearing may be the most important part — it’s what gives the tree the perfect shape.last_img read more

Gov. Cuomo updates NYS on COVID progress

first_imgNEW YORK (WBNG) — Governor Andrew Cuomo gave an update to New Yorkers on the state’s progress with COVID-19, saying the statewide rate of positive cases is at 1.51%. In the whole of the Southern Tier, reports showed a positivity rate yesterday of less than 1%. Governor Cuomo said, “New York had the highest positivity rate in the nation at the peak of this crisis — now we have the third lowest in the nation. New Yorkers should be very proud of that fact, but we also need to remain vigilant.” To see Governor Cuomo’s micro-cluster strategy, click here. Broome County’s rate of positivity went down to 2.31% as reported. The 7 day rolling average for Broome County as a yellow zone area is reported as 6%. Governor Cuomo said yesterday, focus zone areas in the state reported a rate of positivity of 3.1%, while the remainder of the state reported a rate of 1.36%. Governor Cuomo reported 1,125 hospitalizations due to COVID and 17 deaths in the state yesterday from the coronavirus. Two of those reported deaths occurred in Broome County.last_img read more