The shop should pay attention to the way the Tao Zhang

shop on credit, this is a very common thing, however, if the account or back, for the owner is undoubtedly a big loss. There are many shops because of these bad debts can only lead to the final closing. However, some customers had debts, nature is because they do not want to pay, if you want to come back to the account, also need to pay attention to the natural way.

shop to do business, which has no credit, I like the small shops have to credit customers every day, although sometimes don’t want credit, but for those shenanigans to credit customers, we are impossible to guard against. read more

Open store purchase six tips


to open the store knows that the purchase is the key link, access to good quality and low price of the goods will be able to easily make money selling, so learn to purchase is a major success, today the whole network Xiaobian to talk about six a technique of store purchase.

just shop seller, if your business is clothing store, then you can go around some large service wholesale purchase, to ensure the quality of clothing and the minimum purchase price of goods. read more

How to do a good job in the home textile store goods control

warehouse goods in the end how, if not as a shopkeeper, which will be very detrimental to the operation of the store. Want to get a return on profits, it is even harder. So, if you want to open a good home textile shop, naturally also need to do a good job in the warehouse goods control. So, if the goods do control it? And let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, make sales statistics work, the textile shop customer spending habits to make an analysis, understand most of the guests to patronize the different styles, sizes, color preferences, when the purchase has been targeted. read more

How to effectively solve the problem of entrepreneurs in Zigong

actively respond to the call of the state, the public entrepreneurship, innovation". In the process of economic development, constantly combined with their own advantages, continuous innovation, in order to meet the needs of the development of the times. However, in the process of entrepreneurship, venture capital is a problem plagued many entrepreneurs. In response to this phenomenon, how to effectively solve the problem of entrepreneurs in Zigong?

(1) to implement financial support. Fushun county set up a $10 million venture funds to support, Rongxian, Fushun County, Yantan District of not less than 5 million yuan business guarantee fund, Ziliujing District, Gongjing District, Da An district set up not less than 3 million yuan business guarantee fund, venture loans to 100 thousand yuan uniform adjustment, the labor intensive Small and micro businesses shall be given the maximum of not more than 2 million yuan of business loans, according to the rules given by the financial discount. read more

Entrepreneurs how to find a good business opportunities


friends would like to venture, how to find business opportunities, how to grasp the business opportunities is a very serious problem of, this is not only related to the relationship to your entrepreneurial path, but also related to entrepreneurial success. Shanghai business guidance experts Xu Benliang believes that entrepreneurial opportunities everywhere, the key is to rely on excavation.

read more

Yunnan tiancifu bridge joined in support of the

Yunnan tiancifu

bridge is a good franchise brand vermicelli project, and the key point is to see the project investors choose the franchisee can give them what kind of franchise support, whether these support can meet their needs to join. Yunnan tiancifu free below will bridge the vermicelli joined in support of detail.

Yunnan tiancifu

bridge noodle joining conditions:

1. has a certain investment strength (25 thousand -10.5 million).

2. adhere to the "Yunnan bridge rice noodle" standardized management and join the code and the relevant national laws and regulations. read more

What is the magic weapon of convenience store and supermarket competition


said that a big supermarket want to open also need to meet a certain amount of traffic, however, now the number of large supermarkets is indeed very much, which will undoubtedly make some convenience stores affected. There is a saying: big perfection, shop convenient. Convenience stores and big supermarket competition magic, is to provide consumers with convenience.

now more online shopping of people, many of them are workers, often express when delivering something no one at home, I often help the customer to receive something online shopping and storage items, the convenience store has become a transit station. Doing so seems troublesome, but in fact there is a business opportunity. Because they come to take things, there will always be something to buy, even if the goods do not want the next time there is a need, the first choice will be my home. Because they have a heart of gratitude. read more

How to manage a restaurant

we all know that the food and beverage industry is a durable sunrise industry. Many entrepreneurs in this industry, made a good harvest. Food and beverage industry contains unlimited business opportunities, attracted much attention. Want to choose their own food and beverage brands have a good business, but also need to develop a reasonable management.

only to innovative restaurants will have a future, hidebound or blindly imitate others, eventually will fail, any restaurants must show their own characteristics, to create value, but also to increase the customer. read more

Why do the bosses say they are vulnerable to capital bullying vulnerable groups

every industry has its own rules of survival, want to succeed, we must adapt to such a law. I do not know since when, I do not know from which boss began, there is a spread of the epidemic in the Chinese business community, but also often talked about by the media, the media sympathy. The disease is listed or non-listed company bosses have said that they are vulnerable to capital bullying vulnerable groups.

<> read more

With 1 billion yuan can not buy business experience

[1], the customer sales level is not cheap, the feeling of an advantage; 2, do not argue with the customer price, to discuss with the customer value; 3, no wrong customers, not only good service; 4, sell what is not important, important is how to sell; 5. There is no best product, only the most suitable products; 6, do not sell goods not only sell do not ship; 7, success is not as fast, but because of the way.

[sales King Joe Gilad experience] 1, for every appointment with the guests ready; 2, often with people who help you eat, do not eat with colleagues; 3, wearing the right clothing; 4, do not smoke, do not Spray Cologne, don’t say vulgar jokes; 5, listen; 6, show the smile; 7, optimistic; 8, remember to call you as soon as " " 9, support;; you have to sell the products; 10, learning from each transaction. read more

Shu a steamed stuffed bun shop to join the brand

Xiaobian today to introduce to you is a theme restaurant, which attracted the attention of consumers because of a fast food items, what is it? Today, Sichuan food theme restaurant to join the storm started a business, many investors have taken a fancy to the Shu Shu now a fast food items, want to join. This is the most influential delicacy brand, with quality characteristics of bamboo shoots pork, to the vast number of consumers left a deep impression, such a product to create a classic delicious food, Sichuan headquartered strength, China Merchants quickly start profitable investment. read more

Youth entrepreneurship micro film early heart won the two prize in the film festival

China is now in a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, not only thanks to the continuous introduction of entrepreneurial policies, but also rely on a lot of cultural industries to promote the concept of entrepreneurship innovation. Shooting entrepreneurial micro film is one of the powerful means of propaganda.

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The analysis of the four advantages of the Western Restaurant

catering market, a variety of food and beverage industry has also been favored by different groups of people. Western food is a favorite of young people. The western fast food industry also has a huge market potential and vitality, it has a lot of advantages.

advantage one, its price is not very high

Western-style food stores cost is not very high, because the kind of food it is generally these kind of materials, it is not very expensive, the price is not very high, this is also a reason it is popular with many people, but its profit is great, but to join the burger business value is great that is to join the cost value unmatched, its price is almost all of the young people can afford, if you join a burger, you will have a lot of entrepreneurial experience and business management, on their own is a good exercise. read more

Million yuan to do poineering work to recommend a good project

we often hear entrepreneurs complain that the cost of the project is too high, although it is a good project, but because of funding problems, entrepreneurs have to pass a good project. What do you do? Are you still thinking about it? Now take a look at the following introduction, you recommend a good project million yuan.


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Chinese noodles to the world you can look down on it

on the tongue of the Chinese documentary Chinese food culture to the world, where we know that no matter what kind of food, can highlight the food culture of our country. The Chinese diet to the world is not a luxury feast, often in people’s daily life diet.

"for us foreigners, a Chinese things Chinese delicacy always makes us yearn for the United States," the former Losangeles City Commissioner Elgar · concierge Ms. SHARP in 20 days; the Consulate General in Losangeles held a China Shanxi delicacy culture exhibition activities said, "today is the Shanxi pasta, let me really excited!" read more

Tea shops to attract tourists

tea shops have a lot of business skills, many franchisees have published some of their own views, good products, good management, can be a reference to the franchisee. Xiao Bian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to help the franchisee to do a good job in investment management business, to learn it quickly.

first of all to maintain a good store image, improve the possibility of customers into the store. A store style fashion atmosphere, and window display beautifully, store environment clean, and the other is the image of sloppy, signs off. There is no doubt that we will be the first choice of the first store, which is the importance of store image. Store cleanliness is the most direct representation of the store image. Therefore, tea stores want to improve the customer into the store may increase the source must always maintain a good store image. read more

Join entrepreneurial choice old brand attention

recently joined the rapid development of the industry, attracting many investors want to successfully achieve their entrepreneurial dreams through the way of franchising. We say, join the choice of business brand, must choose the strength of time-honored brands, but the face of the market, a huge number of different "time-honored" groups, franchisees also need to use their "eye", see the confused market.

identify true and false old brand

Due to the lack of legal awareness of the "old name", and the lack of attention to the enterprise’s goods and trademarks, read more