360 to search a few suggestions for sustainable development

this way is in the current can be used, will be able to convince several other search engines together contain love Shanghai, see Zhou Hongyi would have been low-key and future strategy, as long as its "meet the needs of the current search engine users in order to do so, from the industry perspective, to a new definition of the search engine, supported several other search engines, it is possible. Of course, the maximum possible or the formation of a grand coalition, driven by the interests, not what can not be achieved. read more

Shanghai dragon reverse thinking search demand coverage

well, we want to do a Beijing Shanghai dragon optimization type of site, but found in the deployment of about the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" keywords, suddenly found such as "Hebei Shanghai dragon" or "such as Tianjin Shanghai dragon" of the word can be ranked than the "Beijing Shanghai dragon"! The Limited energy to do? Of course is to continue on the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" extension word, word, keyword to find the deployment continued to optimize it, and not to think of is not the "Hebei Shanghai dragon", we can get the flow a little cake? Because we do "in Beijing Shanghai dragon" means the content of the website is more likely related to the "Beijing Shanghai dragon"! May we all feel that no matter where the Shanghai Phoenix are a The kind of technology, but do not forget, in which regional word search users are generally want to find the local website directly! Well, if there are some such as Beijing Shanghai dragon circles party activities in the website, is not like these words is not too good not to mention the replacement?, Yong Bao just explain some of the most basic regional Shanghai dragon this kind of website, there are other types of clear read more

Station group Don’t play did not grasp the battle

I personally think that the

on the first point, the trend in where? Now the situation is very clear, we can operate. However, the first point is limited to second points, without the support of second points, the first point is of no significance. So, pay attention to the details of the operation in the station group into the most important. There are some stations to pay attention to the details of the operation:

stations, if used properly, it is a way to promote the network of Shanghai dragon play most incisive operation mode, what do you mean? The station group, can achieve a website can never achieve the effect, of course, the scale effect is the first point. Important, as long as the station group has ranking, it can within an industry to establish a good brand effect, which for a single-handed website to do brand or marketing, it is a world of difference. read more

Status and future of Shanghai dragon er

so in the forum for professional chain, after research found that those professional chain are nothing more than the acquisition of some A5 information or the owners of the house of the article, and then change the title, finally at the end of a website, after batch registration account number, issued to why, Shanghai dragon a, 28 push Shanghai dragon forum, collection of these sites is good, but think carefully of the chain of hair, although the chain number is added, but still can not solve the problem of the chain, indeed, through a period of exploration, I now that the chain this piece is difficult to do extensive, if blindly to emphasize the breadth of the chain, but not independent to look for the chain platform, then, the light and shouting slogans is no different. read more

The 8 methods share increase website included love Shanghai


we all know, do rely on search engines, search engines rely on the love of Shanghai. Shanghai love to our website, attitude determines the success or failure of the site. Website promotion every morning to open the computer, just look at your website included, love Shanghai in snapshot and ranking. If there is progress on site, this day have a good mood, if the website ranking, snapshot, included reducing, it must be very depressed. Today I will share with you about love Shanghai snapshot update, help increase website rankings and included. read more

The correct use of the anchor point to the shortest possible time to obtain the ranking

on the anchor point of the Internet, but did not feel alone, to detailed analysis, most are all over, actually the anchor text point to enhance the site’s ranking is very important, well, can really enhance the site’s ranking in a break time, I made a station recently Shen Harbin, science and technology, the station is included in 2012-3-5, included less than 3 days in Harbin software development the key to take the first love of Shanghai, now included or 1 pages of the site, that site is not put out, there have been such a ranking, I feel in addition to the website title and write the correct description, and the anchor point is not open, in fact, this station when the chain recently did not do so, I feel that the role of gas anchor point. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization to clever use of links

to establish a knowledge base system more favorable sites

before starting the two chapter on "Shanghai dragon optimization knowledge" personal share. "Love Shanghai search" Shanghai dragon "appeared on the Japanese website" this article is published in August 1st by the publication have attracted a lot of people’s attention, through the natural personal background views concern is rising very quickly. However, due to the A5 search column list update, the article shows the location of the decline in the proportion of attention. To browse the increased speed is gradually slowing down, almost remained at about one or two in 10 minutes. read more

Shanghai dragon why ups and downs caused life thinking of the webmaster

3, can not see the corner of interest.

believe that many people see a lot of advertising in the group, such as Taobao earn million, a lot of people, see the figure a good big ah, regardless of what to say to him, the crowd, because the cash strapped, want to get rich dream all the time in my mind deeply, I admit that I love money, enjoy more bring money in the process of pleasure, easily contented, because my money is on my hands to feel at ease, in fact, a Shanghai Longfeng list of optimization is very tired, some enterprises to change the code inside the station, what artists like, especially the most headache problem, because each into a an industry, you are a child, what all don’t understand, the Links also need to slowly accumulate, so Shanghai dragon is the most arduous toil of mental workers. Don’t think of a day into a lottery millionaires, even tens of millions in your good luck, this value is temporary, so pragmatic go their own step road, in Shanghai Longfeng will have to move forward in the industry, do not see a black hat technology is cattle, is blind to follow suit. Buy a domain name, space to do station group, and give up the hand carefully a website, less onlookers, others success have in particular generated in the environment. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization ideas and search engine related base

said those who express such optimization software, many click on some poor ranking sites, once the effect on optimization, make love Shanghai this page to the user or not error of judgment. This practice is usually refers to the same meaning as the donkey horse, Shanghai is still very love fool where there has been for such a judgment, but this model is not perfect.

said here is your personal behavior optimization for some wise remark of an experienced person, is not effective, is the foundation of optimization theory. What we do is the most Chinese information retrieval, love Shanghai certainly everybody cannot do without artificial interference, to the rank of the website is the most I can not stand, as well as the so-called Open platform is the most unbearable, the search engine’s progress, not because of the people involved and get information on the quality of the promotion, with the number of search engines can have more self learning, self code update, this is the necessary trend of development in the future. read more

Tencent micro blog did not love Shanghai still included experience on Certification

some time ago to force Tencent micro-blog, the website marketing ideas for micro-blog update, the chain do very hard, a month later, found the love Shanghai unmoved, not included in the non included, downhearted, abandoned for a long time. Then search the related information in the love of Shanghai, found that most people say that micro-blog is not certified not included, authentication is more difficult for me, I became a collection of luxury. Most of the guys said, micro-blog is not included, they can do marketing, my concept is relatively simple, micro-blog is love Shanghai included, just a search engine to its weight recognition, since no authentication is not included, even if. read more