Take long highway gander smoothly through the tunnel

Huashixia to Jigzhi highway in our province is "ten vertical and four horizontal" highway is an important component, is a convenient channel connected with the state of Yushu prefecture. Recently, the gander highway smoothly through the tunnel, the entire project is tense construction, completed in 2016. Spend long road 410 km long across the board, at an average altitude of more than 4000 meters, plans to invest $21 billion 429 million. After along Maduo County, county, county and gander Jigzhi County, from Huashixia to Dawu section, Jigzhi to Dawu (provincial) section two sections. The two highway design standards across the board, the design speed of 80 km, all located bridge 6 bridges, 69 bridges, bridge 53 bridges, 56 bridges, 710 culverts, 9 tunnels, 11 interchange, 7 separated interchange. Gunther takes a long long highway tunnel segment on July 2013 to start the construction, after 10 months of intense construction in recently took the lead through smoothly. The tunnel is located in gander gander County, Guoluo Prefecture, double tunnel length of 2065 meters, the left tunnel 1025 meters long, 1040 meters long hole right. Currently, spend a long time in the construction of highway engineering. After the completion of the project, will greatly promote the development of social and economic development of the two provinces of Qingchuan, shorten the distance between the two provinces, convenient personnel exchanges and exchange of goods.   read more

Xining 12 high quality plots of state owned construction land use right transfer

from the Xining land and Resources Bureau was informed that the Xining Municipal People’s Government approved, Xining will be held on the morning of December 22nd by the Xining land transaction information center hosted the fourth state-owned construction land auction. By then, the city’s 12 high-quality plots of state-owned construction land use rights in the form of auction and listing will be sold in accordance with the law.

it is understood that in order to effectively improve the work assignment of state-owned land use rights in Xining City, transparency, especially fully reflects the government supply of land in the process of openness, fairness and justice and the principle of honesty and credit, at present, Xining city is by strengthening the bidding, auction and listing transfer market means, to ensure the legitimacy of state-owned land use rights work from the system and the source. This year, Xining has successfully held three state-owned construction land auction. Up to now, the city in the form of strokes to shoot the supply of land 39. On the basis of Xining City, the state-owned construction land use right 2009 strokes to shoot Announcement No. (9), the text of the requirements, the auction will sell the land of about 8 acres, an area of about 335.6 acres of land sold on the listing of the land area of about 69 acres. 12 parcels of land uses are commercial, residential land, located in the central, Eastern and other places of the city’s geographical location, the size of the land area to facilitate the development of scale. At present, there are many companies and businesses on the 12 will be auctioned land expressed great concern. Xining City Land Resources Bureau relevant responsible person said, with the city to speed up the process, vigorously promote the construction of auction of state-owned land use rights, improve the land supply to the market level, is currently in Xining to deepen the reform of land use system, an important measure to strengthen the management of land assets. The upcoming land auction will be the effective use of the market mechanism and price leverage, uphold an open, fair and equitable principles, strictly abide by the auction system, fully manifest the value of state assets, to further strengthen the land saving and intensive utilization of state-owned construction. read more

Xining to Golmud plus Linke weekend

Into April, as temperatures rise, people go out to become more up. According to the passenger travel, in order to meet the needs of passenger travel, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will from Sunday, three consecutive weeks in Xining on Sunday to Golmud Linke, this reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in April 14th.It is reported that

, the additional weekend time Linke respectively for April 19th, April 26th and May 3rd, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will operate K6819 passenger train from Xining to Golmud. The train starts at 21:40 on the same day from Xining, arrived at 2:23 the next day in Delingha, 5:53 arrived in Golmud. The Qinghai Tibet railway company to remind the majority of visitors, take the passenger train plan, through the website of 12306 passenger train information, handle the ticketing site through the 12306, client, telephone, railway stations and outlets window etc., proper arrangements for travel. read more

Rectification of the city four winds ills see results

In September 12th, a reporter from the City Commission was informed that since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city focus on the four winds outstanding problems, and strengthen measures to carry out special rectification, to the behavior of the scale, the disadvantages of the style of big sword, in order to solve the problem of credibility, to win the hearts of the people is a breeze. To cancel the decentralization of merger approval 177 in strict accordance with the "on deepening the" four winds outstanding issues special rectification work notice "requirements, through strict examination and approval procedures, strict examination, strictly control the scale of the meeting issued a document content, effectively regulate the documents receiving and meeting set, the mountain of the sea phenomenon has been effectively curbed. At the end of August, the city party and government organs at all levels meeting documents significantly decreased, the municipal government to name the meeting fell 18.5%, to the municipal government and the office of the documents issued in the name fell 22%; the county units up to streamline meetings 853, streamline document 2191. Clean up and rectify the standard of recognition of the project to establish the allocation of the project is not reasonable, too many projects, the selection cycle, recognition of arbitrariness and other issues, a total of 85 projects to clean up the recognition criteria. The city canceled, decentralization, merger approval matters 177, municipal departments to streamline the approval of 51.7%. Cadres membership card shopping card holds zero set up headed by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, industry and commerce, public security, culture, tourism, architecture, commerce and other relevant departments of the rectification club in unhealthy work leading group, to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the city area clubs, bars, tea houses, the city registered a total area of the bar, tea, karaoke and other entertainment in 305, of which the name contains "club" market players 34, not the market main body of membership of the club and open only to a few places such as a "private club" nature of the discovery. At the same time, the city’s party and government organs to carry out a comprehensive membership card repaying activities, do the cadres of membership cards, shopping cards hold zero. 43 people were subject to Party discipline accountability of 12 people in the city to carry out "serious work discipline, improve the executive ability, turn style, implement, make the model, improve implementation capacity", "not as slow as a series of positive wind Su Ji special rectification activities. Units in the city’s window organizations to carry out the standardization of services, and promote the continued improvement of the sector and industry style. Has composed of 54 inspection teams to work style, the city’s 195 departments and units to improve efficiency, change the establishment of normal management mechanism were repeatedly thorough investigation. Since the campaign, the city discipline inspection organs at all levels to Tilly Su Ji thorough investigation activities 327 times, focusing on the 153, there have been 43 people were accountable, 12 people were given party discipline 10 people, 12 people were informed criticism, admonishing conversation, 9 people were warning interviews, 11 cases of violation of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection the provisions of the eight Central and 7 rural grassroots cadres violating law and typical cases were notified. Through special rectification, the majority of Party members and cadres to enhance the sense of purpose, work efficiency, work quality and service levels improved significantly. 82 vehicles equipped with the regulation of repaying the illegal use exceed the standard bus, the Municipal Committee and the municipal government deputy mayor of the original countryside is equipped for off-road vehicles; read more

Xining City Public Security Bureau of the city narcotics brigade synergy City district Narcotics Co

Recently, the City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade accompanied by the Xining municipal Narcotics Control Commission, Chengzhong District Narcotics Control Commission, joint of Nanchuan road Qinghai Huading gear box Co. Ltd. "precursor supplies management work carried out special inspections

recently, the City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade accompanied by the Xining municipal Narcotics Control Commission, Chengzhong District Narcotics Control Commission, joint of Nanchuan road Qinghai Huading gear box Co. Ltd. "precursor supplies management work carried out special inspections. Deputy director of the office of Narcotics Control Commission of Xining narcotics detachment commissar Li Chunguang, deputy secretary of the city district, comprehensive management office director Zhang Haihong attended the special inspection, and invited Xining city for the supervision of the media. read more

Xining West Railway Station to develop 12 warm service measures

Spring Festival approaching, Xining West Railway Station for the flow of passengers and spring festival features developed 12 warm service measures.

According to

, deputy director of the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company Xining West Railway Station Shanghai Ling introduced the development of the 12 warm service measures were:

angel of love squad service, free of charge to help passengers and special focus of disabled old pregnant travelers into the station; on and off, and the conductor focus on the implementation of passenger transfer, to provide services for passengers, taxi waiting. read more

To carry out study and publicize the special provisions on labor protection for female workers

2012 April 18th 200th executive meeting of the State Council passed the "female worker labor protection special provisions" (hereinafter referred to as the "special provisions"), its implementation reflects the party and government attaches great importance to the work of protecting the rights and interests of female employees, female employees and reflected on the next generation of health care, to reduce and solve the special difficulties caused by the physiological characteristics of female workers in the labor protection of female workers, the physical and mental health, to further stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the female workers’ participation in economic and social development and construction, has ten important significance to promote social harmony and stability. read more

West District of Xining city two shopping district building in full swing

the development of modern service industry has become the new direction of the development of the service industry, the reporter from the West District of Xining City, the relevant departments, this year, West District will focus on two major "values" construction, to the development of commercial buildings, neighborhood characteristics and headquarters economy as the focus, accelerate the third industry transformation, upgrade the level of modern service, enhanced radiation industry and driving function. read more

Xining held the first phase of cultural law enforcement and security knowledge training

to further regulate party and government organs classified documents of the security management work, to eliminate secret carriers making all kinds of illegal behavior in September 23rd, the first phase of production outsourcing, and culture of law enforcement security knowledge training course jointly organized by the State Secrecy Bureau of Xining, Xining city cultural market comprehensive law enforcement Brigade, County District Cultural law enforcement officers and printed copy industry responsible person more than 200 people attended the training. read more

Xining heavy diesel vehicles from the implementation of the country’s standard car owners can search

for the prevention and control of vehicle exhaust pollution, improve the quality of atmospheric environment, from July 1st onwards, the provincial capital of all registered motor vehicle license plate (including transferred to other provinces) maximum total weight more than 3500 kilograms of diesel vehicles, the emissions of air pollutants must meet the national fourth stage (hereinafter referred to as China IV standards) emission limit requirements.

from today, does not comply with the national standard IV emission standards for heavy diesel vehicles, public security traffic management department will not apply for registration, foreign vehicles to Xining to change the registration and transfer of registration procedures. In June 30th this year before the purchase meets the emission standard of the heavy duty diesel vehicle, the vehicle owner in September 1st by Car Buying formal invoice or contract documents issued by the Car Buying before June 30th, handle vehicle registration formalities. June 30th has been transferred from the field in accordance with national III emission standards for heavy duty diesel vehicle, the vehicle owner in September 1st, by the traffic administrative department of the public security organs in turn "motor vehicle registration certificate" signed by the transfer records, registration or transfer of registration change of vehicle. read more

The key part of early closing forest

forest fire situation is very grim, the city has more than more than and 10 consecutive days of Forest Fire Weather Grade 5, easily lead to forest fires. Therefore, forest fire prevention headquarters office 10 days in advance of the key part of the mountain forest.

January 26th, the provincial meteorological service center in Xining and other places of the forest and grassland fire yellow warning signal, indicating that the city’s two mountains in the north and South at moderate risk, easily lead to fire. Recently, when the students have a holiday and the Spring Festival approaching, more people Shangfen burning paper, fireworks and other phenomena, artificial fire also increases the need for forest fire caused by extra vigilance. read more

Strengthening the training of the application of geographic information system to support the develo


    recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics organized the training of geographic information system. Deputy director of the Bureau of Wang Zhigong and Zhao Qiurong, deputy director of the County Bureau of statistics and the Bureau of the census offices staff participated in the training of writing. Geographic Information System (GIS) is a kind of geographic information system, which integrates the electronic map, the directory database, the census, the census, the census and the statistical yearbook. This training will mainly describes the statistical geographic information system platform architecture and function realization of the system, in addition to the statistics and analysis of basic data query, covering the range from the surface to the point, from the plane to the stereo omni-directional analysis and display, build a visualization platform to broaden the population census data development the breadth and depth, so as to provide scientific basis for the municipal Party committee, municipal government policy, also in various fields, to better serve the application of a variety of needs of the industry to provide strong support.   at the same time, according to the Provincial Bureau of statistics summary of the procedures and feedback data, the city Bureau of statistics on the city’s census data in a timely manner to collate, summarize, and careful review, to ensure accurate census data. At present, the data of the sixth counties in the district have been fed back to the County Bureau of statistics. read more

Qinghai nearly 13 acres of land remediation

land consolidation is a strategic measure to implement the most stringent farmland protection system in the country, both to increase and improve the quality of arable land, arable land, food security and keep this, and expand the space, optimize the layout, development strategy. Since the beginning of 2002, the province in accordance with the unified planning, the whole village to promote, multi input, overall management, according to local conditions, the principle of gradual and orderly, vigorously promote land remediation. Over the past 13 years, the province has implemented land remediation projects 116, invested $1 billion 727 million, the construction of farmland, water, roads, forests, the size of the high standard of comprehensive field of nearly 1 million acres of arable land, new farmland of 300 thousand acres.

13 years, the province through land remediation, large-scale construction of high standard basic farmland Hanlaobaoshou, the quantity of cultivated land, improve the quality of cultivated land, improving agricultural production conditions, lay a solid foundation for the modernization of agriculture. Rural land remediation, become the basic project of agricultural modernization in our province, welcomed by the majority of farmers welcomed the project, the government of the people’s livelihood projects. At the same time, through the project to promote, part of the desertification, salinization of arable land has been managed to improve the vegetation coverage, wind and sand fixation capacity has been enhanced, the local ecological environment has been improved.
read more

Xining road in the long holiday is not so blocked

holiday, although the field traffic to the city increased, but the removal of individual tourist vehicles and personnel more, short time delay phenomenon, not a large area of serious traffic congestion in urban areas in our city. What is the reason for this?

[high speed free]

part of Xining people choose to go out to play

reporter observed that in the Chaoyang road toll booth every day there are some green A license plate hanging into the high-speed entrance. Anyway, do not charge, the time to go to Xining with the surrounding counties of Lanzhou scenic almost suburban scenic spots have played almost, so decided to take the children to play in Lanzhou." At the entrance to the highway, the public Mr. Liang told reporters. read more

Xining City North District Cultural Sports Film and Television Service Center opened in November

Reporters learned from the relevant departments of the Northern District of Xining City, north of the city cultural and sports film and Television Service Center will be opened in November. The project is located in Chaoyang Park Road Menyuan beside the television set, sports, culture, leisure, plans to invest 50 million yuan, construction projects including 4D cinema, library, gym etc.. (author: Wu Yachun,)  

Xining enterprises have an office in nepal

Reporters from the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office was informed that the day before, Xining city economic technology development promote the listing will be in Nepal established in the city of Patan, the offices of non-governmental organizations in Xining city for the first time established in abroad.

in August this year, the city and the Nepal Patan City, signed a friendship city agreement of intent, the municipal government attaches great importance to bilateral friendly exchanges and cooperation, and actively organize private enterprises going out". Through the efforts of 6 private enterprises and foreign enterprises reached import and export trade and cultural exchange agreement, have been successfully exported to grain and oil, building materials and other commodities, trade turnover of more than 10 million dollars. In order to further develop the South Asian market, encourage and support private enterprises in Xining to carry out economic and trade exchanges and pragmatic cooperation with Nepal, the City Foreign Affairs Department of the municipal government to carry out according to "use of foreign resources services hundred enterprises" activities, identified by the Xining City Economic and Technological Development will promote the establishment of a firm in nepal. In December 1st, 5 companies from the Xining delegation, the China people Foreign Friendship Association organized China Nepal Friendship Exchange Week "activities in Nepal time for a visit to Nepal, respectively in Nepal Kathmandu Patan and held offices to carry out cooperation signing ceremony and opening ceremony. (author: Xiao Yan)   read more

The thirteen session of the Xining Municipal Committee of the CPPCC held its three meeting on Januar

December 21st, the thirteenth session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Xining Municipal Committee held the eighth. CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing, vice chairman Liu Fade, Tong Dexiang, Zhang Ying, Zong Kang, Bai Minde, Baoya check, van hung Luong attended the meeting. Feng Lijun, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress was invited to attend the meeting.

meeting decided: the third meeting of the Xining Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference was held in Xining from January 13, 2013 to 16, held on. At the same time, the meeting examined and approved in principle, work report of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Xining Municipal Committee of the thirteenth CPPCC Xining Committee of the thirteenth proposal report, the work report of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee report, proposals for the work report of the special committee, listened to the summary of the work and arrangement. read more

To protect the rights of the people to send the law to the streets 3 15 Xining Arbitration Commis

to implement the CPC Central Committee on building a socialist harmonious society, promote the sound and rapid development of economy and society, the morning of March 15th, the Xining area to commemorate the "3· 15" International Consumer Rights Day large-scale publicity and consultation service activities kicked off in Xining square.

for 3· 15 consumer rights day propaganda, popularization of consumer rights knowledge, enhance the legal awareness of consumers, effectively promote the arbitration legal system, the establishment of the Secretariat staff consultation in the event, placing advertising boards and publicity materials. In the past, people have stopped, asked about the relevant content of the arbitration law, warm atmosphere. read more

The provincial capital of 20 primary and secondary schools received 200 thousand books

"let the middle school students learn to be a man’s 128 story" "the story of human liberation" "the power behind the music"…… In order to build Xining city party education brand, October 11th, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department presented the 200 thousand book value of the socialist core value system for the city of Xining in a $14, and Xining tiger Taiwan primary school, 20 primary and secondary schools, so that children in one of the books contain positive energy books in nutrition. read more

Qinghai party and government delegation went to Beijing to study and visit the Beijing Green counter

Guo Jinlong presided over and made an important speech * * * * * Cai Qi introduction of two provinces and cities in the economic and social development of

11 month 3 to 4, Qinghai party and government delegation went to Beijing study tour. 4 am, the Beijing Youth counterpart support cooperation forum held in Beijing. Guo Jinlong, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech at the Qinghai provincial Party committee secretary, Mr. Wang Guosheng. Beijing Municipal Committee, acting mayor Cai Qi, deputy secretary of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, governor of provinces and municipalities were introduced in the economic and social development of the situation of the two. read more