Kanye is back on Twitter and hes paying his respects to Steve

first_imgComparing Jobs to people such as Dr Martin Luther King seems fair enough, really.I mean, while King didn’t make the same technological advances, he did do some good in the world. Mr West has finally acknowledged this. Now maybe the world will too.But back to Jobs. RESPECT HIS LEGACY BY NEVER COMPROMISING ON OUR FUTURE is the way to go, apparently.We have no idea how this can be achieved, however, as that is his last tweet on the matter.C’mon Kanye, lead us.Oh yeah, the one person he is following is girlfriend Kim Kardashian. She usually tweets some interesting stuff…I think the Hulkster has one or two ideas…Read: Here’s how Kanye West expresses true love for Kim Kardashian > YO YO YO, etc.When he deleted all his tweets and left us with the solitary, shouty BE BACK SOON, we didn’t know where to look and what to do.His shy, self-deprecating messages had been a lesson in how one man could stay grounded, never straying from the everyman persona we knew and loved.Anywho, West came back on Saturday to pay his dues to a fallen hero of his, Steve Jobs.After a sleepless few nights, the great one has given us a reason to live, love, and maybe even tweet again.The gift that keeps on giving is back!last_img

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